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PS4 BlazBlue games are "Blocked" from video recording now

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I don't know what the deal is, or if it's exclusive to Sony, but apparently BlazBlue games can no longer be recorded via the "standard method" PS4 uses (Share Button recording is completely blocked on both Central Fiction and Chronophantasma Extend).

This isn't something that occurs in GGXrd Rev2... or even the Steam versions of the games.

I'm not sure if it's a problem on my end or what...

Sounds like some kind of Legal Snafu with Japanese voice actors or something... (Bandai Namco does this practice too, but why only PS4?)

IMPORTANT EDIT: Apparently as I rebooted my PS4 I was able to record videos again... just... what the heck why!?


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Well, besides the obvious, only Story Mode footage is blocked completely from using share or streaming.

Everything else should be fine however. Though yeah, weirdly enough what happened to you, one moment it doesn't work, and the next time it does? Heh...

Either way, Bamco's games usually block anything from sharing period. This might be probably the case if DBFZ comes out. If hopefully not so.

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