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[Mod] BBCF Character Moves (Kagura + Bullet)

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So I was experimenting and found decrypted BlazBlue Chronophantasma and CP Extend and looked into kagura and bullet's moves and fixed them up in BBCF so their not the worst characters in the game :D

I modified bullet's attacks so they link up more and has more options. Some examples are "Flechette: Engage" (623D) launches oppenent straight up like in chronophantasma, "Lock On" (5D,6D,2D) is as quick as it was in chronophantasma, and her 6A move combos with 5C again so you can pressure them out. I also sped up 6A slightly. 3C is also quicker allowing 5C > 3C to be 100% possible.

Here is her modded .pac file:

Here is video demonstrating bullets changes performed into a combo:



I checked to see the frames it took to pull off some of his moves and the moves that are slower have been matched with chronophantasma and the ones made faster in Central Fiction are the same. Forgot what its called, but I modified the  move where you hold down and then up with C so that it sticks the player to the wall like in Chronophantasma. This open up more options to combo. Other than that, no big differences other than small adjustments everywhere.

Here is his modded .pac file: 

Here is video showing the move now sticking player to wall:



To install just rename the files according to this format "char_xx_scr.pac" and replace the ones within (Game Folder)/data/Char/
you might want to make backup before installing.

I found these characters to have been nerfed way to much and now I think they are a little better now.


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This is very nice! What program did you use to edit the moves individually? I'd love to give CF Ragna some stuff, like Belial Edge.

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