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EXVSFB Toronto Tournament

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Saturday the 12th of December at A&C games in Toronto, the Toronto EXVS community will be hosting a 2v2 tourney! The tournament format is Double Elimination with a winners and losers bracket. Matches are best 2 out of 3 in both brackets with the exception of the winners finals, which are best 3 out of 5. The losing team of a match may change suits before the next one. 
In addition to the 5 dollar venue fee charged by A&C per player, the registration cost for this tourney will be 5 dollars per team (or 2.50 a person). In combination with an initial 20$ prize pot that I will contribute, the pot for the tourney will be 60 dollars if at least 8 teams sign up. It is unlikely the tournament will proceed with less than 8 teams, though we should have no issue meeting and surpassing that figure. The initial bracket will be posted prior to the start of the tournament.
“Bring your own pad or stick” is the policy. Sticks however can be rented from the venue for a fee. As always, if you are able to bring your setup and a copy of the game, please do so. We will have setups running default pad, default stick, and custom stick, and custom pad configurations.
Currently, a suit banlist is not being considered for implementation. However, If there is an overwhelming outcry to have certain suits banned, I will definitely respect the wishes of the players. Suits on the prospective banlist include: FAUC, Norn, TG2, Sandrock, Blitz, Re-GZ
If you would like to enter, please contact the organizer (myself) with the names of your team members, PSN ID (if applicable), and your team name. You can contact me on PSN (LinksJP), skype (banana.links), or simply post in the relevant thread on gamefaqs, dustloop, or the team ABC facebook group. Direct any questions you have to these places as well.
As this is intended to be a local event, netplayers (even those with blue bar) will unfortunately not be permitted to register. This restriction will likely lift in the future.
Good luck and see you there!


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