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SuperKawaiiDesu is not who you think he is!

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This may come as a shock to everyone on this board, but what if I told you that all the Izayoi tech and scene impressions in BlazBlue are fueled by slavery? Hours of Training Mode work and experimenting to find new tech and combos, all driven by slavery. Because of SuperKawaiiDesu's vast wealth from his Caribbean inheritance, and recently conspiring with Dora, SKD has been operating the American BlazBlue African Slave Trade since CS1. Every day his slaves work themselves to exhaustion labbing, tasked with finding advanced technology, lest they receive a whipping should results not come within the week. Behold the following. 
SKiD's combos in this video were performed by SLAVES, and directed by, none other than him. This has been going on in every version of BB.
The man, the miracle, SKD has built up his skills the same way the free colonists built America: through the blood, sweat, and semen of captured Africans. Now you might be thinking, "What is this nigga TALKING about?!" But I have evidence. Behold this video produced by SKD himself.
What is disguised as music is actually the cries of the slaves, seeking freedom. SKD went to the beach all right. The beaches of Africa to capture more and more negroes.
I tried to contact Lord Knight for verification, but got no response. So I decided to beat the baby by cutting off his crack pipe, and go right to the source, for a primary source from an escaped slave, who we will call SlaveKapturedDank.
Rough Translation from African
SKD: It's all true, I was fed and rested well, and never got whipped. But fuck man, that game was so boring. The old versions were better with the albino in the red coat. But now it's just hours of that bitch in the yellow penguin suit. One time, he let us experiment in this other game. Bright colors, there was a lady, with big boobs, and a big gun. "Let's rock!" it would say sometimes. That was a fun game, we wanted more. But no, just the yellow penguin. Forever. I only escaped while he was tutoring the children"
But the story doesn't end there. One man, just one man before me tried to stop SKD prior. But not here, it wasn't safe. He went to GameFAQs to preach in a random topic. This man has my respect. But I forgot his name, Bam or something.
Anyways, this is it. These are the facts. This is the truth. I can only describe these events in one way.
A mixup not even Fenrich could GCOD out of.

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I like how you guys talk with all these abbreviations that stand for tech in the game and then use them next to pro players


do half of you even know what you're talking about or do yall just want to sound knowledgeable and therefore a pro player as well



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