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[BBCF] Azrael Video Thread

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  • If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that Azrael appears in the video (using the '&t=xxx' format if necessary), and I'll update this post with that video.
  • Discussions are welcome
  • Dates are in written in MM/DD/YYYY format, by Tournament date. If no tournament date is present, upload date will be used.


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Akashi vs Usagi FT5


At an early point in the video during a Valiant combo, Akashi cancelled into Panzer rather early which allowed him to cancel the second hit of Panzer into Air Valiant Dash > j.B > Valiant Dash > stuff...

This is interesting in the fact that every time I've seen Panzer used in Valiant combos it's at the end. To see it used like this is pretty cool IMO. Wonder what else could be found with this.

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Forgot to credit Jourdal for the upload. Sooooo, credits to Jourdal for the upload

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