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Millia Jump Install Combo Theory

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I've been working on integrating jump install combos from 2K cl.S starters into my play for damage, burst safety, and increased corner carry.  So far all I've really found consistently is that 2H sj. makes your launcher burst safe, and you can jump install 6K x Disc cl.S 2H sj. to get the full j.SD dj.SH air combo on certain characters.  I've found you can do sj.SPKD dj.SH as your air combo but burst-safe solutions are character specific (and this one isn't).  What has everyone else found?

2K cl.S JI 2H > sj.PKSD djIAD.SH from LK elsewhere on Dustloop, on Sol, though I don't know if this is just a JI combo or one designed to be burst safe. 

Some dust loops done with JIs below.


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