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Mitsuru vs. Yukari

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Please use this thread to talk about the matchup!

I'm currently filling in the gaps for Mitsuru, and may contribute notes to the thread myself once I'm finished doing my personal matchup grind.

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I suppose I will give a somewhat thorough analysis of this match up. My gameplay is specific to netplay only, so if you're an offline player your experiences will vary. Also, I am at best an intermediate player, so take my info how you will.

The Yukari match up is an interesting one. The keys to succeeding against Yukari is to be patient. That will go along way toward your victory. Another important thing to remember is to watch if the Yukari player does certain things multiple times. They have go to blockstrings and throw bait set-ups that lead to damage. You may not find many of these online because she's quite difficult to play.

The typical way you want to begin a round against Yukari is blocking or dashing away (though you don't want to get predictable. So toss out a 5A sometimes). You want to create some space because she can attack you in awkward angles that get around your 5A and such. Yukari can't do damage from fullscreen so she will eventually have to come in to fight. That's where your maneuvering comes into play. You will want to get closer to her, but at an ideal spacing, within the range of 5A. Some avenues of approach are dash blocking, which is pretty handy if she's spamming ground or air arrows. Super jump air dash, really good for getting in, though a wise or I guess someone with sufficient reaction speed, will simply run under you. She can't anti-air you unless you press a button so refrain from that. And also look out for that bottle rocket thing of hers, since if she shoots it with an arrow it'll be an unblockable.

Look out for Yukari's feather arrow, 236B. It's not uncommon for her to use this because of its hitbox and projectile properties however its also a good way to approach with Droit if she's about midscreen away. Once you block it, droit B to close the gap. Instant block the attack as well to give yourself some more advantage. During Yukari's close range pressure, make sure you block. I know it can be tempting to mash a button, but her normals have good hit boxes and she's got quick attacks. During her pressure your job is to look for gaps. A smart Yukari will dash away if she fails to penetrate your guard (this can be an opening as well depending on how she retreats. For instance if she does air back dash, Droit A will connect). If she does Magarudyne, be careful about jumping since she can get an unblockable set-up that way.

Yukari, in general, has a tough time dealing with Mitsuru because Mitsuru can play the waiting game effectively. There are a number of tools Mitsuru can use to handle Yukari. 5D/2D/j.D come to mind. Each one can deal with a specific situation Yukari goes for if you're quicker than her. The risk vs reward is in Mitsuru's favor here because it isn't that risky to do any of these moves unless you're really late about it and if you succeed you'll get a nice combo out of it. Yukari struggles during pressure. Her DP isn't that good and she doesn't have the range to deal with Mitsuru's 5A. She can roll or jump I suppose. Though 5A still works in both those cases and Yukari's DP leaves her in a crouched state which is soviet damage for Mitsuru.

Overall I would say this match up is 55/45. Mitsuru's favor.

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