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[Aug. 27th '16] - #TSB - ft.Yatagarasu P.O.P & AH3LM Sides!

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Second TSB at the new spot! ft. Yatagarasu Prince of Pizza Tournament too!! TSB is POPping, get it. wow. I'd like to highlight the yata tournament is beginner and intermediate level, so everyone is learning how to play lol. Also now with an AH3 Side tournament courtesy of Sailor Mercury!


Results: I'd like to point you all to my challonge account! ( ).


Next Level
874 4th Ave,
Brooklyn NY, 11232

Venue Fee: $10!

Equipment needed: PS3/4's! Next Level has a good amount of Benq and Asus monitors, but without the actual games we can't do much.
*Time, Elimination Rules, and Entry fee may change from month to month, so make sure you know whats up!
Please call me or send a text message if you are running late, please be sure to include your tag!
If you'd like my number, just PM me through here, or you can get in contact with me through Facebook group at the bottom of the page.

$5 Entry
Double Elimination
FT2 for WF, LF, GF.

$5 Entry
Double Elimination
FT2 for WF, LF, GF.

$1 Entry
Single Elimination
FT2 for all matches.
*Everyone who enters this tournament will get a slice of pizza! The winner of the tournament will get...two slices of pizza!!!

$1 Entry
Double Elimination
FT2 for all matches.

Streaming/Recording: (Tentatively)

There is also a TSB Facebook Page, If that is more convenient for you (It is also a very good way of getting in touch with me):


If you'd like to get event invites / calendar notifications through facebook for these events, please join this group!


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