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BlazBlue Continium Shift Extend very complicated gameplay

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Ohh...I wrote so many things about my relation to BlazBlue but this forum is cruel as this game :) In conclusion, my questions are following:

1) Was it a good idea to buy this game for my PS Vita? It looks like it is impossible to finish some combos. Are there any players who can finish this crazy combos? I a feeling myself like a weak pathetic fool. 

2) How should I hone my technique in this game to learn it? Gosh...I can't even complete a tutorial.

I love this game and I wrote so many sentimental words before this forum punished me severely and erased my message :) But how human being supposed to play this game? I even rubbed off my thumb trying to finish some combos) No lie)

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Can't say I've ever played on the Vita but I'm sure the combos should be just as doable as console if you are used to the Vita controls. Sounds like you just need practice. Also who you are trying to play matters a lot. Some characters are MUCH easier to get the hang of than others.

When just beginning you'll want to start small. If you are having problems just doing the basic moves then obviously you're going to drop the combos. Repeat the basic attacks as much as you need to until you can do it consistently, then do the same with another one, then another. Once you can do the moves reliably THEN try tying them together in combos.

I'd recommend doing that and playing the tutorial and character challenge modes as much as you can. As far as characters to use, I'd recommend trying Ragna until you can get the basic game moves and mechanics down. He's pretty straightforward and doesn't take much to do decent with.

Don't feel bad you have some great tools to help you with tutorial/challenge mode. It was way harder to get the hang of this game back in the day. I started on Calamity Trigger and we didn't have shit all that told us how to play then. I just had to play Tager until my thumbs literally bled. :lol:

Bit long-winded but hope that all helps.


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