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Mintiel's Blazblue Graphics Dump

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I figured I should just make my own thread for these :') 

So a while ago I used to make some chrome themes, and I wanted to start updating them (to higher resolutions), so I'm kind of slowly working on that, alongside putting together PSDs with the character story art. I also do a variety of other things, and I might take requests once in a while as long as you're patient and it's not fanart.

You can use my stuff I don't really require credit just don't claim you made it that's all I ask.

Chrome Themes



UREp76Q.png ORBVTje.png

Theme Maker Profile:
Direct Downloads:
Ragna (CT CS CP CF)



Ragna (1)
Arakune/Roy (1)
Tager (1 2 3)
Trinity (1)
Naoto (1 2)
Susano'o (1 2 3)

Other Things


Not an impressive dump but I've kinda lost a lot of things over the years such as wallpapers, colorings, custom palettes, a ton of sprite art n gifs, etc 

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