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[CF] Iron Tager Combo Thread

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Post any Central Fiction Tager combos or combo videos here!


OK im happy to say that we already have our first BBCF Tager Combo Tutorial!

Tagers combos look soooo cool!!

Combo Video Notations (thanks to Snatcher)



ACW = Atomic Collider whiff, GFW = Gadget Finger whiff, WC = Wedge Catapult, ID = Impact Driver



5A>5B>3C>ACW>5C>6A>2C>AC>GF  2699

5A>5B>3C>ACW>5B>5C>6A>2C>AC>GF  2730


5B>5C>6A>6B>AS>5A>5B>3C>ACW>5C>6A>2C>AC>GF  3400

5B>3C>ACW>5C>4D>5B>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>2C>AC>GF  3417

5B>3C>ACW>5C>AS>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>2C>AC>GF  3567

5B>3C>ACW>6B>6C>JD>5B>5C>6A>2C>AC>GF  3520

5B>3C>AS>5A>JA>JB>JC>GP  2565


5C>6A>2C>SB>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>2C>AC>GF  4201

5C>6A>2C>AC>rc>6C>J2C>5B>5C>6A>2C>AC>GF  4767

5C>6A>2C>AC>rc>6C>JD>5B>5C>6A>6B>6B>AS>HM  4962


6C>JD>5B>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>2C>AC>GF  4023


5D>SB>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>2C>GFW>5B>5C>6A>2C>AC>GF  4171

5Dch(RC)>WC>6C>JD>5B>5C>AC>GF  4620


2Dfc>5C>6A>6B>AS>5A>5B>3C>ACW>5C>4D>5B>5C>6A>2C>AC>GF  4219


J2Cfc>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>2C>GFW>[5B>2C>GFW]*3>5B>2C>AC>GF  3859

J2Cfc>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>4D>5A>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>2C>AC>GF  3758

J2Cfc>5B>JC>JD>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>2C>GFW>5B>2C>GFW>5B>2C>AC>GF  4240

J2Cfc>5C>6A>2C>GFW>HJA>JC>JD>2C>GFW>5B>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>2C>AC>GF  4190

[5A and 5B in corner]

5A>5B>3C>AS>5A>5B>5C>6A>6B>6B>AS>HM  2651

5B>3C>AS>5A>5B>5C>6A>2C>GFW>5A>5B>2C>AC>GF  3126


WC>ID>GF  2700

WC>6C>JD>5B>5C>6A>2C>AC>GF  3531

WC>MH>TB  4024

WC>5C>5D>BS>5C>6A>6B>6B>AS>HM  3336


BS>5A>5B>5C>3C>ACW>5C>6A>2C>AC>GF  3551





Here is the second BBCF Iron Tager combo tutorial


Also some Overdrive Combo videos



Really cool Fatal Combo Video


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I don't know if any of the recorded footages of Tager show him using Crush Trigger in combos, but I found some use for Crush Trigger. In Centralfiction, Crush Trigger can't be used after 2C, but it can be used after 6B and/or 3C instead of using Gadget Finger. Helps with extending combos or to go into a big reset.

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I updated 1st post with the second BBCF Tager combo tutorial video and 2 overdrive combo videos. Since the demo is out you guys can practice these in training mode now. Also added Fatal Combo tutorial video.

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