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kosmos badgirl

ASW making a new Dragon Ball fighting game (2.5D)

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You probably already figured this out but the game is 6-button. 4 attack buttons (Light, Medium, Heavy and Special) and 2 assist/tag buttons. Attacks are face buttons and assist/tags are left shoulder buttons. Right shoulder buttons are actually macros so even though the command lists says supers are done with RT/RB, you can actually do them with X+Y or A+B.

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Can't wait for this game. I think it'll bring in a bunch of different people from different communities which is the best part.


Also Dabura and 18 playable pls

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Here's some extra information that might prove to be enlightening for many of you from a short interview that I don't think has been posted here just yet. 



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Gonna give a quick mechanical breakdown of what I've been able to pick up. Think this is complete, as of the E3 demo.

Six button control scheme:

  • X / Square: Light Attack (L)
  • Y / Triangle: Medium Attack (M)
  • B / Circle: Heavy Attack (H)
  • A / Cross: Special Attack (S)
  • LB / L1: Z Assist 1 (A1)
  • LT / L2: Z Assist 2 (A2)
  • In the demo, (L + M) is bound to RB / R1 and (H + S) is bound to RT / R2

Universal Mechanics:

  • Super Combo (mash L or M): Automatically perform a combination attack. [Auto Combo]
  • Ki Blast (S): Universal projectile attack, can be repeatedly pressed to fire a volley of projectiles.
  • Ki Charge (L + S): Hold down to charge your Energy Guage.
  • Deflect (4S): Deflects Ki Blasts and repels Super Dashes. [Push Block]
  • Super Dash (L + M): A homing dash you can use to approach the opponent while avoiding Ki Blasts.
  • Dragon Rush (H + S): Approach the enemy and launch a rush that cannot be guarded. [Throw + Dust]
  • Sparking Blast (L + M + H + S): Increase your power for a limited time and also recover your health gauge. (Once during one match) [Burst + X-Factor]
  • Vanish (M + H): Move instantly behind the opponent and land an attack. (Uses 1 Gauge) [Roman Cancel]
  • Z Assists (A1 or A2): Call your teammate for covering fire.
  • Z Change (Hold A1 or A2): Switch with another teammate.
  • Ultimate Z Change (A1 or A2 during a Super Attack): Launch a Super Attack with your team members. (Uses 1 Gauge) [DHC]


Also has the typical stuff like double jumping, air dashing, teching, etc.

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This game looks incredible, and I really love the fact that special moves are only quarter circles. Don't get me wrong, there's something magical about finally getting that perfect input after dozens of tries, but I think that simplifying the system will do a lot to increase accessibility. Furthermore, I don't think it will make the game "too easy." Fighting games are about lightning reflexes and strategy at heart, not complicated controls. What's more, the 3v3 battles would make learning all the inputs required to make the most of each character absolute hell for beginners.

I am stoked for Dragon Ball Fighters Z, as you might be able to tell.

Also, although fusion is probably a bit too much programming and balancing (the number-crunching hurts my head just thinking about it, you'd need some serious calculus and qualitative analysis matched with the quantitative) for normal battles, I think they might include it as a one-off mechanic in the eventual story mode. Just imagine: the final boss (either an entirely new villain or some legendary (no pun intended) adversary like Broly) completely decimates your party before you can even chip their health bar, and just when everything looks to be at its worst... Gogeta.Or Vegito.

On a fusion-related note, I do think Gotenks will be a playable character rather than young Goten or Trunks.

Also, the fact that deflecting ki blasts sends them into the background, where they actually do damage to the environment is just awesome.

I really hope that, for the human characters, the devs can capture the feel of using skill and cunning to face down beings that are literally orders of magnitude stronger - not that I want Cell to do 100+ times the damage that Krillin does for a given attack! But I want the humans to have to rely on special abilities and to have a very technical feel. They did say that some characters were going to be better as support, which is probably where the non-saiyans will end up.

Power levels (not the over 9000 kind, but the "roughly how strong they are" kind) seem a little wonky, but that's necessary for balance, and you can't just not include an iconic character because they don't match perfectly with the rest. It is a bit unusual that Golden Freeza can be beaten by SSJ3 Goku, though, especially since Freeza is the only character we've seen so far that has DBS-based abilities. But I understand why they didn't go Blue for Goku or Vegeta - the SSJ3 already has enough "impact" and having it be Goku's base form would really make SSJ2 Gohan seem like a pushover. I think the way to go for power-scaling obsessed fans seeking peace of mind is to pretend that Goku was for some reason rezzed just after discovering SSJ3, Freeza had trained in HFIL just enough to barely unlock his golden form, Cell actually survived and nursed his wounds until he came back stronger, etc. Sounds like a terrible fanfic, but some people need a justification, and I am somewhat guilty of that.

Final thoughts: I really hope they include the Great Saiyaman. Seriously, I know it wasn't the most-loved arc, but let Gohan be dorky! You don't have to slack in school to be a hero. And, from a character standpoint, part of Gohan's crucial arc is that he is not a fighter. He is a bit of a martyr, burdened with an overwhelming, hidden power that is utterly wasted on him. So emphasizing the fact that he is really a big nerd at heart was actually a pretty good decision (my literature nerd is showing, sorry). Also, that's the only way I see Videl getting into the game, and she deserves some screentime.

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