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Welcome to the Dustloop STL anime thread. Gateway to the Dust.


We exist! We play pretty regularly; I'd say 1-2 times a week. Currently Rev2 is the most popular game but there's at least a few people in all the Aksys titles and Koihime Enbu. Tasty Steve, AKA, Mr. K, and others all have been part of the STL anime community. St. Louis has lots of people with years of experience and passion for the game. If you're capable of basic friendly social interaction and want to play games with us, we're happy to have you.

I've got this thread set up to notify me of replies, but honestly Twitter is the best way to reach me. We aren't active on Dustloop much anymore.


Twitter and Facebook are currently the most active as of this post. Here's some useful links:


STL scene's Twitter account: https://twitter.com/stlfgc

This account is mostly for events and player promotions. A few people have access to it and we're still fine-tuning exactly how this will work but I think it's definitely worth a follow.


My Twitter: https://twitter.com/STLMrK

I tweet puns and Rev2 stuff a lot. If you have any questions about the game or events I'm usually good about responding because my phone has physically fused to my thumbs at this point.


Our FaceBook group: tinyurl.com/stlgg

The Facebook group is closed in order to prevent Facebook spam, but it's mildly active! We also have a FaceBook messenger chat that's pretty popping if you want your phone beeping 17 times at 3 AM.

STL GG Flyer.jpg


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I live in Columbia, so some visits to your community are within the realm of possibility for me, especially as I have friends who live in STL.  I'll hook myself up to your twitter feed, and if a likely event appears there, I'll drop on by.  Thanks for posting this here!

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I've been trying to get something going with CoMo people (George, SuperFX) for a while now but we've had some scheduling setbacks before. We've got a group of players who are definitely willing to travel. About 8 STL players are going to Combo Breaker this weekend, and 5 of us made the last MaxOut. If you're doing any events in Columbia I could round up some people probably. I'll make sure to post the next tournament date here too. My house has extra couches and a guest room so we can accommodate if need be as well.

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We still are around! We no longer meet up at GameHaven. Instead, we meet every Thursday at Moonbase Market in Soulard. We even have a monthly tournament with stream and occasional pot bonuses. Most of the people are focused on Guilty Gear or UNIST. However, people still show up for DBFZ and I think Blazblue Tag might be a big deal. 


We're still looking for new players. Regardless of your fighting game experience, if you want to get your feet wet, we'd be happy to have you.

We have a Discord server! If you want to check in and say hi, here's an open invite:


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