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[Xrd (Revelator)] Sin Kiske Video thread

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Waiting for an available Revelator pic, but It IS the Revelator Video thread !


     - If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just link the video along with the time that Sin appears in the video, and I'll update this post with that video. If a suitable title for the video is available, please list with it.
   - Match video listings go from newest to oldest, based on when they were recorded (or failing that, when they were uploaded).
   - Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. This thread is for posting of videos only.
   - Discussion of videos should take place in the (Xrd) Sin Kiske Gameplay Discussion thread.


Notables Players






Kabegiwa no DC





Vs Axl

[2015/12/26] DC(Sin) vs Yosuke(Axl)

[2015/12/02] Etarou(Sin) vs Shimonkin(Axl) (2) (3)

[2015/12/02] Kyaromu(Sin) vs Shimonkin(Axl)

[2015/11/16]Yosuke(Axl) vs Etarou(Sin)

[2015/10/13] Shimonkin(Axl) vs Hiroki(Sin)


Vs Bedman

[2015/10/20]Gaku(Sin) vs Ashihana(Bedman)



Vs Chipp

[2015/16/27] Hiroki(Sin) vs Endou(Chipp)

[2015/12/02] Maruhan(Chipp) vs Etarou(Sin)

[2015/12/02] Chappu(Chipp) vs Kyaromu(Sin) (2)

[2015/12/09] Jirou(Sin) vs Chappu(Chipp)

[2015/12/01] Dora(Chipp) vs Etarou(Sin)

[2015/11/15]Shirou(Sin) vs Dora(Chipp)

[2015/10/21]Chappu(Chipp) vs Chrome(Sin)

[2015/10/21]Chappu(Chipp) vs Hiroki(Sin)


Vs Elphelt

[2015/16/27] DC(Sin) vs Makki(Elphelt)

[2015/16/27] Makki(Elphelt) vs Dogura(Sin)

[2015/11/17]REID (Elphelt) vs Hiroki(Sin)

[2015/11/15]J.T(Sin) vs Fumo(Elphelt)

[2015/11/15]Shirou(Sin) vs Fumo(Elphelt)

[2015/11/15]Sin vs Fumo(Elphelt)

[2015/10/21]Hiroki(Sin) vs Fumo(Elphelt)

[2015/10/10] Zadi(Sin) vs Fumo(Elphelt)



VS Faust

[2015/16/27] Nage(Faust) vs DC(Sin)(1) (2)(3)(4)

[2015/16/27] Kiisha(Faust) vs DC(Sin)

[2015/11/17] Gaku(Sin) vs Nage(Faust)

[2015/09/26] Sin vs Gonzaburou(Faust)(1) (2)  (3)




[2015/16/27] Hiroki(Sin) vs U-zen(I-no)

[2015/12/26] DC(Sin) vs Koichi(I-no)

[2015/12/09] Tenrai(I-no) vs Etarou(Sin)

[2015/11/15] 2rio(I-no) vs Sin

[2015/10/13] Koichi(I-no) vs Hiroki(Sin)

[2015/10/06] Koda (Sin) vs Koichi(I-no)

[2015/09/21] U-zen(I-no) vs Kabegiwa no DC(Sin)(1) (2)


(placeholder for whacko)

Vs Jack-O

[2015/12/01] Kakishi(Jack-o) vs Etarou(Sin)

[2015/11/17]Mike(Jack-O)vs Hiroki(Sin)

[2015/11/17]TORI(Jack-O) vs Hiroki(Sin)

[2015/11/10]Kotake(Sin) vs Kakishi(Jack-O)

[2015/10/21]Hiroki(Sin) vs TORI(Jack-O)(1) (2) (3)  (4) (5)

[2015/10/21]TORI(Jack-O) vs Hiroki(Sin)(1) (2) (3)

[2015/10/01]RRLR LLRL(Sin) vs Nyowa (Jack-O)(first round is cut)

[2015/10/01]Kotake(Sin) vs TORI(Jack-O)(1) (2) (3)(4)

[2015/09/21]Svampen(Jack-O) vs Kabegiwa no DC(Sin)



Vs Jam

[2015/12/26] DC(Sin) vs Umecha(Jam)

[2015/11/17]Gaku(Sin) vs Rozari(Jam)

[2015/09/30] Etarou(Sin) vs Umecha(Jam)(1) (2) (3)

[2015/09/26]  Sin vs Teresa(Jam)(first round is cut) (2) (3) (4)  (5) (6) (7) (8)



Vs Johnny

[2015/16/27] DC(Sin) vs Karinchu(Johnny)

[2015/12/09] Jirou(SIn) vs Nakyama(Johnny) (2)

[2015/12/09] Jirou(Sin) vs Jonio(Johnny) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

[2015/12/01] H.H(Sin) vs Jonio(Johnny)

[2015/12/01] Etarou(Sin) vs Jonio(Johnny)

[2015/11/02]Etarou(Sin) vs Karinchu(Johnny)(1)(2)

[2015/11/02]Nakayama(Johnny) vs Etarou(Sin)(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

[2015/10/21]Jonio(Johnny) vs Chrome(Sin)

[2015/10/21]Hiroki(Sin) vs Jonio(Johnny)(2)

[2015/09/28] Karinchu(Johnny) vs TAD(Sin)(2) (3)



Vs Ky

[2015/11/15]Tenmusu(Ky)vs Shirou(Sin)

[2015/10/21]Rion(Ky) vs Hiroki(Sin)

[2015/10/20]Gaku(Sin) vs Ichikasu(Ky)


Vs Leo

[2015/12/09] Jirou(Sin) vs Shimonkin(Leo)

[2015/09/22] Kabegiwa no DC(Sin) vs Tomo(Leo)



Vs May

[2015/11/10] Kotake(Sin) vs Orca(May)

[2015/10/21]Hiroki(Sin) vs Orca!!(May)

[2015/08/29] Zadi(Sin) vs Azesuke(May)



Vs Millia

[2015/10/01] Kotake(Sin) vs Millia (2)


Vs Potemkin

[2015/11/20] G(Potemkin) vs Kabegiwa no DC(Sin)

[2015/09/30]Tarou(Potemkin) vs Etarou(Sin)



Vs Ramethal

[2015/10/20]Gaku(Sin) vs Hohiko(Ramlethal)



Vs Sin

[2015/16/27] Hiroki(Sin) vs DC(Sin)



vs Slayer

[2015/12/26] DC(Sin) vs Taka(Slayer)(1) (2)

[2015/12/26] DC(Sin) vs Hase(Slayer)

[2015/11/16]Moga(Slayer) vs Suke(Sin)

[2015/11/03]Etarou(Sin) vs Hase (Slayer)

[2015/10/21]Moga(Slayer) vs Hiroki(Sin)




Vs Sol

[2015/16/27] Super Sol(Sol) vs DC(Sin)

[2015/12/26] DC(Sin) vs Maruhan(Sol)

[2015/12/02] Maruhan(Sol) vs Etarou(Sin)(2) (3)(4)(5)

[2015/12/02] Maruhan(Sol) vs Kyaromu(Sin)

[2015/12/01] H.H(Sin) vs Roi(Sol)

[2015/11/03]Etarou(Sin) vs Roi(Sol)(1) (2)

[2015/11/02]Maruhan(Sol) vs Etarou(Sin)

[2015/10/31] JT (Sin) vs Roi(Sol)

[2015/10/21]Maruhan(Sol) vs Hiroki(Sin

[2015/10/13] NOB(Sol) vs Sin

[2015/10/03] J.T(Sin) vs Mugen(Sol)(1) (2)

[2015/08/29] Zadi(Sin) vs Nemee(Sol)




Vs Venom

[2015/16/27] STO(Venom) vs DC(Sin)

[2015/16/27] DC(Sin) vs STO(Venom)

[2015/16/27] STO(Venom) vs Dogura(Sin)

[2015/10/31] JT (Sin) vs Fino(Venom)


Vs Zato

[2015/12/26] DC(Sin) vs Tights(Zato)

[2015/11/15]Sin vs Zato





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Well, inaugurating the Revelator thread with a new batch of videos ! I'll upload the OP with these matches later !

To make video posting a bit less dry, I'll do short intros about the Sin players featured here!

This batch is mostly about Shirou, a Sin that rarely ever appears at Mikado, or on streams in general. He is still one of the best ranked Sin around here. His combos may be lacking in some aspects, but he is decent at hitconfirming.  More importantly, He has one of the greatest offense : He doesn't hesitate to go in, his pressure is very varied and unpredictable, with that ounce of whack to completely throw off his opponent's defense ! The way he moves around is also top-notch ! If you have issues with those points, I'd recommend taking a look


[2015/12/09] R Mikado Tournament and Freeplay

[2015/12/09] Tenrai(I-no) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2015/12/09] Shirou(Sin) vs Jonio(Johnny) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
[2015/12/09] Shirou(Sin) vs Chappu(Chipp)
[2015/12/09] Shirou(SIn) vs Nakyama(Johnny) (2)
[2015/12/09] Shirou(Sin) vs Shimonkin(Leo)


This set is mostly about Etarou and H.H. Etarou is a regular at Mikado, He is a very solid Sin all-around : while he may be a bit lacking on defense, and his neutral is not perfect, he still does very well. His offense, is relatively good, and he is very good at hitconfirming and dishing damage with the adequate combos !

H.H hasn't played Sin for a while and it kinda shows here ! While MU knowledge and confirms aren't top notch, especially in the first match, H.H is still a prominent player, and his adaptation skills are excellent !


[2015/12/01] R Mikado Freeplay

[2015/12/01]Kakishi(Jack-o) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2015/12/01]Dora(Chipp) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2015/12/01]H.H(Sin) vs Jonio(Johnny)
[2015/12/01]Etarou(Sin) vs Jonio(Johnny)
[2015/12/01]H.H(Sin) vs Roi(Sol)

This last batch is about Etarou, you should know how he plays by now, if not look up a lil' bit^^. The set also features Kyaromu, a beginner Sin at Mikado who recently made significant progresses. He is still not on point in some Match-ups, and his offense is still a bit lacking, but he makes very good decisions at time, and his neutral is improving very fast !


[2015/12/02] R Mikado Freeplay

[2015/12/02]Maruhan(Chipp) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2015/12/02]Maruhan(Sol) vs Etarou(Sin)(2) (3)(4)(5)
[2015/12/02]Maruhan(Sol) vs Kyaromu(Sin)
[2015/12/02]Tarou(Potemkin) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2015/12/02]Umecha(Jam) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2015/12/02]Chappu(Chipp) vs Kyaromu(Sin) (2)
[2015/12/02] Etarou(Sin) vs Shimonkin(Axl) (2) (3)
[2015/12/02] Kyaromu(Sin) vs Shimonkin(Axl)


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Sinners !

Speaking of Christmas and Sin, we have Kabegiwa rocking the usual Christmas color and wrecking people (feat Dogura)

[2015/12/26]DC(Sin) vs Tights(Zato)
[2015/12/26]DC(Sin) vs Yosuke(Axl)
[2015/12/26]DC(Sin) vs Maruhan(Sol)
[2015/12/26]DC(Sin) vs Umecha(Jam)
[2015/12/26]DC(Sin) vs Koichi(I-no)
[2015/12/26]DC(Sin) vs Taka(Slayer)(1) (2)
[2015/12/26]DC(Sin) vs Hase(Slayer)


[2015/16/27]Makki(Elphelt) vs Dogura(Sin)
[2015/16/27]STO(Venom) vs Dogura(Sin)
[2015/16/27]DC(Sin) vs Makki(Elphelt)
[2015/16/27]DC(Sin) vs STO(Venom)
[2015/16/27]Super Sol(Sol) vs DC(Sin)
[2015/16/27]Hiroki(Sin) vs DC(Sin)
[2015/16/27]Hiroki(Sin) vs Endou(Chipp)
[2015/16/27]Hiroki(Sin) vs U-zen(I-no)
[2015/16/27]Kiisha(Faust) vs DC(Sin)
[2015/16/27]Nage(Faust) vs DC(Sin)(1) (2)(3)(4)
[2015/16/27] STO(Venom) vs DC(Sin)
[2015/16/27]DC(Sin) vs Karinchu(Johnny)

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Next Batch of videos, mostly Dry-Ace (the guy who makes videos on youtube under the Juliusbelmont pseudo) ! You should watch a few matches, all the crazy tech you see in his videos are put to use, and it's quite scary !!

Sasahima Leisureland [2016/01/05]

[2016/01/05]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Tights(Zato)(1) (2)
[2016/01/05]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Kenzo(Elphelt)
[2016/01/05]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Tetsu (Ky)
[2016/01/05]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Yoshimune(Jack O)
[2016/01/05]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Doshin(Potemkin)(2)(3)
[2016/01/05]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Slayer
[2016/01/05]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Elphelt

Sasashima Leisureland [2016/01/12]

[2016/01/12]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Slayer
[2016/01/12]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Yoshimune(Jack-O) (2) (3) (4)
[2016/01/12]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Kenzo(Elphelt)(1) (2)
[2016/01/12]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Venom
[2016/01/12]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Boushi(I-no)(1) (2)(3) (4) (4)
[2016/01/12]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Elphelt (2)

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On 26/1/2016 at 11:02 AM, BladeOfJustice7 said:

Thanks for the links !

Alright, huge backlog of videos to timestamp, I hope you like video dumps^^

I'll do this in two posts to spare people's sanity, first post is from January 19th to February, second will be from beginning of February to this week

First, various Mikado videos, featuring Etarou and Hiroki

[16/01/19]Buppunko(Millia) vs Hiroki(Sin)
[16/01/19]Kasutera(Zato) vs Hiroki(Sin)
[16/01/19]Jonio(Johnny) vs Hiroki(Sin)
[16/01/19]Etarou(Sin) vs Hiroki(Sin)
[16/01/19]Etarou(Sin) vs Jack-O
[16/01/19]FAB(Potemkin) vs Hiroki(Sin)
[16/01/19]Maruhan(Sol) vs Etarou(Sin)
[16/01/19]FAB(Potemkin) vs Etarou(Sin)
[16/01/19]Etarou(Sin) vs Maruhan(Sol)
[16/01/19]Etarou(Sin) vs Roi(Sol)
[16/01/19]Shimonkin(Axl) vs JT(Sin)

[16/01/20]Etarou(Sin) vs Atsushi(Millia) (2)
[16/01/20]Etarou(Sin) vs Tarou(Potemkin)(1) (3)
[16/01/20]Etarou(Sin) vs Roldy(Venom) (2)
[16/01/20]Etarou(Sin) vs Nakayama(Potemkin) (2)
[16/01/20]Etarou(Sin) vs Potemkin
[16/01/20]Etarou(Sin) vs Roi(Sol) (2)(3)

[16/01/23]Umecha(Sin) vs JUN(Millia)

[16/01/26]Rion(Ky) vs Etarou(Sin)
[16/01/26]Etarou(Sin) vs Chappu(Chipp)
[16/01/26]Tarou(Potemkin) vs Hiroki(Sin)

And then Sasashima footage with Dry-Ace !

[16/01/26]Dry-Ace vs Yoshimune(Jack-o) (2)(3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
[16/01/26]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Yagidama(Elphelt) (2)(3) (4) (5) (6)
[16/01/26]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Slayer (2) (3)
[16/01/26]Dry-Ace(Sin) vs Konpasa(Venom)

If you see any mistakes in stamping, naming or anything, be sure to notify me and I'll rectify it ASAP !

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Ok so I finally caught up with my time-stamping, sorry if there are so many videos^^ I'll upload the OP this month with all these to hopefully make it easier to find matches/players you're interested in


Mikado [2016/02/01]

[2016/02/01]Nemo(Sin) vs 2rio(I-no) (2)[/url (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)
[2016/02/01]Nemo(Sin) vs k.t(Jack-O) (2)(3)
[2016/02/01]Nemo(Sin) vs BREED/mike(Jack-O)(2) (3) (4)

Mikado[2016/02/02] + [2016/02/03] stray matches

[2016/02/02]Hiroki(Sin) vs Jonio(Johnny)
[2016/02/02]Hiroki(Sin) vs Roldy(Venom)
[2016/02/02]Hiroki(Sin) vs BREED/mike(Jack-O) (2)(3) (4)
[2016/02/02]Kakkou(Ramlethal) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2016/02/02]Roi(Sol vs Etarou(Sin)
[2016/02/03]Maruhan(Sol) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2016/02/03]Hohiko(Ramlethal) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2016/02/03]Etarou(Sin) vs Rosunsu(Faust)

Mikado [2016/02/06] to [2016/02/20) (RIP Kyaromu and Etarou edition)
[2016/02/06]Nakamura(Millia) vs Kyaromu(Sin)
[2016/02/06]Kyaromu(Sin) vs Roi(Sol) (2)
[2016/02/09]Hiroki(Sin) vs Nemo(Sin)
[2016/02/09]Karinchu(Johnny) vs Hiroki(Sin) (2) (3) (4)
[2016/02/09] Hiroki(Sin) vs NOB(Sol)
[2016/02/09]Hiroki(Sin) vs 310(Venom)
[2016/02/11]Atashinchin(Sin) vs Karinchu(Johnny)
[2016/02/11]Maruhan(Sol) vs Mayumi(Sin)
[2016/02/15]Jonio(Johnny) vs Mr.Tachimawari(Sin)
[2016/02/15]Gonzaburou(Faust) vs Mr.Tachimawari(Sin)(2)
[2016/02/15]Hokiko(Ramlethal) vs M.Tachimawari(Sin)
[2016/02/15]Jun(Millia) vs Mr.Tachimawari(Sin)
[2016/02/20] Etarou(SIn) v Trust(Johnny)
[2016/02/20] Etarou(Sin) vs Takohira(Johnny)
[2016/02/20] Buppunko(Millia) vs Etarou(Sin)

Mikado [2016/02/24] to [2016/03/01]

[2016/02/24]GnT(Potemkin) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2016/02/24]Buppunko(Millia) vs Etarou(Sin)
[2016/02/24]Jam vs Etarou(Sin)
[2016/02/24]NOB(Sol) vs Etarou(Sin) (2)
[2016/02/24]Etarou(Sin) vs Umecha(Jack-O) (2) (3)
[2016/02/29]Sin vs May
[2016/02/29]2rio(I-no) vs Sin (2)(3) (4)(5) (6)(7) (8)
[2016/03/01][url=https://youtu.be/YCcDRPoou2A?t=6937]Jonio(Johnny) vs Sin (2)
[2016/03/01]Etarou(Sin) vs Jack-O

Tokaigi Tournament 

[2016/02/01]Nemo(Sin) vs Tsu(Zato)
[2016/02/01]Hiroki(Sin) vs Die-chan(Elphelt)
[2016/02/01]Dogura(Sin) vs Tsu(Zato) (first part of the match is cut)
[2016/02/01]2rio(I-no) vs Dogura(Sin)
[2016/02/01]Samitto(Chipp) vs Dogura(Sin)

Old a-cho footage recently uploaded

[2015/12/26] Leo vs Kyuukei(Sin)
[2015/12/26]Iso(Sol) vs Kyuukei(Sin)
[2015/12/26]Reiichi(Venom) vs Kyuukei(Sin)

Mikado [2016/3/3] Machaboo time !!

[2016/3/3]Sharon(Elphelt) vs Machaboo(Sin)(2)(3)(4) (5) (6) (7)(8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13)
[2016/3/3]Yumi(Sol) vs Machaboo(Sol) (2)
[2016/3/3]Moga(Slayer) vs Machaboo(Sin) (2)
[2016/3/3]Jack-O vs Machaboo(Sin)(2)
[2016/3/3]Azesuke(May) vs Machaboo(Sin) (2)
[2016/3/3]Ryuu-chan(Sol) vs Machaboo(Sin)
[2016/3/3]Hohiko(Ramlethal) vs Machaboo(Sin)(2)
[2016/3/3]Giroro(Sol) vs Machaboo(Sin)
[2016/3/3]Nage(Faust) vs Machaboo(Sin) (2)(3) (4) (5) (6)
[2016/3/3]Roi(Sol) vs Machaboo(Sin (2) (3) (4)
[2016/3/3]Slayer vs Machaboo(Sin)
[2016/3/3]Hase(Slayer) vs Machaboo(Sin)(2)
[2016/3/3]Taka(Slayer) vs Machaboo(Sin

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