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I-No Army Evernote Collection

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Hey ya'll.

Wanted to see if we can all share notes that we got on I-no so we can see what might be missing or wrong about our own notes. I figure we can learn a lot from what we look into, and how we organize notes, etc.

So these are my notes

As brief as I can make, matchup details. I'm attempting to use these as my "glance before a match" notes to make sure I remember any crucial info I may have forgotten. All of them definitely need more work

General I-no Info

Axl Low


Chipp Zanuff

Elphelt Valentine



Ky Kiske

Leo Whitefang


Millia Rage


Ramlethal Valentine

Sin Kiske


Sol Badguy


Zato-1 (so sad)


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So... what's the deal with evernote?  Why even use it?  With your permission I'll transcribe this stuff onto the wiki, but why not just do that in the first place?  Seems kinda odd.

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Yeah, I kinda feel similarly.  Like I have an Evernote but it's mostly about what combos work on which characters and normal interactions, but written in a way that I doubt would be useful to "not me".  

I also don't get much from reading others notes, but maybe that's just me?  Like the thought process is really different

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I thought I posted my evernote, i guess it didn't save, here it is in case anyone finds is useful. I use evernote because it's always there, the wiki isn't the greatest format for mobile. I can change and add to it as I learn new things, I don't know about you but lots of venues have shit connection I don't want to have to rely on an internet connection to look up notes. 



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TK stands for Tiger Knee.  In SF, that move had an input that ended with an upward motion, so now "TK" is used to reference doing an input such that you're doing it during jump startup.

So HCL is a 214 input in Xrd.  To TK it, you'd do 2147K.  The idea is to do it right as you're leaving the ground, but haven't really left the ground.

I guess a good example would be hitting with 5K and doing TK SM.  If you don't leave the ground, you'd get the grounded version where you jump upward more and have more startup, but if you do it right you'll barely leave the ground and it'll start faster.  You wouldn't want to actually do this against a grounded opponent, but it'll get the point across.


Anyway, the hitbox on air HCL is different from ground HCL (it reaches slightly lower), which allows you to hit some characters while they're crouching or running (if their run puts them low to the ground).  In this case, Faust goes under HCL when he runs forward, so you'd want to TK it to keep him from running underneath it and punishing you for trying to keep him out.

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