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Mitsuru vs. Ken

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Please use this thread to talk about the matchup!

I'm currently filling in the gaps for Mitsuru, and may contribute notes to the thread myself once I'm finished doing my personal matchup grind.

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I talked about this quite a bit.

I think this match up is slig.t advantage for Ken,

Ken side of the match up:

Attack from outside mitsuru D range with dog and pressure from there.

Mitsuru DP hits both sides so cross ups don't work here when avoiding DP.

dog beats coup pretty bad.

Mitsuru can't swing 5A as a pressure too predictably because Ken sweep beats it and leads too meterless 4K punish.

Mitsuru beats Ken in a direct fight so if the dog is dead usually spend meter to pressure or use a combo to stall the dog timer.

Ken needs to watch out for 5C because the dog dies fast to it, Ken player should respond with 236B and fatal punish.

Mitsuru players tend to use coup as an escape option or a makeshift punish too when being pressured.

dog can 2C it really bad or you change the string slightly to bait and punish it

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