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[CF] Arakune Video Database

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Welcome one and all to the BBCF Arakune Video Database, below is a list of Arakune matches sorted by MU. This thread may or may not see regular updates to this OP, so feel free to navigate the thread for new posts.

The Japanese FGC has also compiled a database for all BBCF characters, Arakune included, some links may be redundant, but it's regularly updated so take a look there as well.



Vs Amane Nishiki

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=13863 - Hitomi (Amane) vs Onawa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUIpqd4j0wk - Amane vs Giketomato (Part 1 of a FT5)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVCz-qbfwk0 - Amane vs Giketomato (Part 2 of a FT5)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JFVmimirPY - Amane vs Giketomato (Part 3 of a FT5)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2DUuluh8HM - Mari (Amane) vs Kasama


Vs Arakune

https://youtu.be/USoPSZO0Wxc?t=1636 - Furimuki (Left) vs Takujou Focus (Right)
https://youtu.be/BUJBcjHLCAo?t=5875 - Giketomato (Left) vs Kitsune (Right)
https://youtu.be/Z3L__X1-Knc?t=1851 - Kasama (Left) vs Yasu (Right)


Vs Azrael

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xNgR6XJD4A - Sukoya (Azrael) vs Giketomato (FT5)
https://youtu.be/RWSIHdaGekI?t=6 - Malik (Azrael) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/RWSIHdaGekI?t=142 - TomoBang (Azrael) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/SYcymeigUes?t=2102 - Akirafu (Azrael) vs Poropocchi
https://youtu.be/PbChtHwiodg - Azrael vs Arakune
https://youtu.be/lXB1y8TSZeo?t=580 - Akirafu (Azrael) vs Zagi
https://youtu.be/XyiGwCxEQcg?t=551 - Katsundorufu (Azrael) vs Kagetsu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sr5F8a9sVis - Shushi (Azrael) vs Giketomato (Part 1 of a FT5)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHEipBsE164 - Shushi (Azrael) vs Giketomato (Part 2 of a FT5)
https://youtu.be/b7g24cDDp5I?t=2330 - Akirafu (Azrael) vs Baro
https://youtu.be/226anv75MwI?t=1 - Azrael vs Baro
https://youtu.be/226anv75MwI?t=319 - Azrael vs Baro
https://youtu.be/vjsF3qRDLlQ?t=1204 - Hanten (Azrael) vs Arakune
https://youtu.be/vjsF3qRDLlQ?t=2340 - Azrael vs Arakune
https://youtu.be/sx9ULWt72nU?t=1604 - Tochigin (Azrael) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/gre-eNG3Idw?t=343 - Revotan (Azrael) vs Bunker
https://youtu.be/WaJ8yw1R9SU?t=101 - Akirafu vs Nerawaretasukuitta
https://youtu.be/WaJ8yw1R9SU?t=623 - Azrael vs Nerawaretasukuitta
https://youtu.be/9G-RIh3RgzA?t=136 - Suna (Azrael) vs Pita


Vs Bang Shishigami

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrSpgncZ8wY - Fukku (Bang) vs Monorisu (FT5)


Vs Bullet

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=3683 - AkayaP (Bullet) vs Ako
https://youtu.be/ifQ5cj1JZ2s?t=537 - Asai (Bullet) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/xO5MoNF_gjs?t=2895 - Madao (Bullet) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/b7g24cDDp5I?t=280 - Fubata (Bullet) vs Baro
https://youtu.be/CWjb4mD-BkY?t=1441 - Bullet vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/je7fKL5TC40?t=2072 - Bullet vs Arakune
https://youtu.be/XndJqjsnWME?t=1716 - Nanasaka (Bullet) vs Bunker


Vs Carl Clover

https://youtu.be/3U6Z4Xiy0j4?t=2637 - Mizuki (Carl) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/EU-YpMPHQIY?t=2313 - Mizuki (Carl) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/EU-YpMPHQIY?t=3277 - Ryuusei (Carl) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/ifQ5cj1JZ2s?t=2459 - Ryuusei (Carl) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/ZLLhh_lV1C4?t=2182 - Chiito (Carl) vs Souji
https://youtu.be/RWSIHdaGekI?t=295 - Mizuki (Carl) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/xO5MoNF_gjs?t=4420 - Dio (Carl) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/33eOmxDa0PQ?t=881 - Chiri (Carl) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/PbChtHwiodg?t=1883 - Ryuusei (Carl) vs Arakune
https://youtu.be/7PaRqIUiHSg?t=141 - Mizuki (Carl) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/T8SdpspHW9E?t=479 - Feitan (Carl) vs VER
https://youtu.be/B7LeasxOSXM?t=2867 - Mizuki (Carl) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/CWjb4mD-BkY?t=1575 - Mizuki (Carl) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/CWjb4mD-BkY?t=4714 - Ryuusei (Carl) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/lcsFi6oHHhs?t=544 - Feitan (Carl) vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/M3iwRsokwgw?t=1796 - Chiri (Carl) vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/7DQlGznFrkU - Mizuki (Carl) vs Giketomato (FT5)
https://youtu.be/g5tp0Ryt6cQ?t=2060 - Carl vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/XlQptaHCX3c?t=823 - Ryuusei (Carl) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/W1vM8t3TF18 - Itou Sae (Carl) vs Giketomato (FT5)
https://youtu.be/bnS-IJZnvXo?t=937 - Ryuusei (Carl) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/nvHJzbfPDwk?t=567 - Ryuusei (Carl) vs Kitsune


Vs Celica A. Mercury

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=10824 - Celica vs Nobbu
https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=3371 - Celica vs Ako
https://youtu.be/_MpKly9If6E?t=22 - Kurenai (Celica) vs Kanayahama
https://youtu.be/PtOpArE5HY8?t=84 - Celica vs Arakune
https://youtu.be/pECQhA5TVLM?t=708 - Shikkoku (Celica) vs Poropiccho
https://youtu.be/vjsF3qRDLlQ?t=1357 - Celica vs Arakune
https://youtu.be/lxrgU8AcBYo?t=1555 - Bob (Celica) vs Zango
https://youtu.be/4Iq5p_pXvy4?t=761 - Yutta (Celica) vs VER
https://youtu.be/gre-eNG3Idw?t=623 - Aki (Celica) vs Bunker
https://youtu.be/XndJqjsnWME?t=1481 - Aki (Celica) vs Bunker
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebG5EeOnD1c - Shikkoku (Celica) vs Giketomato (FT5)
https://youtu.be/woP3QI4ATQs - Yutta (Celica) vs VER (Part 1 of a FT5)
https://youtu.be/2cHe5pLFOYw - Yutta (Celica) vs VER (Part 2 of a FT5)


Vs Hakumen

https://youtu.be/CO_b1CuDxEA?t=22 - Nabeshiro (Hakumen) vs Kanayahama
https://youtu.be/SA0kNWML828?t=2268 - Nikki (Hakumen) vs Taatoru
https://youtu.be/ZzVGUo6MebA?t=1 - Kawasara (Hakumen) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/ZzVGUo6MebA?t=3159 - A92 (Hakumen) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/E02-yb4aE7Q?t=3617 - Camelia (Hakumen) vs Kitsune (3 consecutive matches)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC0Cm6EFtX8 - Chibaken (Hakumen) vs Giketomato (FT5)
https://youtu.be/lXB1y8TSZeo?t=2586 - Poropiccho (Hakumen) vs Arakune
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2I2HQsm_sI - Chibaken (Hakumen) vs Giketomato (FT5)
https://youtu.be/BUJBcjHLCAo?t=4366 - Hakumen vs Kitsune
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOn8saOgI48 - A92 (Hakumen) vs Monorisu (FT5)
https://youtu.be/je7fKL5TC40?t=806 - Chibaken (Hakumen) vs Monorisu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9Ky8vKUwco - Watakkou (Hakumen) vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/xtiAYtlgWlk?t=359 - Hakumen vs Bunker
https://youtu.be/WaJ8yw1R9SU?t=310 - Hakumen vs Nerawaretasukuitta


Vs Hazama

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=2580 - hako (Hazama) vs Nobbu
https://youtu.be/EU-YpMPHQIY?t=1981 - worey (Hazama) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/UAnYTbtbiLQ?t=244 - Hasegawa (Hazama) vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/vrDV7pmgbeA?t=283 - Hasegawa (Hazama) vs Kagetsu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGmo5KhT0SU - Hasegawa (Hazama) vs VER
https://youtu.be/LdQJTxqJ-qc?t=3742 - J Anson (Hazama) vs Onawa


Vs Hibiki Kohaku

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=12277 - Terumi Doll (Hibiki) vs Onawa
https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=3540 - Hibiki vs Ako
https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=7935 - Jiu (Hibiki) vs Nobbu
https://youtu.be/ifQ5cj1JZ2s?t=2610 - Mato (Hibiki) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/XyiGwCxEQcg?t=1138 - Hibiki vs Arakune
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sQDqS-z13o - Sentence Spring (Hibiki) vs Zango
https://youtu.be/ZwDx3epC8Cc?t=1808 - Nezu (Hibiki) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/EIZt6XIgyqE?t=1715 - Amatou (Hibiki) vs Midi


Vs Iron Tager

https://youtu.be/273wIigqIms?t=3271 - Shio (Tager) vs Kasama
https://youtu.be/b7g24cDDp5I?t=434 - Grandia (Tager) vs Baro
https://youtu.be/cu9Gy6g7AMA?t=1712 - Nekonoya (Tager) vs Ako
https://youtu.be/cu9Gy6g7AMA?t=5586 - Tager vs Ahiru No Yooidon
https://youtu.be/cu9Gy6g7AMA?t=7898 - Tager vs Ako
https://youtu.be/BUJBcjHLCAo?t=4774 - Barell (Tager) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/fO-HMJhha5M?t=2710 - Tager vs Arakune


Vs Izanami

https://youtu.be/ERrZQgQhnt0?t=769 Na (Izanami) vs Arakune (3 consecutive matches)
https://youtu.be/4Iq5p_pXvy4?t=591 - Azupi (Izanami) vs VER
https://youtu.be/mcwEwqQoTWA?t=1413 - Izanami vs Toto
https://youtu.be/mcwEwqQoTWA?t=2166 - Izanami vs Toto


Vs Izayoi

https://youtu.be/3U6Z4Xiy0j4?t=3308 - Koreru (Izayoi) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=7761 - Raburaibaahirohiro (Izayoi) vs Nobbu
https://youtu.be/SYcymeigUes?t=1623 - Unknown (Izayoi) vs Poropiccho
https://youtu.be/xvlX-_MM_84?t=5451 - Chin (Izayoi) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/XyiGwCxEQcg?t=927 - 3way Gun (Izayoi) vs Arakune
https://youtu.be/XyiGwCxEQcg?t=1754 - 3way Gun (Izayoi) vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/B7LeasxOSXM?t=3318 - Koreru (Izayoi) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/qlPYRD5mvNg?t=3612 - Yutta (Izayoi) vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/EIZt6XIgyqE?t=1899 - Tenchi (Izayoi) vs Midi
https://youtu.be/226anv75MwI?t=180 - Izayoi vs Baro
https://youtu.be/BUJBcjHLCAo?t=5676 - Koreru (Izayoi) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/gre-eNG3Idw?t=796 - Achi (Izayoi) vs Bunker
https://youtu.be/Z3L__X1-Knc?t=1541 - Mahi Mahi (Izayoi) vs Kasama
https://youtu.be/fO-HMJhha5M?t=2210 - Koreru (Izayoi) vs Arakune (2 consecutive matches)
https://youtu.be/sRlHJ6EB06Y?t=134 - Tenchi (Izayoi) vs Furimuki


Vs Jin Kisaragi

https://youtu.be/SYcymeigUes?t=733 - Jin vs Poropiccho
https://youtu.be/xvlX-_MM_84?t=5608 - Rin (Jin) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/ZpXdaRs5HAs?t=806 - Hiro (Jin) vs Kanayahama
https://youtu.be/ZpXdaRs5HAs?t=1691 - Hiro (Jin) vs Kanayahama
https://youtu.be/XyiGwCxEQcg?t=1610 - Mugen Doraemon (Jin) vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/N4bTsix_e2s?t=1804 - Gold (Jin) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/USoPSZO0Wxc?t=6005 - Rasetsu (Jin) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/Ym-HWH1aThQ?t=4101 - Fenrich (Jin) vs Eki-chan
https://youtu.be/UhntvTI8yac?t=132 - Kuri Futon (Jin) vs Kamonabe
https://youtu.be/XndJqjsnWME?t=1161 - Bo (Jin) vs Bunker
https://youtu.be/Mcl2KaFmWf4?t=275 - Fenrich (Jin) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/0R7i1LzMpXI?t=113 - Saki (Jin) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/NA-IfMhsXX4?t=2471 - Kiharu (Jin) vs Tomoyuki
https://youtu.be/LdQJTxqJ-qc?t=7915 - Fenrich (Jin) vs Eki-chan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5ggv9hs9Tc - Purimura (Jin) vs Bokusaa (FT5)
https://youtu.be/PlgJKtN2l4s?t=406 - Jin vs Toto (3 consecutive matches)
https://youtu.be/xAzo-acE640?t=16 - Shishiryuu (Jin) vs floatwater


Vs Kagura Mutsuki

https://youtu.be/RWSIHdaGekI?t=4048 - Keiyo (Kagura) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/WyzgkS_vCk4?t=1775 - Karao (Kagura) vs Yukami (40 minutes of consecutive matches)
https://youtu.be/N4bTsix_e2s?t=2806 - Halloween (Kagura) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/USoPSZO0Wxc?t=6289 - Kagura vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/LdQJTxqJ-qc?t=3237 - Kagura vs Onawa


Vs Kokonoe

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=14324 - Kokonoe vs Onawa
https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=11808 - Kokonoe vs Ako
https://youtu.be/33eOmxDa0PQ?t=1722 - Blair (Kokonoe) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/w9OQbdfPo_I?t=198 - Yuumura (Kokonoe) vs VER
https://youtu.be/c2A5eld8kp0?t=33 - Yuumura (Kokonoe) vs VER
https://youtu.be/SA0kNWML828?t=664 - Garia (Kokonoe) vs Taatoru
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDLUsX2Xyv0 - Chiruro (Kokonoe) vs Giketomato (FT5)
https://youtu.be/EIZt6XIgyqE?t=3284 - Akutibento (Kokonoe) vs Midi


Vs Litchi Faye Ling

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLLhh_lV1C4 - Niya (Litchi) vs Pkawata Ji
https://youtu.be/g5xmKXdt-S4?t=3232 - Koike (Litchi) vs Onawa
https://youtu.be/33eOmxDa0PQ?t=1415 - RYO (Litchi) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/mTuVHCTgNKQ?t=254 - Air (Litchi) vs Zagi
https://youtu.be/c2A5eld8kp0?t=557 - Osaka (Litchi) vs VER
https://youtu.be/ZzVGUo6MebA?t=178 - Nerima (Litchi) vs Monorisu (2 consecutive matches)
https://youtu.be/15SWMm-EDrE?t=1137 - RYO (Litchi) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/USoPSZO0Wxc?t=3751 - Tohho (Lichi) vs Onawa
https://youtu.be/EIZt6XIgyqE?t=2832 - Koike (Litchi) vs Midi
https://youtu.be/XndJqjsnWME?t=1301 - Shin (Litchi) vs Bunker
https://youtu.be/NA-IfMhsXX4?t=2160 - Kurari (Litchi) vs Tomoyuki


Vs Makoto Nanaya

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=5119 - Makoto vs Onawa
https://youtu.be/qlPYRD5mvNg?t=5466 - Torakuro (Makoto) vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/XE4jtd7RRyA?t=355 - Makoto vs Zango
https://youtu.be/nvHJzbfPDwk?t=321 - Goro (Makoto) vs Kitsune


Vs Naoto Kurogane

https://youtu.be/zh4lQRv_BiU?t=2553 - Minami (Naoto) vs Souji
https://youtu.be/yiLhFy5JBIU?t=2010 - Senkoku AKY (Naoto) vs Onawa
https://youtu.be/B2sSOphu_Oo?t=2514 - Minami (Naoto) vs Arakune
https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=11878 - Naoto vs Onawa
https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=2364 - Eryushion (Naoto) vs Nobbu
https://youtu.be/SA0kNWML828?t=1445 - Eryushion (Naoto) vs Taatoru
https://youtu.be/b7g24cDDp5I?t=4175 - Menherabicchi matsu (Naoto) vs Baro
https://youtu.be/XE4jtd7RRyA?t=2 - Risesshu (Naoto) vs Zango
https://youtu.be/lxrgU8AcBYo?t=8 - Risesshu (Naoto) vs Zango
https://youtu.be/Z3L__X1-Knc?t=1246 - Shuwa (Naoto) vs Kasama


Vs Nine The Phantom

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=12106 - AOI (Nine) vs Onawa
https://youtu.be/xO5MoNF_gjs?t=3027 - Kamata (Nine) vs Kitsune
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAnYTbtbiLQ - Shadow (Nine) vs VER
https://youtu.be/UAnYTbtbiLQ?t=626 - Shadow (Nine) vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/xvlX-_MM_84?t=5908 - Fuguhire Shu (Nine) vs Souji
https://youtu.be/KUKpUnYyQF0?t=397 - Nine vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/9mdkVY-KDVU?t=1 - Himajin (Nine) vs Kanayahama
https://youtu.be/ZpXdaRs5HAs?t=665 - Himajin (Nine) vs Kanayahama
https://youtu.be/w9OQbdfPo_I?t=387 - Shadow (Nine) vs VER
https://youtu.be/qlPYRD5mvNg?t=3826 - Nine vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/WM7Heyym75s?t=4854 - Rock (Nine) vs Onawa
https://youtu.be/paqSIK0ox3o?t=428 - Flying Witch (Nine) vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/M3iwRsokwgw?t=1269 - Absol/Nakao (Nine) vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/cOdwoQ9utvE?t=13 - Rock Buuke (Nine) vs Monorisu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADubJh1vK7g Saki (Nine) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/USoPSZO0Wxc?t=2000 Eeooai (Nine) vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/EIZt6XIgyqE?t=269 - Tame (Nine) vs Midi
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuA4mk_ilSw - Sadi (Nine) vs Monorisu (FT5)
https://youtu.be/dq8qHg5eTS4?t=3213 - Sadi (Nine) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/9G-RIh3RgzA?t=12 - Korihachi (Nine) vs Pita


Vs Noel Vermillion

https://youtu.be/ZLLhh_lV1C4?t=1048 - Erumu (Noel) vs Souji
https://youtu.be/ZLLhh_lV1C4?t=2513 - Shino (Noel) vs Souji
https://youtu.be/SYcymeigUes?t=14 - Noel vs Poropiccho
https://youtu.be/33eOmxDa0PQ?t=2020 - Shino (Noel) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/B7LeasxOSXM?t=3055 - Takeyama (Noel) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/SrfqU0KyWXc?t=661 - Tattsan (Noel) vs VER


Vs Platinum The Trinity

https://youtu.be/6mDEHF3rL9M?t=234 - Platinum vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/T8SdpspHW9E?t=240 - Aaru (Platinum) vs VER
https://youtu.be/paqSIK0ox3o?t=270 - Aaru (Platinum) vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/vjsF3qRDLlQ?t=1958 - Konta (Platinum) vs Arakune
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CC_0y4T8WM - Terurin (Platinum) vs Bokusaa (FT5)


Vs Rachel Alucard

https://youtu.be/EU-YpMPHQIY?t=3082 - Hamu (Rachel) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/ZpXdaRs5HAs?t=1362 - Yuu (Rachel) vs Kanayahama (2 consecutive matches)
https://youtu.be/SA0kNWML828?t=953 - Zero (Rachel) vs Taatoru
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUaunHVvkiE - Zero (Rachel) vs Onawa
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7_OWkR3egBdDBoYayUgrYbnZcHVlm6ui - Rachel vs Onawa (11 part playlist)
https://youtu.be/bTXKwn9GTKA?t=685 - Tamio (Rachel) vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/LdQJTxqJ-qc?t=7133 - Hyunka (Rachel) vs Eki-chan
https://youtu.be/fO-HMJhha5M?t=3623 - Takahiro The Undertaker vs Arakune (2 consecutive matches)


Vs Ragna The Bloodedge

https://youtu.be/3U6Z4Xiy0j4?t=465 - Sakamoto Ryoma (Ragna) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/xvlX-_MM_84?t=5314 - HARA (Ragna) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/xvlX-_MM_84?t=5741 - Koji (Ragna) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/xvlX-_MM_84?t=6983 - Minami (Ragna) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/-8eysgYWTaQ?t=178 - Ragna vs VER
https://youtu.be/LYf0owAm38Q?t=21 - Monster (Ragna) vs  Kanayahama
https://youtu.be/bEFv-AbK6es?t=2520 - Tetsu (Ragna) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/MbHyh5fpTMo?t=5089 - Ragna vs Arakune
https://youtu.be/lcsFi6oHHhs?t=380 - Naru (Ragna) vs Kagetsu
https://youtu.be/skltV8r3TfQ?t=571 - Rubia (Ragna) vs Supo
https://youtu.be/LdQJTxqJ-qc?t=6447 - Ragna vs Onawa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmxmomCvGCY - Terurin (Ragna) vs Bokusaa (FT5)
https://youtu.be/PlgJKtN2l4s?t=1952 - Ragna vs Toto
https://youtu.be/PlgJKtN2l4s?t=2632 - Ragna vs Toto (2 consecutive matches)


Vs Relius Clover

https://youtu.be/USoPSZO0Wxc?t=1853 - Razen (Relius) vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/bHWF8aIeapA - Mabukapu (Relius) vs Giketomato (FT5)
https://youtu.be/WaJ8yw1R9SU?t=916 - Relius vs Nerawaretasukuitta


Vs Taokaka

https://youtu.be/g5tp0Ryt6cQ?t=2606 - Mikun (Tao) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/Ym-HWH1aThQ?t=2837 - Mikun (Tao) vs Eki-chan
https://youtu.be/mcwEwqQoTWA?t=3124 - Faaru (Tao) vs Toto


Vs Tsubaki Yayoi

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=14186 - Teraruna (Tsubaki) vs Onawa
https://youtu.be/RWSIHdaGekI?t=4249 - Kuresu (Tsubaki) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/xvlX-_MM_84?t=7169 - Konan (Tsubaki) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/B7LeasxOSXM?t=419 - Kuresu (Tsubaki) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/qlPYRD5mvNg?t=5243 - Konan (Tsubaki) vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/USoPSZO0Wxc?t=5795 - Shunbi (Tsubaki) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/dq8qHg5eTS4?t=2879 - Usagi (Tsubaki) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/mcwEwqQoTWA?t=1686 - Tsubaki vs Toto
https://youtu.be/mcwEwqQoTWA?t=2440 - Shiimekun (Tsubaki) vs Kenkafu


Vs Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ1bueyuKIA - Hima (Valk) vs Souji
https://youtu.be/b7g24cDDp5I?t=5307 - Rikutoue (Valk) vs Baro
https://youtu.be/qlPYRD5mvNg?t=5700 - Uma No Hone (Valk) vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/b7g24cDDp5I?t=5540 - Suya (Valk) vs Baro
https://youtu.be/ZzVGUo6MebA?t=1866 - Uma No Hone (Valk) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/QdjqGodMarY?t=993 - Yasuda (Valk) vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/USoPSZO0Wxc?t=8665 - Valk vs Furimuki
https://youtu.be/pmFtkaSuATg - Toko (Valk) vs Giketomato (FT5)


Vs Yuuki Terumi

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dki0Atq6PRQ - Ren/Neri (Terumi) vs Zagi (2 consecutive matches)
https://youtu.be/dki0Atq6PRQ?t=941 - Ren/Neri (Terumi) vs Zagi (3 consecutive matches)
https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=10594 - Terumi vs Nobbu
https://youtu.be/ZLLhh_lV1C4?t=196 - Mitsurugi (Terumi) vs Souji
https://youtu.be/ZLLhh_lV1C4?t=1580 - Kurubushi (Terumi) vs Souji
https://youtu.be/xvlX-_MM_84?t=6786 - Mitsurugi (Terumi) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/qlPYRD5mvNg?t=2000 - Arutsu (Terumi) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/BUJBcjHLCAo?t=4618 - Cross (Terumi) vs Kitsune
https://youtu.be/XndJqjsnWME?t=1599 - Oolong (Terumi) vs Bunker


Vs Λ -11-

https://youtu.be/EU-YpMPHQIY?t=2188 - Nodi (Λ -11-) vs Giketomato
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vABIMhVR50 - Hiro (Λ -11-) vs Giketomato (FT5)
https://youtu.be/XndJqjsnWME?t=1009 - Miya Takehito (Λ -11-) vs Bunker
https://youtu.be/PlgJKtN2l4s?t=35 - ReiRei (Λ -11-) vs Toto
https://youtu.be/PlgJKtN2l4s?t=2259 - ReiRei (Λ -11-) vs Toto


Vs μ -12-

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=2823 - Nuka (μ -12-) vs Nobbu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgDdhU-bsgE - Funya Q (μ -12-) vs Kagetsu (Consecutive sets)
https://youtu.be/M3iwRsokwgw?t=1458 - H.H (μ -12-) vs Furimuki
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVj4TTsTcXM - Yubirin (μ -12-) vs Ako
https://youtu.be/je7fKL5TC40?t=2581 - Elive (μ -12-) vs Monorisu
https://youtu.be/Z3L__X1-Knc?t=2073 - Lava (μ -12-) vs Kasama


Vs v -13-

https://youtu.be/yiLhFy5JBIU?t=4411 - Iro (v -13-) vs Onawa
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAg3UOTrhHE - Pinose (v -13-) vs Giketomato
https://youtu.be/lXB1y8TSZeo?t=386 - Kiifa=Guran (v -13-) vs Zagi
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYEA2bXmnyY - Pinose (v -13-) vs Monorisu (FT5)
https://youtu.be/cOdwoQ9utvE?t=117 - Tachi (v -13-) vs Monorisu


Player Exhibitions

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMPS1c7daPo - KaoTV! Souji Arakune Exhibition 11/20/15
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuDQ69O7FcQ - KaoTV! Souji Arakune Exhibition 11/27/15
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCgDUHLk3Ms - Tachikawa Kasama (White)/Zango (Blue) Arakune Exhibition 12/12/15
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NF790rRQ-E - Athena Eki-chan Arakune Exhibition 12/14/15
https://youtu.be/glY6StuxMek?t=2099 - KaoTV! Souji Arakune Exhibition 01/15/16


Informational Videos/CMV/ETC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF_q3JSd02Y - BBCF Zero Vector Cloud Showcase
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMmYlzUPNQ0 - Pre-curse Combo Showcase

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xNgR6XJD4A - Giketomato (Arakune) vs Sukoya (Azrael) FT5


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLLhh_lV1C4 - Pkawata ji (Arakune) VS Niya (Litchi)

https://youtu.be/ZLLhh_lV1C4?t=196 - Mitsurugi (Terumi) VS Souji (Arakune)

https://youtu.be/ZLLhh_lV1C4?t=1048 - Erumu (Noel) VS Souji (Arakune)

https://youtu.be/ZLLhh_lV1C4?t=1580 - Kurubushi (Terumi) VS Souji (Arakune)

https://youtu.be/ZLLhh_lV1C4?t=2182 - Chiito (Carl) VS Souji (Arakune)

https://youtu.be/ZLLhh_lV1C4?t=2513 - Shino (Noel) VS Souji (Arakune)


https://youtu.be/RWSIHdaGekI?t=6 Monorisu (Arakune) vs Azrael

https://youtu.be/RWSIHdaGekI?t=142 Monorisu (Arakune) vs Azrael

https://youtu.be/RWSIHdaGekI?t=295 Monorisu (Arakune) vs Carl

https://youtu.be/RWSIHdaGekI?t=4048 Monorisu vs Kagura

https://youtu.be/RWSIHdaGekI?t=4249 Monorisu vs Tsubaki (Kuresu)


https://youtu.be/SYcymeigUes?t=14 - Poropiccho (Arakune) VS Noel

https://youtu.be/SYcymeigUes?t=733 - Poropiccho (Arakune) VS Jin

https://youtu.be/SYcymeigUes?t=1623 - Poropiccho (Arakune) VS Izayoi

https://youtu.be/SYcymeigUes?t=2102 - Poropiccho (Arakune) VS Akirafu (Azrael)

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAg3UOTrhHE  Giketomato (Arakune) vs  Pinose ( v -13- )


https://youtu.be/g5xmKXdt-S4?t=3232 Onawa (Arakune) vs Koike (Litchi)


https://youtu.be/5NF790rRQ-E?t=6  Eki-Chan (Arakune) vs Kyuu (Relius)

https://youtu.be/5NF790rRQ-E?t=981 Eki-Chan (Arakune) vs Kyuu (Relius)

https://youtu.be/5NF790rRQ-E?t=310  Eki-Chan (Arakune) vs Radio (Bang)

https://youtu.be/5NF790rRQ-E?t=565 Eki-Chan (Arakune) vs Oka (Hakumen)

https://youtu.be/5NF790rRQ-E?t=1176  Eki-Chan (Arakune) vs Koji KOG (Tager)

https://youtu.be/5NF790rRQ-E?t=1805  Eki-Chan (Arakune) vs J Anson (Terumi)

https://youtu.be/5NF790rRQ-E?t=2081 Eki-Chan (Arakune) vs Tokuwara (Litchi)


Midori battle #1 Aside 2015/12/13

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=10589  Nobbu (Arakune) vs Terumi

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=11881 Onawa (Arakune) vs Naoto

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=12114 Onawa (Arakune) vs Nine

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=10839 Nobbu (Arakune) vs Celica

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=12287 Onawa (Arakune) vs Hibiki

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=13876 Onawa (Arakune) vs Amane

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=14191 Onawa (Arakune) vs Tsubaki

https://youtu.be/tB1qN7StuxI?t=14334 Onawa (Arakune) vs Kokonoe


Midori battle #1 Bside 2015/12/13

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=2378  Nobbu (Arakune)  vs Naoto

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=2589 Nobbu (Arakune)  vs Hazama

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=2833 Nobbu (Arakune)  vs Mu-12

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=3394 Mako (Arakune) vs Celica

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=5116 Onawa (Arakune) vs Makoto

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=3689  Mako (Arakune) vs Bullet

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=3542  Mako (Arakune) vs Hibiki

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=7757 Nobbu (Arakune) vs Izayoi

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=7946 Nobbu (Arakune) vs Hibiki

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=8181 Nobbu (Arakune) vs Hakumen

https://youtu.be/567b26r9qGM?t=11818 Mako (Arakune) vs Kokonoe


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCgDUHLk3Ms Kasama (Arakune)




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Updated with the new links provided with the exception of;

Eki-chan's matches, as those have previously been added under "player exhibitions"
The Team EXE matches, as those also have been listed before the above posts.

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12/23 Shinjuku Sportsland

Kitsune (Arakune)


HARA (Ragna) VS Kitsune (Arakune)
Chin (Izayoi) VS Kitsune (Arakune)
Rin (Jin) VS Kitsune (Arakune)
Koji (Ragna) VS Kitsune (Arakune)


Kitsune (Arakune) VS Mitsurugi (Terumi)
Kitsune (Arakune) VS Minami (Ragna)
Kitsune (Arakune) VS Konan (Tsubaki)

Souji (Arakune)


Fuguhire shu (Nine) VS Souji (Arakune)




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Tai kana ya hama (Arakune) 

Finals: vs Ragna


Semi-Final: vs Nine


vs Celica


vs Hakumen




Casual Matches - Tai kana ya hama (Arakune):


vs Nine

vs Jin


vs Rachel

vs Jin


Multiple Arakunes (someone can help name)



Monorisu vs Pinose FT5:



Kazama (Arakune) vs Tager



Tetsu (Ragna) VS Monorisu (Arakune)



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Giketomato (Arakune) vs Hiro (Lambda) FT5



Giketomato (Arakune) vs (Amane) Pt1


Giketomato (Arakune) vs (Amane) Pt2


Giketomato (Arakune) vs (Amane) Pt3



Giketomato (Arakune) vs Shushi (Azrael) Pt1


Giketomato (Arakune) vs Shushi (Azrael) Pt2



Baro (Arakune) vs  Futaba (Bullet)


Baro (Arakune) vs  Rikutoue (Valkenhayn)


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Game Chariot 1/6 Matches:

Ver (Arakune) vs Hasegawa (Hazama)


Ver (Arakune) vs Yumura (Kokonoe)


Ver (Arakune) vs Shadow (Nine)


Ver (Arakune) vs Aru (Platinum)


Ver (Arakune) vs Feitan (Carl)


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1/15/16 KaoTV! Souji Arakune Exhibition 


Giketomato (Arakune) vs Kuresu (Tsubaki)


Giketomato (Arakune) vs Mizuki (Carl)


Giketomato (Arakune) vs Takeyama (Noel)


Giketomato (Arakune) vs Koreru (Izayoi)



Ver (Arakune) vs Yumura (Kokonoe)


Ver (Arakune) vs Osaka (Litchi)


Ver (Arakune) vs Tattsu (Noel)



Kitsune (Arakune) vs Arutsu (Terumi)


Furimuki (Arakune) vs Yutta (Izayoi)


Furimuki (Arakune) vs (Nine)


Furimuki (Arakune) vs Konan (Tsubaki)


Furimuki (Arakune) vs Torakuro (Makoto)


Furimuki (Arakune) vs Uma No Hone (Valkenhayn)


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Monorisu (Arakune) vs Fukku (Bang) FT5


2on2 Nagoya Leisureland:

Tatoru (Arakune) vs (Kokonoe) 


Tatoru (Arakune) vs Zero(Rachel) 


Tatoru (Arakune) vs (Naoto) 


Tatoru (Arakune) vs Nikki (Hakumen) 



1/4/2016 Athena Nipponbashi 3on3

ubata (Bullet) vs Baro (Arakune) << Replace the dead link above.


Tager (Grandia) vs Baro (Arakune) << Replace the dead link above.


Akirafu (Azrael) vs Baro (Arakune)


Menherabicchi matsu (Naoto) vs Baro (Arakune)


Rikutoue (Valk) vs Baro (Arakune) << Replace the dead link above.


Suya (Valk) vs Baro (Arakune)



1/9/2016 Central Hachiouji 3on3

??? (Bullet) vs Giketomato (Arakune)


Mizuki (Carl) vs Giketomato (Arakune)


Ryuusei(Carl) vs Giketomato (Arakune)



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Chiruro (Kokonoe) VS Giketomato (Arakune) FT5


1/23/2016 Midori battle # 2A

Suzuka?(Tager) vs Ako (Arakune)


Aniru (Arakune) vs Tager


Ako (Arakune) vs Tager



1/23/2016 Midori battle # 2B

Nine vs Onawa (Arakune)


Onawa (Arakune) vs Hazama


1/21 Playspot Big One Casual Matches:

Monorisu (Arakune) vs Kawasara (Hakumen)


Monorisu (Arakune) vs Nerima (Litchi) X 2



Tournament Matches:

Monorisu (Arakune) vs Uma No Hone (Valkenhayn)


Monorisu (Arakune) vs A92 (Hakumen)



Monorisu (Arakune) vs Ryo (Litchi)



1/23 Amipira Castle:

Arakune vs Ragna



Sega Ikebukuro GiGO 2on2:

Gold (Jin) vs Giketomato (Arakune)


Giketomato (Arakune) vs Halloween (Kagura)



1/22 Random 2on2 Tournament: (high quality video)

Kagetsu (Arakune) vs Ragna


Kagetsu (Arakune) vs Carl


Kagetsu (Arakune )vs Platinum


Kagetsu (Arakune )vs Nine


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BBCF 1/20/2016 Shinjuku Sportsland Singles

Kitsune (Arakune) vs Camelia (Hakumen) X 3


Furimuki (Arakune) vs Yasuda (Valkenhayn)


Absol/Nakao (Nine) VS Furimuki (Arakune)


H.H (Mu-12) VS Furimuki (Arakune)


Chiri (Carl) VS Furimuki (Arakune)



Rachel VS Onawa (Arakune)


Hibiki vs Sanko (Arakune)


Naoto vs Sanko (Arakune)


Makoto vs Sanko (Arakune)


Kasama (Arakune) vs Mari (Amane)


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Recorded 1/16: Arcade matches

Mu-12 vs Ako (Arakune):


1 hour of Rachel vs Onawa (Arakune) playlist


1/29/16 Minami Playspot Big One

Nezu (Hibiki) vs Monorisu (Arakune)


Monorisu (Arakune) vs Nine 


Monorisu (Arakune) vs Nu-13



12/19/15 BWB vol 16 

Kitsune (Arakune) vs Saki (Nine)



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Mizuki (Carl) vs Giketomato (Arakune) FT5


Chibaken (Hakumen) vs Giketomato (Arakune) FT5



Arakune vs Celica



2/16 Hikone Tournament

Nine vs Arakune


Hibiki vs Arakune


Izayoi vs Arakune


Kokonoe vs Arakune


Litchi vs Arakune



Kiifa=Guran (v -13-) vs Zagi <-- Replace dead link.


Akirafu (Azrael) vs Zagi <-- Replace dead link.


Arakune VS Poropiccho (Hakumen)



1/30/2016 a-cho 2on2

Azrael vs Baro (Arakune)


Izayoi vs Baro (Arakune)


Azrael vs Baro (Arakune)



Monorisu (Arakune) vs Sadi (Nine) FT5


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Updated, included team exe upload.

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Yay!! :AR:

Those mirror matches between Gike and Kitsune is long awaited. And a few more to add.

Usagi (Tsubaki) vs Monorisu 


Sadi (Nine) vs Monorisu 


Shikkoku (Celica) vs Poropiccho



Giketomato vs Mabukapu (Relius) FT5 



Quick Note: Kitsune originally go by the name Hazure Metal.

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Monorisu vs A92 (Hakumen) FT5



23/12/2015 Acho Battle Movie.

Arakune vs Azrael


Arakune vs Celica


Arakune vs Platinum


Azrael vs Arakune


Naoto vs Arakune


Celica vs Arakune


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