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So how exactly do we get all these free BBCF items?

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At the moment, those are JP only DLC items, the magazine color DLC's are no longer available since the offer dates have been passed (unless there's another solution). Although, there was the Dengeki colors spotted in the US PS store, but it might come back (since it got pulled abruptly), along with Famitsu and hopefully retain their free DLC status.

The free Collaboration DLC's still at the moment are in the JP PS store and are available until January (Except the Hori specific DLC which requires buying either the pad or stick separately with a product code inside). No word if any of these will make it overseas though. Though the JP store specific DLC such as the character plushies have made it overseas.

So yes, in short, none of the DLC have yet to appear overseas, unless by lucky chance we'll get them. (Or maybe not.)

Note: As usual with DLC, please be assured that DLC is region locked/restricted, and can only be played on the same region and PS account the game's DLC can be accessed to. (Example, US BBCF Disk/Digital with US BBCF DLC.)

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