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[CF] Valkenhayn Video Thread (Updated 15/03/16)

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  • If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that Valkenhayn appears in the video (using the '&t=xxx' format if necessary), and I'll update this post with that video.
  • Discussions are welcome
  • Dates are in written in MM/DD/YYYY format, by Tournament date. If no tournament date is present, upload date will be used.


Notable Players


  • - Uma no Hone
  • -
  • -


Misc Videos
Strategy/Tutorial Videos

Combo Videos:
Valkenhayn Combos - By Hima




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Match Videos

Vs. :AM:


Vs. :AR:

[01/16/16] Furimuki (AR) vs Uma no Hone (VK)

[11/20/15] Hima (VK) vs Souji (AR)


Vs. :AZ:

[01/08/16] Gaiji Sedai (AZ) vs Uma no Hone (VK)

[12/23/15] Masashi (VK) vs Player (Azrael)

[11/19/15] Azrael vs Valkenhayn


Vs. :BANG:

[01/16/16] Uma no Hone (VK) vs Bang - To 23:19

[11/19/15] Bang vs Valkenhayn


Vs. :BU:

[02/15/16] Suya (VK) vs Bullet - This gets cut off


Vs. :CA:

[02/18/16] Shiro (VK) vs Chiri (CA)

[01/08/16] Uma no Hone (VK) vs Chiri (CA)

[01/04/16] Mikan Yarou (CA) vs Suya (VK)

[01/08/16] Shiro (VK) vs Chiri (CA)


Vs. :CEL:



Vs. :HA:

[02/04/16] Hima (VK) vs Camelia (HK)

[02/04/16] A92 (HK) vs Hima (VK)

[01/08/16] Camelia (HK) vs Uma ho Hone (VK) | 2nd Match

[11/19/15] Hakumen vs Rikutoe (VK) | 2nd Match | 3rd Match |

[11/19/15] Valkenhayn vs Hakumen


Vs. :HZ:

[01/16/16] Udon (HZ) vs Uma no Hone (VK)

[01/04/16] Eruruwa (HZ) vs Rikutoe (VK)

[11/22/15] Nanaji (HZ) vs Kamabu (VK)

[11/19/15] Hazama vs Rikutoe (VK) | 2nd Match | 3rd Match |


Vs. Hibiki

[11/20/15] Hima (VK) vs Minami (HI) | 2nd match | 3rd match | 4th match | 5th match | 6th Match


Vs. :IZ:

[02/13/16] Uma no Hone (VK) vs Tenchi (IZ) Urban Square FT5

[02/08/16] Koreru (IZ) vs Sugiyama (VK)


Vs. :JI:

[11/19/15] Jin vs Rikutoe (VK)


Vs. :KA:

[11/23/15] Rikutoe (VK) vs Batako (KG) - To 22:38 | Resuming - Till the end


Vs. :KO:

[01/16/16] Kompeito (KO) vs Uma no Hone (VK)

[01/08/16] Blair (KO) vs Uma no Hone (VK)


Vs. :LA:


Vs. :LI:

[01/16/16] Uma no Hone (VK) vs RYO (LI)

[11/28/15] Koike (LI) vs Rikutoe (VK)


Vs. :MK:

[01/16/16] Kuruko (MK) vs Uma no Hone (VK)

[11/19/15] Makoto vs Rikutoe (VK)


Vs. :MU:


Vs. Naoto

[11/20/15] Hima (VK) vs Minamo (NA) | 2nd match | 3rd Match | 4th match | 5th Match | 6th Match | 7th Match


Vs. :NL:

[01/04/16] Shino (NO) vs Sugiyama (VK)


Vs. Nine

[01/16/16] Uma no Hone (VK) vs Nine - To 18:19 | Continued

[01/08/16] Fumi (NI) vs Uma no Hone (VK) | 2nd Match

[01/04/16] Kyuu (NI) vs Rikutoe (VK)

[01/08/16] Saki (NI) vs Shiro (VK)


Vs. :NU:


Vs. :PT:


Vs. :RA:

[02/14/16] Makki@Rinhime (RC) vs Kamabu (VK) FT3

[11/23/15] Rikutoe (VK) vs Tenkyoku (RC) - To 16:00 | Resuming - To 33:43


Vs. :RG:

[01/08/16] Tetsu (RG) vvs Uma no Hone (VK) | 2nd Match

[12/26/15] Monster (RG) vs Rikutoe (VK)

[11/19/15] Ragna vs Rikutoe (VK) | 2nd Match


Vs. :RE:


Vs. :TG:


Vs. :TA:

[02/21/16] Shii (TK) vs Tawashi (VK)


Vs. :TER:


Vs. :TS:

[02/18/16] Shiro (VK) vs Usagi (TS)

[02/15/16] Suya (VK) vs Tera Luna (TS)

Vs. :VA:


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11/19 Central Hachiouji

Valkenhayn vs Hakumen: https://youtu.be/DpfWBlJ8MQU?t=1h15m58s

Bang vs Valkenhayn: https://youtu.be/xKnD9pXv2QQ?t=1h11m23s

Azrael vs Valkenhayn: https://youtu.be/xKnD9pXv2QQ?t=1h13m50s


Valkenhayn Combos by Hima: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueLCyLuO_H0

11/19 『HOWLING MOON II』 Rikutoe (VK) Matches (These matches are the same as the ones in the above post): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2NKlMkd4u0

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Sorry been lacking I know. There's more footage but I'll link these ones for now because they don't require timestamps and searches within the vid.






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