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[July 8th - 9th] AniClash Prime 2 - $500+ Prize Pool - Free Entry

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The 5th season of AniClash, the premier online anime fighter tournament series, will conclude with what guarantees to be our biggest and best event yet: AniClash Prime 2! Going down this July 8th and 9th, this multi-stream netplay major will see classic AniClash competitors and newcomer alike vie tooth and nail for the series' biggest prize prize pool to date, currently sitting--at the time of this writing--at a grand total of $432! This was made possible largely due to a plethora of incredibly generous cash donations from members of our community, and many thanks go out to all those who were so kind as to support this event in that way.

For the uninitiated, here is a quick rundown of the baseline information that all those interested in competing in this event need to know:

Q: What is AniClash Prime 2?

AniClash Prime 2 is an online BlazBlue: Central Fiction tournament being held July 8th - July 9th, 2017, the sequel to last year's smash hit AniClash Prime. The tournament will be held through the Playstation Network, meaning that only players in possession of a Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 copy of BlazBlue: Central Fiction are eligible to enter.

Q: Registration?

Registration and information regarding such can be found on this page of the tournament's Official Website. Registrants will be manually placed into the participant list upon review and approval of their forms. As is listed on the registration page, currently have an entrant cap of 48 players in place, and with 21 of those slots being filled at the time of writing, it's highly recommended that all interested parties register as soon as possible. The tournament is free to enter.

Q: Where do I attend the event? 

The event will take place over the course of 2 separate days--July 8th beginning at 6PM EST and July 9th beginning at 7PM EST--streamed across both AniClash's Official Twitch Channel and our secondary stream provided by prominent Anime FGC streamer Koefficient.

Q: What are the payouts for AniClash Prime?

At present the tournament will be boasting a cash prize of $432 total to be handed out to the tournament's top placers. This number will grow over time with donations and boosts from Insiders and the community; closer to the time of AniClash Prime 2 the exact final prize pool and payouts will be updated on the tournament's official website as well as in this thread. Stay tuned.

Q: Is this tournament region locked?

Yes. Only North American players will be allowed entry. Apologies to our international players, but with a siable cash prize on the line we must take extra measures to ensure matches are as lagless as possible. For the uninitiated, this page on the tournament's website also details tips and suggestions we recommend in your efforts to minimize lag in your matches, as well as our policies on disconnects and other such occurrences.

Q: The website mentions something about a Day 0 event happening on July 7th?

The official AniClash Prime 2 tournament doesn't begin until July 8th, indeed, but on July 7th--in preparation for the true event--we'll be holding an entire day of both casual and competitive BBCF programming for our community members and other interested parties to take part in. Participation in our Day 0 events is not at all required or directly tied to the actual Prime 2 tournament itself, but--if interested--information on Day 0 can be found here.

Q: I have additional questions or comments regarding the tournament!

Feel free to leave a comment or question in this thread; we'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can additionally contact us on our Twitter, join our community and ask around on our Discord server, or ask away during our regular numbered AniClash tournament streams, taking place nearly every Friday at 8PM EST on our Official Twitch Channel.

Hope to hear from you/see you in the Prime 2 bracket soon!




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Our Day 0 Celebration for AniClash Prime 2 begins today!

Featuring an extensive suite of casual and a competitive events for our community to enjoy at their leisure--from friendlies streams, to Exhibition matches, to our final 2v2 tournament of the season--AniClash Prime 2 - Day 0 guarantees to be an excellent outing for community members old and new. Check out this page of the Official Prime 2 Website to get a complete rundown on everything going down as a part of this celebration, and make sure you're set and ready for the stream as it begins at 2PM EST this afternoon on our Official Twitch Channel!


As for the actual Prime 2 tournament itself, which begins at 6PM EST tomorrow on both our aforementioned twitch channel and our secondary stream provided by Koefficient, I'm ecstatic to announce that our prize pool currently sits at a whopping $525! Our bracket--which was recently expanded to 54 players--is currently full, but interested parties can still register for our Waiting List for the chance to be included in the bracket in the event that any of our registered players do not confirm their presence on the tournament's Challonge by 10 PM EST tonight. Best of luck making it into the tournament, and we hope to see you on stream tonight!

Make sure to join our community Discord and follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates on all things Prime 2 as this monumental event finally gets underway!


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Major thanks to all those who competed, spectated, or played any other part in making our AniClash Prime 2 - Day 0 Celebration yesterday an incredible success!

With the preliminary event now behind us, AniClash Prime 2--the biggest and best event in the history of netplay's premier tournament series--OFFICIALLY begins today! Check-in on the tournament's Challonge page for all of it's registered players will begin at 5PM EST, prize pool expansion announcements and one final general rule overview will begin at approximately 5:30 PM EST, and the tournament will begin proper at 6PM EST on both our Primary Stream and Secondary Stream, the latter provided by Koefficient63.

After a few previously registered players failed to confirm their entrants, the previously maxed-out 54-man bracket currently has exactly 3 spots left! Register now at the event's Official Website and stake your claim in the grand finale of AniClash Season 5!

See you there!

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Thanks once again to the hundreds of viewers who stopped by across both our Primary and Secondary streams last night, as well as the plethora of incredible players, who helped to make AniClash Prime 2 a success beyond even our wildest expectation!

At long last, after over a year of phenomenal, standard-setting BlazBlue netplay action, THE END HAS COME! Tonight marks not only the end of AniClash Prime 2, the biggest and best event in the history of netplay's premier tournament series, but also the grand finale of AniClash Season 5--the greatest in the series' storied history! Tonight, the series will take its bow with the Top 8 Finals of AniClash Prime 2, featuring a suite of some of the most notable names in series history and a number of incredible newcomers vying for a prize pool over $600 strong, this guarantees to be a finale for the ages! Tune in at 6PM EST, less than an hour away, at our Official Twitch Channel for what may be the most intense night of AniClash competition to date, major announcements and a fond, final farewell to an entire season of the premier online anime fighter tournament series!

See you soon, one last time!


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