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[CF] Iron Tager Official Release Changes, News and General Discussion Thread

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So there's a bug with GP if you input it very low to the ground, the same height you'd get instant j2C from. It somehow confuses the game and let's Tager use it forever as long as he does it at this height (he is normally limited to using it once per jump).


The result is rather hilarious.

I'm sure this will be patched out soon enough.

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On 11/2/2016 at 11:06 PM, just some guy said:

Has anyone figured out how delayed 6A is supposed to work now? His last challenge uses one, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what the exact timing is supposed to be.

6A must connect just before they hit the ground. Due to a change from CP, however, 3C>AC whiff has the same untech time no matter what now (except CH I believe). Used to be, you could lift them up, then just delay your 6A until they're low enough. Now, you have to input AC whiff when they are low enough to the ground already. So you need to do 3C>delayed AC in order to pick them up just slightly off the ground, then immediately input 6A. If you input AC as soon as possible they will be too high off the ground.

The reason is because sweeps like 3C send people flying upward slightly before falling down, you want to pull them back up into the air during the latter phase of their falling animation.

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