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[CF2.0] Rachel Video & Analysis Thread

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Thanks Kurushii for the Header!
Previous BBCF Video Thread (attempt 2) Link Here


- If you would like to view matches from BlazBlue Central Fiction (before 2.0 patch), here is a link to the previous thread: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/12997-cf-rachel-video-and-analysis-thread-20/

- You can also view videos on the JP Video Database (Nico Videos) here: http://horibuna.web.fc2.com/BBCF/index.html

- We also have KeepOnBlazing. This is the most likely future of video threads and anyone can chip in and help add matches, as well as watch them. Feel free to check it out and explore: https://keeponblaz.in/?char1=rc

- Disclaimer: Can't guarantee to update the Main Match Up post every week but will do so when possible. I also don't understand JP Text but if you do could I ask for the player names, info and even their pallet colour, feel free to post the details as it will help me greatly and hopefully help you guys searching for specific players. I am going to give running a video thread one more shot but this could probably be my last video thread, as you know I haven't been updating things right for the last couple of years. If people want me to keep this going I'll see what I can do because it has also helped me doing these threads and I did enjoy working on them over the years. I just didn't want it becoming a second job and stressing me out lol.

- Any feedback or problems you encounter please do not hesitate to contact me here, call me out on Discord and/or give me a shout on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gamester_BB


Japanese Video Posting Thread only for BlazBlue Central Fiction (BBCF) Videos and Analysis Discussion

General Guidelines for this thread:

- Here we encourage the posting of Match Video links and even Combo Videos. Feel free to analyse videos of low or high levelled players and talk about what you feel is notable, like what the Rachel may have done right or wrong, what did you learn from watching the video in question. Break it down and describe your thoughts.

- The purpose of the above is to learn how we take information from these videos and implement our shared findings into our own game through discussion. Here is an example to give you an idea of Video Analysis: InsterLinkHere (Need CF Videos)

- When Posting Video Links please be sure to mention player names as well as the characters they play, the date of the video and for the link itself, the point where the match starts:

If you are posting a link that is a Netplay (Online PSN/XBL) match, just let us know and I can add a * next to the date when I add it to the main posts.

- Videos can also be found and watched on NicoNico Douga itself.
To watch these videos you can use the Nico Re-director link here: http://www.mmcafe.com/nico.html 
You can now also create an English Account here: https://account.nicovideo.jp/register/email?sec=common_header&mode=landing 


Thread Content:

- Notable Players (Keep an eye on these guys)

- List of Analysed Videos (Links to the main post analysing the video in question)

- CMVs (Combo Videos)

- Vs. Match Ups (In alphabetical order across 5 posts)


Notable Players:

List of notable Japanese Rachel Players and their Players Guild Profiles (NESiCA):

- Rin-Hime / Link / Pallet Colours
- Momoiro / Link / Pallet Colours
- N-O / Link / Pallet Colours: (Standard/1)
- Tenkyo / Link / Pallet Colours
- Ino / Link / Pallet Colours (Purple/)
- Chourou / Link / Pallet Colours
- Player 7 Name / Link / Pallet Colours


List Analysed Videos:

Here is a reference list to all posts that have analysed videos: (By Post Date Older - Newer)

- Example Reference Post: InsertLinkHere (Need CF Videos)

- Example Older Dated Post Link

- Example In-Between from oldest to newest Post links go here

- Example Newer Dated Post Link


CMVs (Combo Videos) :

Combo Video Listings: (By Date Oldest - Newest)

- [MM/DD/YY] CMV link


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Match Ups: Part 1 (Amane - Es)

- Amane:



- Arakune:

[08/06/2017] x10 AR (19 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) =
[08/07/2017] AR (10 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) =
[08/08/2017] [RC (Chouro) Vs AR (21 Dan)] =


- Azrael:

[08/06/2017] [RC (Yomi) Vs AZ (10 Dan)] =
[08/06/2017] [RC (Yomi) Vs AZ (10 Dan)] =
[08/07/2017] x2 AZ (21 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) =


- Bang:

[08/07/2017] x4 [BA (Dora) Vs RC (Tetsuwo)]
[08/07/2017] [BA (Dora) Vs RC (Tetsuwo)]


- Bullet:



- Carl:



- Celica:



- Es:

[08/06/2017] x4 [RC (Yomi) Vs ES (13 Dan)] =
[08/06/2017] x4 [RC (Yomi) Vs ES (12 Dan)]
[08/06/2017] x17 ES (14 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) =

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Match Ups: Part 2 (Hakumen - Kagura)

- Hakumen:

[08/04/2017] [RC (20 Dan) Vs HA (Aruto)]
[08/06/2017] [HA (15 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)]
[08/07/2017] x5 RC (Yomi) Vs HA (19 Dan) =


- Hazama:

[08/07/2017] x4 RC (Yomi) Vs HZ =
[08/07/2017] HZ (22 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) =
[08/08/2017] x2 [RC (Chouro) Vs HZ (20 Dan)] =


- Hibiki:

[08/04/2017] [HI (21 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)] = (Part Match/Gets interrupted)
[08/04/2017] x2 [HI (21 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)]
[08/04/2017] HI [(21 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)] = (Part match)


- Izanami:



- Izayoi:



- (NEW Jubei):

[08/06/2017] RC (Yomi) Vs JB (14 Dan) =
[08/07/2017] x2 JB Vs RC (Yomi) =


- Jin:

[08/06/2017] [JN (13 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)] =


- Kagura:


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Match Ups: Part 3 (Kokonoe - Nine)

- Kokonoe:



- Lambda (A-11):



- Litchi:



- Mai:

[08/06/2017] x2 MI (24 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) =
[08/07/2017] RC (Yomi) Vs MI (17 Dan) =


- Makoto:



- Mu (Mu-12):

[08/07/2017] x2 [MU (Dora) Vs RC (Tetsuwo)] =  
[08/08/2017] [RC (Chouro) Vs MU (24 Dan)] =


- Naoto:

[08/04/2017] [NA (Kenzaki) Vs RC (Hamu)] = 
[08/06/2017] [NA Vs RC (Yomi)] =



- Nine:


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Match Ups: Part 4 (Noel - Tager)

- Noel:



- Nu (Nu-13):



- Platinum:



- Rachel (Mirror Match):



- Ragna:

[08/06/2017] x7 [RC (Yomi) Vs RG (10 Dan)] =
[08/06/2017] x2 RC (Yomi) Vs RG (15 Dan) =


- Relius:

[08/06/2017] x5 [RL (20 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi)] =
[08/07/2017] RC (Yomi) Vs RL (10 Dan) =


- Susanoo:

[08/06/2017] x2 RC (Yomi) Vs SU =
[08/06/2017] x12 RC (Yomi) Vs SU (13 Dan) =


- Tager:

[08/07/2017] TG (18 Dan) Vs RC (Yomi) =


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(I'll try and directly add video links into the main posts as time goes by and post a message on Discord about any updates rather than make a fresh post here every time).

(I also can't promise to do all this regularly, I want to play this game as well and not get burned out, the video threads was killing a lot of my free time and part of the reason I left the game for roughly almost 2 years. the videos will come secondary this time around. Especially these days thanks to Dustloop being horrible when it comes to posting video links, it sure isn't as easy as it used to be... Ah I miss those days).


Anyway I have managed to add some links in the main posts above. Hope it helps. The layout may change as time goes on because I will be trying to do this to make it easier on myself. Compiling all these links, sifting through them and touching them up takes a lot of time but hey, if you've got match videos to share. Do post them and I will include them. Any info on players etc. is much appreciated.


So far I've merged the links with the text but I will probably change that as Dustloop can be very, very slow at times so I may just slap the links on next to the  =  you see next to matches. I can always tidy it up if I ever find the additional time later and I can't promise I will be adding hyperlinks either. So you may find yourself doing a copy and paste job. Sorry for those on mobile phones >__< 


Seriously I would like to keep trying with this as I do miss it in a way and I'm trying to watch every single match myself as I get the links. Which in a way is making it more time consuming but I want to learn too!

Throw suggestions and me and if you need to find any more videos if there is a period where I haven't been able to update this place in a while, check out https://keeponblaz.in/?char1=rc 

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