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[May 22nd, 2016] 2v2 Blazblue Central Fiction Tournament Act 3 @ Round 1 - City of Industry, CA

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When: May 22nd 

Game: BlazBlue Central Fiction

Stream link: http://www.twitch.tv/jyosua

Where: Round 1 PHM (Puente Hills Mall)


Time: 2pm

format: 2v2 (same characters on a team allowed) (character lock)

This Tournament is Waseda style. You will designate a team order on a per match basis. Player A from one team plays player A from another team, the respective player B's then play. If both players from the same team win, the match is over. If each team has 1 win, the winners will play to determine the winner of the match. Matches are 1 game, if you lose you better hope your teammate wins 2/3 is simulated by the Waseda format. 

entry: $10 entry fee (per team), $5 venue fee (cabs will be put on freeplay during the tournament)

Rules: capped at 64 entrys

            double elim

            event mode enabled 

            2/3 rounds

            70/20/10 split for 1st, 2nd, 3rd

            specials prizes will also be givin out during the event more info on that as the date gets closer.

Still waiting for a special something to come through this month that will be added on to the event but if it doesn't come in time i'll be running a BBCF SINGLES TOURNAMENT AS WELL



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