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CPEX Terumi Challenge 13 help

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Yeah, 2366D is one of Terumi's most difficult executions. You have to squeeze in a microdash before performing Snake Bite, which takes quite a lot of practice. I think I have seen a video which demonstrated it very good, but @Omortus wrote some very useful tips how to practice it. Though it is difficult I recommend that you try to learn it because it is a very powerful tool in matches since you get a high amount of Heat off it and you can perform a Distortion Drive right after it.

"I've got 2366D down consistently on the 1P side, 2P side is sadly a mess for me. Some more tips that'll hopefully help.

* Turn on input display in Training Mode and set the dummy to blocking Everything. Practice the hell out of 236D on both sides until it's clean and consistent.

* Start adding 56 at the end of your inputs, you'll see the micro-dash before Snake Bite if you're doing it right.

* Start slow until you're comfortable with the input. You don't need to be fast on the 236D for Snake Bite to come out, just clean on the motion.

* If you're doing 23656D and getting dashing 5D or 6D, it means your 236D input was not clean. In my case, I saw I was actually doing 266D every time I got 5D/6D.

* When you feel good with 2366D, start trying it with 22C. You just need to find the right timing to do the input here now that you have the motion down.

* If you get Snake Bite without the dash, it means you did the input early. Try waiting a little longer. I found waiting till the opponent hits the wall after the last kick works best for me."

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