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Vancouver Scene! (West Coast)

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I'm surprised I didn't see a thread up for Vancouver. 

Vancouver Street Battle, located in Burnaby, hosts locals every night. Anime nights are Wednesdays for laid back play, and competitive play on Saturdays. We have tournaments, cash prizes, and a chill area where you can watch big tournaments or locals streamed from a comfy couch. VSB is run by CCG(formerly..) | Air, and while is a primarily Street Fighter location, has a really great anime scene with everything from Blazblue to Guilty Gear to Arcana Hearts. 

Primary web location is facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vancouverstreetbattle/timeline?ref=page_internal
Also on twitter: https://twitter.com/vanstreetbattle


If Burnaby is too far for you, I also try to host casuals in the White Rock area, which is much easier to get to from Langley/Surrey. Send me a message and I'll do everything I can to let you know when we're meeting up. 

I'll try to update this thread when big Vancouver tournaments are happening, to try and draw in our Washington/Oregon brothers. More bodies pls.

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