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(Reposted from Combo Thread)


  • Move-list translations courteous of Tokkan
  • Detailed descriptions thanks to Davo87 [Davo87 text in this font color] (various links to footage from his descriptions in http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/12514-bbcf-izanami-combo-thread/&do=findComment&comment=949452)
  • Thanks to -Seo for info on what moves can be jump cancelled, confirmations on lows and overheads, and general hands on impressions.
  • Thanks to Kiba for letting me know how I could add sexy boxes.
  • Thanks to Suzaku for the inspiration for the Arcade Movelist Sheet
  • Thanks to Myoro for the thoughts on ribcage and barrier management (expressed it better than I could)
  • Thanks to bakahyl for changes to the ribcage section and the Bang guardpoint comparison


Arcade Movelist Sheet


CV: Yukana Nogami

To all living things, Hades Izanami descended to bring death unto all equally. She is the younger sister of Ragna and Jin, while also the template for dimensional boundary interface units for the No.10 series and a "vessel". At one time she was known as the "Imperator" of the NOL, seeking to bring about Doomsday. Now, that goal is about to be fulfilled.

A cold, heartless, ruthless girl. She believes the role of Hades Izanami is to view all of life as pointless as worms about to be snatched off the ground and to return all the world to nothing. However, she sometimes refers to Ragna as "Nii-sama", but it is unknown whether if she says that as only a taunt or to truly reflect the "vessel" Saya's feelings

She wields the Yasakani no Magatama in battle.


Height: Unknown
Body Weight: Unknown
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown

Hobbies:Jigsaw puzzles
Likes: The world
Dislikes: Ragna the Bloodedge

Drive Name: Exodus Arc

Float ------------ :j: + :u:
 -> Float Cancel - F. (Float) + :j:
Tengai no Hi ----- :b::db::d::df::f: + :cbt:,[:cbt:] (chargeable)
Tourai no Hoko ---
:d::db::b: + :abt: or :d::db::b: + :bbt:
Gaihou no Geki --- :d::df::f: + :abt:
Renge no Kai ----- :j: + :f::df::d::db::b::bbt:
Jiai no Yuu ------ :f::df::d::db::b: + :cbt:
Mujuu no Tate ---- :f::d::df: + :bbt:
 -> Mujuu no Gou - :f::d::df::bbt: during Mujuu no Tate
Shizuku ----------
:b::db::d::df::f: + :du:,[:du:] (chargeable)
Araragi ----------
:f::df::d::db::b: + :du:,[:du:] (chargeable / can manipulate by pressing :d: or :u: while charging)

Distortion Drives
Hazen no Kui ----- :d::df::f::d::df::f: + :bbt:
Kyomu no Koku ---- :d::db::b::d::db::b: + :cbt:
Jindou no Koku --- 720A (100 meter)

Astral Finish


Notes: In normal mode her C attacks have followups when pressing C again. In Magatama mode she loses the followup C attacks and the ability to block but in their place gains 4D, 2D and 6D as projectile attacks. 5D switches between modes. Exceed Accel is called "Nayuta <Arc Drive>".


Overview :

A very offensive orientated character that struggles in neutral but has high damage potential. Relies on Exceed Accel or  DD on defense, with little else to counteract the opponent's momentum. Her projectiles are used more to give her a chance to open up the opponent rather than to zone, but she can also use the slide version of her teleport to get in on opponents. A unique technique allows her to use barrier meter for temporary defense, but is more an offensive tool against Abare rather than a true defensive option due to start up and a window of only 4 seconds. Izanami also has many moves with lots of recovery, so she needs to be cautious on offense.

In summation, she has a multitude of offensive options, but lacks meterless defensive options.



Normal/"Ring" Mode (non-projectile mode,N-mode)

  -In normal mode her C attacks have followups when pressing C again. eg 6CC, 5CC




Active/Magatama/"Deployed" Mode (projectile mode, P-mode)
-In Magatama mode she loses the followup C attacks and the ability to block but in their place gains 4D, 2D and 6D as projectile attacks. 5D switches between modes.
  • 5D/ j.5D: Toggles Normal and Active mode.




  • 2D Fires spread outwards.



  • 4D/ j.4D Fires magatama straight forward. 1 top 2 below. Frametrap.



  • 6D Fires cluster at 20 degrees upwards.
  • j.1D Fires spread of magatama covering 45 degrees downwards.



  • j.6D



     6D.jpg.fb7d3974ee9c70c00d2a1d269ace02e1.6D One goes high, two go low

    ZFormation.PNG.96d782216f4854709b911655d4D All three launch chest height

    ZUpmidLow.PNG.cbed2997330c70239c72b217f52D All three launch in different trajectories




Lets Izanami use both modes simultaneously.

Strategies include using projectiles (XD) on whiffed distortions or specials.









  • 5A 

(standing jab)



  • 6A (sweet chin music)

(rising jump kick) Anti-air. Can float on hit/block. 



  • 2A

(crouching jab) Gatling to 5B, 2B, 6B



  • 5B (poking kick)

Advancing kick. Gatling to 5B, 5C, 2C and 6B



  • 6B (forward twirl)

(overhead strike) hits overhead and kd. special cancelled. float version falls downwards in steep angle. airthrow>float>6B.



  • 2B (slide kick)

low profile and advances. Gatling to 5C, 2C.




  • 2C (black swipe; causes fatal on counter hit)

(claw swipe) Fatal counter properties. Gatling to 6C and 6A.





  • 2CC

(magatama followup to 2C) causes spin on stagger. can followup with 214B. on juggle causes upward spin.

  • 3C

(needle strike sweep) unsafe on whiff/block. covers range and advances in float combos. float version jump cancellable.



  • 5C (black palm thrust)

(palm thrust) jump cancellable. on juggle causes upward spin. Gatling to 6A, 2C, 3C and 6B.



  • 5CC

(magatama followup) causes standing stagger. can followup with 214A.



  • 6C (alley oop)

(2-hit hammer strike) slams opponent to ground. followup with 236C in corner. On juggle causes ground bounce.



  • 6CC (ring mode bits go down diagonally to attack like Izayoi's bits)

(magatama followup) groundbound. can followup with 5B.



  • JA

(air jab)



  • JB

(jumping kick) Hitbox can crossup.



  • JC

(downward strike) vertical hitbox. cancellable to j2C. combo filler after jump cancel from f.3C and f.5C.



  • JCC

(magatama followup) spikes opponent downwards.



  • J2C (spazzy bit swarm)

(magatama swarm) multi-hitting attack. jump cancellable into float 5B from trailer.



  • CT

Wall bounces on hit.



  • Filler


Exceed Accel


Combo from 214A or f.214A.





  • Float - Input “Jump” in midair (J8)
    -> Float Cancel - Input “Jump” while floating

    Regarding Float its possible to do the following:

  • double jump = float
  • airdash to float
  • superjump then airdash to float
  • float to jump cancel then airdash

         -basically lets you do standing normals in the air (circle under feet tells when float state is active)

         -circle flashes red to indicate float state is about to end



ZNormal.jpg.bd2b0e72ab6a2b955acc4b701c32 Normal

ZFading.jpg.8d77300a0961c984b5c604b656b2Warning about to end

  • Tengai no Hi - 41236C (chargeable)

    -fireball with 3 different levels that travels in downward arc like Kokonoe's fireballs

3 chargeable levels. fireball can descend 45 degrees or 30 degrees.

     --corner combos from 6C or 2C on juggle.

On fireball oki, Drive > Ribcage gives access to Araragi - 63214D during the startup of ribcage.

Corner setup

Hitting sleepers.

On 3C

On 5C

On 5C

On j5D> 214B

63214D puts Izanami back into normal mode so its good.



ZHit.jpg.77c6bdc2377ef4de7596f867483e15e Hit



  • Tourai no Hoko - 214A or B

A Version:

cause wall bounce. on corner its wall combo. float j.214A remains in float

     --Fatal counters lead to ground bound. Combos into 5C.

B Version:

(slide kick) on knockdown, combos into 5B or 5C. j.214B teleports to ground.

      -Has a teleport to activate move and then one of two strikes based on input that is required after activation

      -A hits chest height

           +If used during float, maintains height, attacking directly in front of opponent

       -B hits low (ala Ky's Stun Dipper )

          +If used during float, teleports Izanami to the ground


ZInvisible.PNG.cf56d2afebd97ac6ce6ff1510Startup teleport

ZDash.PNG.b266614e78573bbf0f03865660525eA version-Chest

Zslide.PNG.90f62ed32b19cfcb1b58335baa7c2 B version-Death Dipper

  • Gaihou no Geki - 236A

(dino skull) cause blow back. Followup after 6B. Combos into 5B on corner. On counterhit forces standing stagger.




  • Renge no Kai - j.63214B

(aerial skull) ground bounce on juggle. combo filler after 6A launch.

     -Floaty Belial Edge (RIP :cry:)




  • Jiai no Yuu - 63214C

(command grab) drain opponent's barrier and adds to Izanami. In active mode can followup with 214D.

     -Command Grab

    -Adds to health as well on hit



 Zstraddle.jpg.9a2de5252d8f26c92e7d7fd230On hit

  • Mujuu no Tate - 623B
      -> Mujuu no Gou - 623B during Mujuu no Tate

(ribcage) strike invulnerable. depletes barrier to 50% before deactivates. depletes faster while absorbing hits.

     ->>(623B after 623B followup) launches on hit. deactivates ribcage.

  -Protective ribcage guard point

     -can be used at end of combos to shutdown wake up DPs

     -4 Seconds of duration (if enough barrier at time of activation)

     -guard point is time based not hit based; ribcage can take as many hits the opponent can dish out for the whole window

     -like Bang's gudard point can't block unblockables (Hakumen's Yukizake counter/Naoto's Phantom Pain UB) or throws





  • Shizuku - 41236D (chargeable)

(homing triad laser) tracks to target and pins with laser. throw>236D>2B is combo.

          -In active mode/overdrive can be called anytime without special cancel.

     -Delayed projectile (can move as they circle and strike)

     -Opponents can jump out of it to avoid the hit

     -More of a pressure tool than a zoning tool


ZPrep.PNG.e7ae1de80f00eebb8ab4f499a62083 Active Pre-hit


  • Araragi - 63214D (chargeable / can manipulate by pressing 2 or 8 while charging)

(spinning magatama) use after fireball oki. 5D>ribcage>214D immediately.

     - -In active mode/overdrive can be called anytime without special cancel. Returns to normal mode. 

     -spinning projectile wheel like Noel's 6C in Chain Revolver

     -after use, puts you in ring mode



  • Filler




Distortion Drives:

  • Hazen no Kui - 236236B (rising kick) reversal/combo filler.





    -Flashy "combo" distortion like Bang's Four Seal FRKZ DD (in terms of tempo)

          -Pre-"combo" is like Hazama's Houtenjin

  • Kyomu no Koku - 214214C No Meter Gain During Timestop

    (timestop throw) Lasts 3 seconds.

    Izanami gains no meter during this period. Can be extended with another 214214C.

  • Note: Overdrive count down stops but you still gain active flow. Meaning you can do a longer combo to activate active flow regardless of the span of your Overdrive gauge.


    ZTimeGrab.PNG.b3128aa38cba3e1431bda6a10d Activation

    ZTimeEnd.PNG.93986197cc156321d1cb8caa0a8Time Limit Reached

     -Command Grab Timestop

     -Allows for a free combo(s) after hit for several seconds (length scales with damage? need verification)

     -Can follow up with itself to increase duration (has heavy proration)

  • Jintou no Koku - 720A (consumes 100 meter) No Meter Gain During Timestop (fullscreen timestop) 5 seconds startup. Costs 100 meter. Lasts <10 seconds.
  • Note: Overdrive count down stops but you still gain active flow. Meaning you can do a longer combo to activate active flow regardless of the span of your Overdrive gauge.
  • Spoiler


        -~2-4 seconds of startup

         -~7 seconds of beating on the opponent (can't gatling attacks though?)

         -Za Warudo (read: timestop super with shit tons of startup)

         -OD timer does not move during timestop









Move Proration and Base Damage


  • Spoiler


  • Spoiler



  1. A coy use of Izanami's float is to use it to pan the camera up and then use 41236D to force the opponent to block or jump (the move has a about 1-2 seconds after activation to actually fire). The Izanami can then use 214B to teleport to the opponent on the ground if they didn't jump or float cancel (8 in float) to then attack.




  2. Another tactic involves using 63214D (with some charge to increase duration) on float above the ground to create a hurtbox above the opponent and then to move in to use her command grabs. Very telegraphed, but forces the opponent to tech since jumping leads to damage via the projectile hurtbox above. 
  3. A safe cross up involves using 63214D to attack on the ground and then jumping behind the blocking opponent.




  4. Another tactic involves using the hurtbox of 41236D to move in on the opponent as some air normals and anti airs can't punish the dash in without getting hit on their start up frames.


  5. When Izanami has a health lead against a non-zoning character, she can consider halting an opponents with 41236D done on the ground to either force the opponent to block and risk chip damage, go into the air and compete with Izanami's float normals, or stand back away from the hurtbox. Useful for recharging barrier for ribcage armor combo setups.



    You can use JD to mess with your momentum in the air to punish the opponent or to avoid damage. Float can be used to a similar effect. Similar to UNIEL Nanase tech.








 D-Move Buffering:


Izanami has a powerful buffering technique involving 63214D, 41236D, and all Active Mode D-attacks. Normally, this move is easily blocked in neutral, however, Izanami can buffer 63214D during the startup of moves like her CT to extend the length of her strings. What this allows you to do is to create time to go for other options you normally couldn't do relying on your normals alone. You want to deploy the move early, since her "bits" circle the opponent for a little while, but go for the combo on or slightly before hit. 

In Active/Projectile/Bit/Ring Mode, Izanami can buffer with any of her projectile attacks. We'll use comma notation to show you want to input the projectile attack relatively close to the attack you want to buffer and to distinguish from the fact the move does not flow to it. Rather, the projectile and the buffered attack occur simultaneously.  Izanami exchanges the right to block for this technique, so be careful and knowledgeable about the times required for the bits to have an active hitbox. 



Buffering Examples:
You'll want to buffer to make your moves safer and open up new combo opportunities by lengthening the combo timer. 63214D is notable because it can be buffered outside of Active mode unlike the rest. The price for that is that it has about a second of delay as the bits circle the opponent making it extremely telegraphed. 
  • 6A,6D->...
  • 6A,4D->...
  • 6A,1D->...
  • 6A.2D->...


41236D hits later than when you input it so not a good ender but extender

  • Throw,41236D->...
  • 6B,41236D->...
  • CT,41236D->...
  • 3C,41236D->....


  • 3C,6D->...
  • 3C,4D->...
  • 3C,1D->...
  • 3C.2D->...


  • 214B,6D->...
  • 214B,4D->...
  • 214B,1D->...
  • 214B.2D->...



Knockdown Pressure:

Use 623B,63214D (buffer 63214D during 623B's activation) on knockdown in the corner to put yourself at an advantage after a successful combo. The opponent will be forced to either block on wake up or delay their wake up if they can't safely roll behind Izanami out of the corner. A good option is to go for 214C if they block to restore some barrier and deplete their barrier gauge.


00.PNG.6b4fb26e0d5b4ecc1e64fe8fd13b2815.Spawn wheel

01.PNG.dec2453e36ccea9622684c2a859edf7c.Rushdown with armor AND active hitbox to pressure



Ribcage Impressions

"I've been keeping an eye on Ribcage. It looks very good.

It basically is an auto-guardpoint from the looks of things, it protects her completely from all things in all situations except for grabs (although I'm not certain if it applies to catch moves like Haku's) and when near depletion automatically deactivates with one point of barrier, thus avoiding danger state. So far there are two ways to deactivate it, which are to let it run its course (It's duration will elapse when 35~45% of her barrier has been drained) or use the attack which lifts it and converts opponents into an air-combo-able state from nearly anything.

Waiting out Izanami's pressure may not be so easy, as she possess projectiles she can use while using other moves, and a command grab which steals 20% of her opponent's barrier and combos in the corner IIRC. Trying to block her in the hopes that her barrier disappears before your health does may be a difficult task. Lack of barrier is the natural consequence to abusing ribcage, however situations like guardcrush can potentially be mitigated with dependence the heat she got from pressuring you.

It's very interesting to see a character who has barrier dependent meter management. It looks like the quicker you open up an opponent while using ribcage for protection, the more you get to use it, so some players may forgo using the move when the opponent is being particularly hard to break.

Also Danger is a x1.5 modifier to damage rather than double. It's only when Negative warning is also applied that it becomes x2.25. "




Float Mixup:

One tactic Izanami can use her float mode for is to float at just the right height to end float mode and go for one of two options:

  1. Overhead jump normal
  2. Landing low

Inputting the attack right before she lands enables the 50/50 mixup. Similar to Swallow Moon tech.


Float "Soft" Loop:
  • Float looping/resetting involves float cancelling (8 during float mode) to extend combo potential similar to how jump cancelling allows you to extend a string by taking to the air.


    ...(float mode)->float 5C->float 2C->8 in float mode (float cancel)->ground 5C->(jump into float cancel)88->float 5C->float 2C->float 236A->float 5C->float 2C->float 6C->8(float cancel)->...(ground enders etc)

    The idea is to install float after a launcher, do a float string (usually float 5C->float 2C) then to uninstall float mode with a float cancel (8 in float mode) to do a minor reset to extend the combo. The timing and moves vary based on what point in the combo you are in, and where you focusing your string at (you can go for float cancels for float->ground mentality to focus strings on the ground or jump cancels for a ground->float mentality to focus on strings while floating).   


Combo Theory:


  • (50% meter)...,41236D->(on 41236D hit) 236236B
  • (During OD)...214A->ABCD(EA)   [go to in active flow with OD meter stocked]
  • ...->5B->5C->2C->6C->...
  • (corner) ...->5C->2C->63214C->6CC->...


  • ...->214B->5B->...
  • ...->214B->5B->....
  • ...->214A->5C->...


  • ...->2A->5B->....
  • ....->2A->2B...
  • ....->2A->6B->...


  • ...->5B->5C->....
  • ...->5B->2C->...
  • ...->5B->3C->...
  • ...->5B->6B->...
  • ...->5B->5C-> jump cancel-> J2C


  • ...->2B->5B->...
  • ...->2B->5C->...
  • ...->2B->2C->...


  • ...->2C->6C->...
  • ...->2C->6A->...
  • ...->2CC->214B->...
  • 2C (fatal counter)-> CT,41236D->....
  • 2C (fatal counter)->CT->6B,41236D->....
  • (corner) 2C->63214C->...


  • ...->5C->6A->...
  • ...->5C->6A->...
  • ...->5C->6B->...
  • ...->5C->2C->...
  • ...->5C->3C->...
  • ....->5CC->214A->...
  • ...->5C->2C->6C->41236C->...


  • (corner)...->6B->236A->5B->...
  • 6B->214A->5B->5C->....


  • (corner) 6C->63214C->....
  • ....->6CC->5B->...


Mix-up Tools, Jump Cancels, and Notes:

Ribcage/susanoo presents good oki on knockdown

6B,6CC are overheads normally

6B is an overhead in float mode as well

6C(1) hits low

float 6B ends float mode

Jump cancels:

  • 5A->Jump cancel on block
  • 2A->Jump cancel on hit and block
  • 5A->Jump cancel on hit and block
  • 2A->Jump cancel on hit
  • 5B->Jump cancel on hit only
  • 5C->Jump cancel on hit only
  • 6C(1)->Jump cancel on hit

3C->5D works on block but 3C->Specials doesn't work on block

Float Throw has normal throw animation but catch airborne.

Airdash>float to continue pressure strings.

Float auto correct in combo strings.

Float strings for mixing up. (from f.3C jump cancel to jB or just land 2B)


Empty Box:



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Just a few small bits of information

5B and 5C can only be jump cancelled on hit

2A and 5A can be jump cancelled on hit and block

6B is an overhead while floating as well as grounded

First hit of 6C is a low, second hit is overhead

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7 hours ago, bakahyl said:

Correct the rib cage to being stuffed by unblockables and throws, not just throws

  • Mujuu no Tate - 623B
      -> Mujuu no Gou - 623B during Mujuu no Tate

(ribcage) strike invulnerable. depletes barrier to 50% before deactivates. depletes faster while absorbing hits.

     ->>(623B after 623B followup) launches on hit. deactivates ribcage.

  -Protective ribcage

     -doesn't negate throws

     -can be used at end of combo

     -4 Seconds of duration (if enough barrier)

     -tanks hits for whole duration window (doesn't disappear after hit)

     -can't block unblockables (Hakumen's Yukizake counter/Naoto's Phantom Pain UB)

Currently whats written is provided above, I bolded the sections relevant to your post. Is there some other section where I failed to state ribcage was beat by throws and UBs? Unless I'm misinterpreting what you mean by stuffed or worded things weirdly.

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it's actually a guard point (like bang's drive) than strike invulnerable. It's in fact very similar to Bang's guard points as it also loses to throws and unblockables, but unlike Bang's drive in which he is stuck doing the drive, Izanami can do something else

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18 hours ago, bakahyl said:

it's actually a guard point (like bang's drive) than strike invulnerable. It's in fact very similar to Bang's guard points as it also loses to throws and unblockables, but unlike Bang's drive in which he is stuck doing the drive, Izanami can do something else

Okay, I was just misunderstanding what you wrote. My bad. I'll change it so its clearer. Thanks for the feedback. 

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How does Izanami "struggle" at neutral? Just because she can't go yolo to get into the opponents face? From what I have seen, her space control is very good and her movement options nice and her b normals very good for their use. Lastly, her reward off hits in neutral can be as high as taking the whole round. Neutral is not just one thing, please correct me if I'm wrong.

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