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Mitsuru vs. Chie

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Please use this thread to talk about the matchup!

I'm currently filling in the gaps for Mitsuru, and may contribute notes to the thread myself once I'm finished doing my personal matchup grind.

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TBH i still feel like this is a bad matchup not being able to space out A droit and to some degree B droit is making it a bit tricky.


Seems like Chies are jumping out of pressure or jumping all over the place cus chie gets more dmg of of air to air tham mits. Deff fell like its harder to stop air to air cus of the j.C neft and stop chie jumping at me cus of 2B nerf and and AA2B > 2DD is less effective than vanillas AA6B > 2D ground to air starter.


I fell like i need to run good on the throw game to have success. Any other experiences with this matchup?

The match-up is definitely better than it used to be. Sure Chie can do some cute things and can low profile some things, but she doesn't have that one-hit oki thing anymore. The best way to deal with Chie is to space her out. If she's jumping around a lot, 2D will probably serve you quite a bit here, depending on the distance they're jumping. If they're jumping on wake-up, 5A or 2B will defeat that. If they're doing DP on wake-up, 5B beats that.


Damage doesn't really matter one way or another. Both Chie and Mitsuru had their overall damage knocked down slightly. What matters is controlling neutral. If she has you blocking, be wary of her doing IAD cross overs and such. She doesn't have the crazy oki anymore so she can't go into safe overheads reliably.


j.C is not reliable anymore. The recovery increased so it's not something most Mitsuru's rely on. For air-to-air stick with j.A. It out ranges everything Chie can do in the air and it also has a lot of active frames. Also, as a bonus, if you get a j.A CH and they're low enough, you can follow up with 2B and combo. j.C has it's uses though. Such as j.A > j.C > jc for air-to-air blockstrings to make your air game a bit safer and also j.C slows down Mitsuru's momentum, which can be useful.


Like every Mitsuru match-up, your job is basically to get them in the corner. Chie can't do much against Mitsuru's 5A at max range. Plus Mitsuru's auto combo is a lot better now, so it's easy to confirm into damage. There are also throw baits, dash cancel throw baits, 5B feint throws, stagger pressure, dash throws, j.B > OMC > j.B, 5C > back dash 5C, etc that you can use to open her up in the corner.


If you want to succeed versus Chie, and most characters in general, manage your spacing, don't be afraid to back dash, IAD back, etc to get a favorable position. And also try to keep the opponent at near 5A max range.

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