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BBCF Demo Share Thread

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Hello guys. This thread is supposed to be for people who would be kind enough to share the new demo and
those, who are unable to get it for reasons (like having preordered it somewhere physically).
Basically it´s about sharing at least the demo until the official release of the game (when the demo
becomes unavailable anyway afaik). This is primarily directed at people who only have the jp acc
for getting the game and would not mind at least temporary, since people who regularly
use the account might not want to give out those. Details should be worked out in private between a pair.
As long as everybody behaves, I believe this could be a nice community project to get more people on a better level before the release.

If this does not work with the forum guidelines (I did not find exact statements regarding this), feel free to close this out, mods.

Well, I´ll try to go first:

I have to admit am myself in such a situation, since I have promises tied to the ps3 version, so I´m looking for someone who would share.



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