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Super Art 5 Xrd Revelator Results

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Aiken Mall
2441 Whiskey Rd., Aiken, SC 29803

Unfortunately none of the matches were recorded (old school!!!) so you had to be there to get the play-by-play.

Entrants: 9
$10 entry fee
1st. Doren2K (Jam) $54
2nd. HimeCut (Leo) $27
3rd. Malik (Faust) $9
4th. Raph (Slayer)

Winners Finals: Doren2K Vs. Malik = 3-1
Losers Semis: Raph Vs. HimeCut = 1-2
Losers Finals: HimeCut Vs. Malik = 3-2
Grand Finals: HimeCut Vs. Doren = 3-0 reset bracket; Set 2 HimeCut Vs. Doren2K = 2-3

Thanks to everyone that came out & supported. If you're in the Southeast area on May 14, 2016 you should come to GA's premier monthly Gwinnett Brawl.

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