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[CF] Rachel International Video Posting & Critique (Your videos matter!)

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Sorry this is late, I should of made this sooner tbh for you US guys who have it in Arcades. My bad.

International Video Posting and Critique Thread (Non-JP) 

Here we encourage you to share your videos. Any videos pretty much, you can Post videos in regards to your progress and get feedback (analysis/critique) as it's always nice to have fellow players give their views to help you, Match Ups which you feel you can share to some tips on, demonstrations, guides or any creative work you wish to share like a CMV for example. This thread is for you :)

Here is a link to the Previous games version for Video Posting and Critique (BBCPEX): http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/10656-cpex-rachel-international-videos-critiques/ 


Rules: (I quote Tari from the previous thread)

- All criticism is to be constructive.
- If you post a video and ask for criticism, it will be given. Please do not get butthurt.


Rachel JP Fan-Art of the Month

I like Tari's idea of having a nice piece of Rachel Artwork to see you off. I'll sort something out later but may change it every month or so to keep interest up.

[Insert Image here]

Artist name / Artist Twitter


Want to help out fellow Rachel Players with match videos?

NOTE: This is something I've had in mind but wasn't really sure how to go about wording it and what needs to be added and whatnot, may be some set rules? If anything this won't be possible until people can get BBCF on their home consoles anyway.

Do you run streams or recorded sessions on PSN/XBL player match rooms or lobby mode? Would you be interested in sharing details of when you generally run these sessions? If so you are more than welcome to put your details here and you could be reaching out to fellow Rachel players in the same region/area who do not have the ability to record matches themselves but could have them recorded through your stream or session. 

An example (NOT THE REAL THING) would be something like this.
(Note: I am hoping to do something like this when I can get BBCF on console depending how life works out for me)

[Dustloop Name: Gamester]
[Console: PSN]
[Region: Europe/UK]
[Stream/Recorded Session: (Day + Time + Room Name) Wednesday 8pm (GMT+1) RachelEU]
[Additional Notes: Any EU player and especially Rachel players are welcome, happy to provide a service as I too am a Rachel player looking to improve myself. Videos will go up on YouTube and if you don't want your matches recorded, just say so and I won't add.]

(Something like the above but tidier, it seems similar to Match Finder but what I would be doing here is offering to reach out to Rachel Players in EU who want to improve but can't find a method to share their match footage for feedback/advise)

It's an idea.


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