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(BBCF Setups Needed!!) The Fall Classic 2016 [Oct 7-9]

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Hi all, first I will state that I am NOT part of the Staff that runs this event. This post is more so about an issue that WE, the community, can fix at TFC 2016. I will go ahead and apologize to mods if this is the wrong place to post this topic. Anyways, the issue at hand is at the event this year the Staff are choosing to run CPEX over CF even tho it came out a month in advance. The main reason being that they don't have enough Japanese accounts/systems with the game. However, with a bit of talking with the staff they ARE willing to switch over to the latest version as long as they get enough setups donated. So, I'm asking for those of you going to The Fall Classic this year to play Blazblue to PLEASE bring a setup with you to help things along. It'll be more enjoyable for the spectators who will want to see the new game and, of course, the hype. The hype will be beyond real!! Like a said, sorry if this was not posted in the right place but this honestly seemed like the best area to place it.

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