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Every other Saturday (starting Jan 21st) at 9PM EST we will have world lobby meetups, one for beginners one for intermediates and above!

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Saturday Jan 21st 9pm EST



  • This will be in the North America 1 server. In case beginner players want to play with other beginners, Ibukido Room 1 will be for them.
  • Advanced/intermediate players will be using Ibukido 5. If the room gets too full, overflow will be Room 6 and so on.
  • I am going to split the skill level for now and if this works, I'll keep it this way for the next meetup. If it's too confusing, I'll split the skill levels into two separate nights (one for beginners, one for whatever else) or just have a free for all.


Some general rules:

1.) Join discord! It's fun and you get to give feedback to whoever you are playing with. It's win win really!

2.) To make everyone's experience easier, please choose netplay safe stages like Altar, Colosseum Silent, or Old Gate.

3.) If you are outside of NA, you can either attempt to join us (beware of lag) or organize a meet-up for yourselves (same goes for Steam CPEX players).

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