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[Other: Community] Introductory Tea Party & Netplay Contact info (Come say hello!)

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The previous Introductory Tea and Cake Party Thread can be found here: Many memories and names from the past 
This thread is a merged idea of both Tari's Intro Thread and Kuuhaku's old Netplay Thread . 


Welcome to the Introductory Tea Party and Netplay Contact Info Thread. Here we welcome with open arms fellow players of the princess, whether you have been a hime player from the past and possibly returning, currently are a Rachel player or simply a passer by who is considering to join the Rachel army ;D

Feel free to introduce yourselves and if you wish, pop down your netplay details so you know who to find in the future for any GGs :)

Rachel also has a Discord Channel which can be found here: Rachel Discord 

Newer players. We suggest you check out the useful links shown below the lovely image of Rachel. We also want to highlight the transition guide which contains some key points about this version of Rachel: CPEX - CF Transition Guide 


Rachel Artwork by: Daiaru


[Daiaru Pixiv ] 
[Daiaru Twitter ] 
Please support this fantastic artists work :)



Netplay Central Guidelines (PLEASE READ)

Now this is where you can share Netplay (Online play) details but not a place to seek matches or discuss any actual matches that take place. If you are looking for GGs, please use the [BlazBlue CF Match Finder Thread] or please drop the user a DM and say if they would like some matches or more preferably, check out the [Rachel Discord Channel] where it is significantly easier to ask and find games. This place is just to list your details.

When posting details, if you could list it like the example I have given below. It would make it easier for me to put details into the main list.

Dustloop Username: Gamester
PSN username/s: Gamester717
Location: Britain/Europe
Additional Info: twitter link or something if you want.

Something like the above example. You don't have to go into as much detail as I did but if you find players around in lobbies or player match rooms. You know who are fellow Rachel players :)

Once you have your details down, I put them into the list and then the list can be used as a place to find fellow Rachel players if you are around online or save someone the trouble of telling them when you are available, direct them here.

If your details like PSN changes you times you said you are around to play. Send me a Direct Message and I will update the list for you, saves you making a post and it won't take my 2 seconds to change things :)


Rachel Alucard Netplay Player Master List:

Dustloop Username: [ Gamester ]
PSN Username/s: [ Gamester717 ]
Location: Britain/Europe
Additional Info: [ Twitter ] 

Dustloop Username: [ tofurr ]
PSN Username/s: [ sirlunchbox ] 
Location: Northern California, US
Additional Info: [ Instagram ]

Dustloop Username: [ swordiris ]
PSN Username/s: [ MAGArev ]
Location: Detroit Metro Michigan, US




Any ideas to improve this thread or general feedback you wish to give, send me a DM or let me know on 

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Dustloop Username: swordiris

PSN username: MAGArev

Location: Detroit Metro Michigan

I didn't have games in the CP era but mained rachel from CS1-CS Extend. Just got CF on the PS4 and picking up the princess. Feels almost like I am learning all over again. Hello everyone. 


Any tips for someone transitioning from CSE? Since I did not have CP even that is unrecognizable. 


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Hi there @swordiris and welcome back. I feel @RurouniLoneWolf CPEX - CF transition guide should be able to help you, even though you're coming from CSE [ Link Here ] 

The new things to you would be: Lotus (22A) and no more pumpkin (now replaced with this ivy blossom (214B)).

It will take some getting used to if you used pumpkin a lot like I did, it still messes me up lol. However Lotus is now the tool we need to use for controlling space.

Unless you are not in the know we're expecting a balance patch in a couple of months (CF 2.0) I believe so you may want to watch out for that : )

I also need to take this chance to apologise or the lack of board activity, I haven't been able to update this as much as I would of liked, a lot happened and everyone now uses Discord to talk about tech and learning. [ Here's a link to the Discord ]

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