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Accidental Venom Match-ups

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Venom: Originally posted by POscrub: * Average Damage D: Because his good stuff depends on having Balls set, situation specific. * Max Damage B+: Gatlings containing 5S, 6P, etc. can get the guard gauge flashing in a hurry, so big potential. * Pokes A-: f.S, 2S, Ball, Stinger Aim and Carcass Ride are all effective. Payoff for connected pokes is low though. * Pressure/Lockdown S: Although you could argue that Venom pressure/lockdown is a bit reliant on meter and that there's many opportunities to Slash Back, it's still the best in the game. * Mixup B+: Although he has no overheads you can't react to, it does leave you at frame advantage, so you can hit confirm -> combo off it. [Ed. note I think they're referring to Mad struggle, 5D is -12 on block]. Fuzzy guard mixups off Renkei are really useful. * Okizeme A: The different ball patterns alone already give a lot of options, the fact that the order the balls are placed in [order of Ball Seisei] also changes their position only adds to that. * Against ground C: j. HS is the mainstay, Mad struggle (dive) has poor priority. Pretty much average in this category. * Against air A: 6P, Carcass, 2H, 6H, rising j. D (jump and immediately D) all have their uses at depending on the range and particular situation. * Breaking out of Pressure E: Well, at least Venom has a good DAA but... you guessed it, Venom is worst in the game at this. * Defense C: Absolutely average * In general A: 地上で優位に立てないキャラは飛ばされて落される [shruuuugs, I suck at grammar. If I had to guess, Characters who don't have a good ground game are forced to jump/take to the air, where they get shot down.] * Overall Rank: B. Definitely not midtier. [Ed note: guess, I read it as meaning Venom is definitely above average] * Good matchup Johnny: Venom owns Johnny in general. * Bad matchup Slayer: Matchup is better in AC than it was in Slash, but Slayer still tops the list of characters you don't want to fight.

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I was playing the last week agaist a beicon. if you read his counters you can make 2D (like we said before in previous pages) or make 623K, or you can jump, she brakes all of my preasures but i try to make some lonely atacks canceling it with jump cancels. her new counter dont cross the Dark angel *___*. make GOOD pokes into grab. Caution with her NEW retarded airgrab, my friend told me that 236 S (in tk) is very hard stuff for baiken. devious curve means free coutner for baiken, frc it ! play agaist beicon is a big mind game, if you read his counters they is fucked, if you cant..... her j. hs is very good if you are in ground, is safety, and if you eat in counter you will get a big damage combo (his j.hs dont make down to your guard bar) but this j. hs is like a black hole they cant make nothing from there, just wait an fall to the ground, (this atack is always active) caution with her j. S, link into too many thing, amazing range, make good pokes with yonkuzanen in tk is hard they usually make in gatling (its more easy) if you have maked a 6 P and they have maked (i dont know the name, the attack that she runs guarding with the sword....) well if she bloks you 6P make 2 HS instead of 6 HS, and she will stop far from you PD: my english sucks !!! dood

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Im having problems with millia, her j.d seems to beat my j.d and it is hard to beat her knife and follow up from the air. PLEASE ADVISE. :psyduck:

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Well if everyone else has a matchup forum with Venom in it, then we won't need one. For matchups I just read the other threads and come up with ways to counter them.

No, that wont do any good for us. Its way too inconvenient for lazy people like me. I want our own sub-forum match up thread as well T_T Hmm let me see which characters i can put..







ky kiske










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Alright as part of revitalizing the VE forums, I'd like to start up some matchup discussion. First order of business: mofoing POTEMKIN. Yea, I said it. POTEMKIN. The POTEMKIN matchup is supposedly largely in our favor, should we do everything correctly and avoid being hit (that means backdashing or jumping from every Slidehead and not getting hit by random swings). What POTEMKIN does have going for him, much like Slayer, is his ability to deal an insanely large amount of damage off one connected hit... into a knockdown...into more mixup -.- . So no matter how perfectly you play, if you make two or more mistakes, it's very likely that those mistakes will cost you the match. So some points I'd like to discuss: - Zoning: is Venom's main tool against POTEMKIN. Fighting in close quarters is always a bad idea vs POTEMKIN, and you should even be wary of poking (extending your hitbox for free POTEMKIN buster!). I'd like to ask everyone what formations and how they move their character to avoid POTEMKIN's attacks while still providing ranged pressure. Keep the flick in mind. - Normals: Venom's normals are actually not that great in this matchup. 5S, one of our best poke-zoning tools, is beat out, and almost everything else falls short. - Any other tips or ways to deal with POTEMKIN are appreciated. Let's get some discussion going!

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This is pretty old hat but if you want to use 5S in the pochop match, place a ball out in front of you. As long as you have a ball out that will be hit by the 5S you are safe as that will beat out just about anything potemp can do. Just watch for slidehead when setting up the ball. Super jumping back and summoning balls mid air is your friend, PROVIDED that po doesn't have 50% for HPB. Get in the air, summon a ball or two, and then call them back to the ground with a ground summon. Again, just use your brain and make sure you aren't setting yourself up as slidehead bait. Slash DHM is suprisingly effective against potemp at match starting range. If he swings, it will beat most of his options. If he hammerfall breaks however, its probably your ass, this is a useful tool for a potemp who likes to spam back megafists. Your goal is simply to get potemp into the corner. With proper use of ball pressure and your best mixups (Whore FB MS mixups in the corner), you can put potemkin on the ropes. This is a fight about patience. Lot's and lots of it. If you pick your spots to summon balls properly, and don't blindly rush you will have a chance to get some pressure on potemkin. When you do, don't waste it.

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Potemkin... is big, strong, and big. Edit: Defense: toss some balls around to keep him away.. be sure to use 1ball + 5S a lot to counter slide head. i normally ib his jumping normals but i think FD is safe and better. when tossing balls you should keep an eye on his reflect. use 5S to keep em from reflecting the darn balls.. and if you've noticed it already N-O always leave an opening for 5S when the balls are scattered. about that, its much stylish to see balls scattered neatly j/k. the balls used to scatter like that are *k>S , k>P, s>P,*. I prefer using 2balls a lot bec its a lot easier to summon compared to a 3 ball. Recommended 3ball setups *h>k>P, k>s>P* Pressure: Bec of potemkin's high defense, they are not afraid for risk and reward. that is why we need to keep the pressure going to increase their bar. this is the main pressure string N-O use bec its safe and easy to do, 2s>ball>2s>ball>2s>stinger aim S frc>pressure. Or if you want to use plain MS there should be balls around to hit pot. i recommend using FB Madstruggle even though you haven't conditioned them with 2K yet since its safe and they're on guard after they block it. be patient and make them block all day until they get pissed and makes a mistake. Try to use FB MS a lot on fuzzy guard bec i think pot's 6P can counter FB MS(can someone confirm this one?) Offensive Tactics: Condition them with a pressure open to pot buster ex (2k>5S(2hits)> carcass raid. After they've seen this move once or twice they'll try to buster you, so switch carcass raid to FB MS. I recommend using different gatling for FB MS to confuse them :mad:

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I'm here...sort of...coming up with sekret venom strats........ not really. I'm just waiting for more shit to happen round here.

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I'm here...sort of...coming up with sekret venom strats........ not really. I'm just waiting for more shit to happen round here.


Cool then! People don't be afraid post up strats on matchups they need help on or matchups they know really well. I'll create a new thread once we get things rolling and consolidate all the information (and hopefully get some proper modding going on here). We need more stuff though, so just write anything! Don't be shy!

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Her weakness

Low damage output, lots of prorated moves and her worst weakness that we can't seem to abuse is her low defense.

Her strength

iad, pressure, and her ability to escape pressure.

Moves you should IB/SB

iad jH


kabari sb*

Tsurane Sanzu Watashi ib the 1st and 2nd hit and sb last hit*

Moves you should FD

Don't forget to FD lvl3-5 and vacuum effects moves. if your baiken always use yousanzen on you, you should FD a lot to get her yousanzen out of range

kabari*razor something*






Prorated moves

2D - 70%

throw & air throw - 80%

2p/2k - 80%

youshijin - 70%

sakura - 85%


Youshijin= air combo on CH but can be punished if not CH. mad struggle always beats this move.

Sakura= upper body invincibility. if it hits you can mash out of it if they don't frc/

Ouren= her most annoying escape move. on CH leads to a combo KD/

Mawarikomi= she runs at your back

Recommended Pokes

2k (best poke in this match)

2D (2nd best)




Recommended Moves

mad struggle


carcass raid or fb

double head morbid = damage

Damaging Combo's

dubious curve loop (best damaging combo, but you needs to be in corner)

6p>6H> 3-ball seisei

6p>6h>cr> double head morbid fb

6p>6h>cr combo to corner dubious curve

*Combo's i always do*

2k>2d> double head morbid S

2K>2d> ball seisei

6P CH> cS> jS> jP> jS> JC> jS> jH> jD

6P CH> 6H> double head morbid H

6P CH> 6H> 3-ball seisei

ch madstruggle> 2k> 5S> 2S> 5H> dubious curve> ball seisei

2k>2d(2hits) CH>stinger aim h frc> 6p>6h>double head morbid FB*if health is below 60% or guard bar is filled. i simply use a lot of FRC if guard bar is 75%. die baiken!! die!!*

throw> 6p>6h>ball seisei

corner throw> 6p>6h>cr>summon hb>6p>6h> summon Sb>5S> dubious curve

dubious curve loop for the finish

Recommended Ball Formation

K>S>P - prevents all counters except mawarakami

H>K - prevents all counters except mawarakami

K>P- prevents youshijin counter

S>P teleport dash* try this at hoome

Toorikuu da. defense

Round one lets rock! At the start of the round you could use 5s/2s/2d but you'll get countered anyways lol. When getting out of pressure you can 2D> teleport out of it, but i prefer to just FD all of her stuff until she's pushed back enough to poke> teleport.

The problem here is that she can immediately reach you if you try to summon. So the trick is to bait her to iad and then 6P her ass. Not only that you've damage her (a little) but you'll be free to summon 3 balls :D From this moment on, baiken will have 2nd thoughts to iad you and you can sometimes get a free summon if she's too scared T_T

Corner defense

Her pressure game in the corner is pretty tight, but she only has a few mixup moves. But the one you should watch out for is TK yousanzen, with 50% tension they can combo off it. Use FD to push em out the yousanzen's range.

Conserve tension for DAA or for FD to avoid her corner pressure.


RAWR! Although we can't pressure baiken, we have our own way to put pressure on her.

Your best counter to her counter is mad struggle. She won't be able to use a counter until the last hit of MS. Mad struggle should be blocked high, she won't be able to input *12 until the last hit. And if they still tried to counter till the last hit with either sakura/yoshijin then punish em.

Remember to dash break whenever a ball hits. In this way, you can always punish her standing counters. 2K is your safest poke bec of its fast recovery and small active frames. low moves also prevents baikens running autoguard. 2D to pass thru counter sakura, but you could get CH if baiken used yoshijin.

Tricky gatlings

5k > tk mad struggle

5k > 2D

5S > 2D

5S > teleport

2D > teleport

5p > throw

Ball Seisei tricks, letz rock



Okizeme H>K

1. 2p Hb> back jH Kb - this setup prevents baiken's two counters, sakura/yoshijin and theres a chance to grab her ouran counter.

2. j.k Kb> *either you do a crossup or mad struggle. teleport is possible but i dont recommend*





1. 5p all the balls - i think this could prevent all of her counters except mawarikomi. after 5ping the balls you should close in to her so you can punish her mawarikomi if ever she does it. or you can do anything to piss her off, since her counters are ineffective at this moment.



Okizeme S>P

1. 5P Pb ASAP > teleport ad crossup> *mad struggle/throw/jS* - torikuu da! this move is pretty annoying to defensive type baikens, bec they always wait for you to counter. this also messes up their their execution for counter.

oki>3 ball seisei> throw

1. dash feint attack> throw

uhh please add anything i missed or anything you like..

anyone know a good 6p>6H combo that lets you hit a ball as you combo?

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You mean hit a ball into them? If so that's normally corner specific. 6P, 6H, hs ball summon, 66, 6P (ball hits) 6H, S.carcass, 66 6H, into dubious curve finish of your choice. (if you are close enough dubious, if not, s.ball summon, 5s(f), into dubious, requires you run forward a bit.

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You mean hit a ball into them? If so that's normally corner specific.

6P, 6H, hs ball summon, 66, 6P (ball hits) 6H, S.carcass, 66 6H, into dubious curve finish of your choice. (if you are close enough dubious, if not, s.ball summon, 5s(f), into dubious, requires you run forward a bit.

Oh i see, so its done like that. Normally, i do it without Hb

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