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Ragna The Bloodedge Hate Thread

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Hello. And welcome to the Ragna The Bloodedge hate thread. This is for people that hate Ragna both gameplay-wise and/or story-wise. If you have any rants, discussions, and reasons for said dislike, please comment down below and explain. 

And here's my reason for why I hate Ragna The Bloodedge:

Y'see, I felt that Ragna's character was unnecessary for BlazBlue and I hated since his debut of Calamity Trigger. Ragna was the only student trained by Jubei the strong cat-warrior and Rachel Alucard, which made me upset because he was the only one there and no one else in particular. Second, he wields BlazBlue, which I didn't like more. Why do he and Terumi wield BlazBlue, but no one else seems to earn it themselves? Third, almost EVERY character has some sort of grudge or love-hate relationship with Ragna. Nu and Jin Kisaragi, for example. I HATE THAT SO MUCH.

Don't get me started on his design, his crude nature, his weapon of choice, and last but not least... His personality. Ragna is rude, cynical, pessimistic for no reason. If you DARE say that he got his armed hacked off by Terumi because of that church "incident", THAT DOES NOT COUNT TO ME! Because his past lacked any emotion and any sad feels, that I grew bored of and decided to diss his character even more. I hate his design, as well. The BlazBlue wiki states that it belongs to traditional shonen character, but NO! That design doesn't belong to a shonen character what-so-ever. I don't like his weapon either. Blood-scythe? Why not a sword, a dagger, or a weapon that doesn't have to more brutal than what he wields. It's so irritating to me!

And what's worse, Ragna has all the interactions with the other characters that are DIFFERENT from him and from what the series to show BlazBlue as a cynical state, but a number of other characters CONTRADICT that! Worse, OC's aren't allowed to be related or develop close relations with the canon characters, and that it must be kept in a SUBTLE manner. That's just ridiculous because the fanbase sees Ragna as BlazBlue, EVEN THOUGH I DON'T SEE IT THAT WAY! 

W-Why...? Why did this character have to exist? WHY DID HE HAVE TO EXIST!? This character was completely unnecessary from start to finish! Instead, this red-jacket wearing turd shows us about what shonen is! The wiki states that, BUT I DISAGREE! Ragna is there is to be an absolute foil to shonen media, to give anime lovers the middle finger and there are people that truly hate Ragna. Here is proof!


Troll Ragna.png

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