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Hakumen CPEX > CF changelog

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I've been using the diff tool on dantarion's hitbox site http://boxdox-bb.dantarion.com/#/diff to try and list changes. here they are.
5B damage 730
5C damage 1100
5D attack damage 1600 p2 72
2B damage 650
2C damage 1050 p2 82 invulH 9-15
2D attack damage 1600 p2 42
j.A damage 300
j.B damage 650
j.2C damage 1200
j.D attack damage 1600 p2 67
j.2A damage 700
j.C damage 1000
6A damage 720 invul removed startup 12 active 4 recovery 16
6B p1 80 invulF 4-22 can cancel into D normals, yanagi, yukikaze, mugen, astral
6D attack damage 1600 p2 72
4C damage 900 p1 100 startup10 active 3 recovery 22
throw damage 1500 p2 50
back throw damage 750 p2 50
air throw damage 1300 p2 50
crush trigger uncharged p2 60 guard breaks for 32
crush trigger charged p2 100 guard breaks for 60
214A damage 950
236B p2 82 startup9 active 3 (12) 3 recovery 21
41236C p1 90
623A invulHB 5-14
623AA damage 1060 p2 72 invulHB 1-8
j.214C damage 2500 fatal, guard break
j.214B damage 1500 p1 80 p2 92
j.214A damage 950 lv3 p1 70 p2 92
fumajin damage 900
214D startup 29 active 3 recovery 6 guard 4-27 lv4 damage 1500 p2 72 p1 100
    active frames only activate after catching a strike (not projectile)
    active refers to frames that grab opponent
    on successful catch (strike or projectile), can special cancel immediately, hakumen is invul for remainder of move

62146C damage 3500 p2 60
632146Cmax damage 5000 unblockable only regular and max charge, no other charge levels
632146C wave 2500
632146C OD damage 4000
632146Cmax OD same as other max
EAslow startup 20 active 4 recovery 20
EAfast startup 10 active 4 recovery 20

caveats: i can't read all the stuff in the diff, especially stuff that involves charging like crush triggers and 6C, so i'm definitely missing stuff there (primarily timing info)

why did i do hakumen? because i figured his moves were pretty easy, so i'd be least likely to screw it up haha. please let me know if you notice any errors


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Just a suggestion but it would be helpful to show what the original CPEX frame data was just so people can more easily see what's a nerf or buff going into CF.

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I would like to second Schneider's suggestion.  It's hard to tell what got nerfed and what got buffed without the values from CPEX as well.   I wonder if anyone with the time would be able to fill that information out.  Is the necessary CPEX data all on the wiki?  

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