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Hunting for older works by Ishiwatari

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I asked this question a while back, but it might be better served in the Zepp Museum which is more Art-Centric.

I am looking for Art and Concept designs Daisuke Ishiwatari did that PRE-DATE Guilty Gear.

And just to remind people, no he did NOT work for SNK!

I did my research on him and this is the info I've collected over the years:






I am trying to find materials on Exector as that's the only major lead I've got so far.

Oh, and Amusement Media Gakuen (Daisuke's and Mori's old college).


I know AMG sponsors the BlazBlue Radio episodes, but if possible I'd like to find even more background information and just more history on Daisuke's works.

I apologize if this seems out of people's depth here, but I'll take any leads I can get.


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