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Mitsuru vs. Rise

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Please use this thread to talk about the matchup!

I'm currently filling in the gaps for Mitsuru, and may contribute notes to the thread myself once I'm finished doing my personal matchup grind.

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Mitsuru wins neutral pretty hard imo. Most (all?) of Rise's projectiles and normals with range are incredibly slow. Blocking most of them get her in for free, so just don't. 5A, 5D, coup, j.A, etc. Mitsuru's buttons just beat hers to the extent that it seems difficult for Rise to get started. Her j,B is pretty good but you should still be able to 2B her IADs on reaction (barring netplay of course). 


Rise's mixup seems fairly straightforward. Her AOA is very reactable once you see the animation enough (it seems to give most people trouble for a little while). In awakening, Rise can spend a bunch of meter to use her tracking projectile (the vertical one) to force blockstun and then use her DDR super for an unblockable. Just guard-cancel-roll it on reaction and fatal her for free.


Rise's DP is pretty bad, but is still annoying because you'll be hard baiting it most of the time. If you hit it with any move it will activate. If you don't do anything, it will activate on it's own. If blocked, she has the usual option to super cancel. If you call out her DP, just walk back, wait out the lightning followup and punish afterwards. It's fatal recovery, so you can get a strong combo off A coup (or anything else). You can also instant kill her DP on reaction (why?), so have fun with that.


I want to point out that I don't know the matchup to a great extent yet. Just throwing some info out there. That said, I feel this is definitely Mitsuru's favor.

On the money. Probably 6-4 mitsuru. Just don't block anything coming from the neutral, which shouldn't be too hard. A good mix of reactionary offense and some character knowledge (how rise's neutral projectiles work) is all mitsuru needs on the most basic level. Rise doesn't have enough buttons that demand respect, and her persona is a sitting duck anytime she tries to attack. Easy to 5d or droit. And rise doesn't have much in the air outside of her jb which as mentioned just an above average one that can be beaten.

Fun fact: If they like to throw out raw SB Arrow Rain to go for DDR, you can just crouch block. SB arrow rain tracks, but it has a sort of eye in the storm. You WON'T get hit unless you move until the end of the animation, so just wait until they activate and roll. No need to waste meter.

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