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Zenpou Tenshin

[Accent Core] Venom Video Thread

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Just thought we might need this. I know there is already a combo video thread, but we should have some videos of professional Japanese/American players. I believe in game stuff is more important than combo videos.

------------------------ TOTAL # OF VIDS = 114 ------------------------

1 on 1 Matches:

********* N-Otoko **********

1. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. P.C (Sol)

2. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. OKA3 (Baiken) & (Johnny)

3. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. R.F (Faust)

4. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. ANG (Anji)

5. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Woshige (Miliia)

6. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. あっつん (Ino)

7. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Tomoi (Zappa)

8. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Nabaiken (Baiken)

9. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Dogura (Robo-Ky)

10. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Koichi (Ino)

11. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. FAB (Potemkin)

12. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Abe (Zappa)

13. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Buppa (Ky)

14. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. BLEED (Johnny)

15. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Kami-Chan (Slayer)

16. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. ANG (Anji)

17. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Dogura (Robo-Ky)

18. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Kabegiwa no DC (Johnny)

19. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Dogura (Slayer)

20. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Tama (May)

21. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Dogura (Robo-Ky) 2

22. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Baiken

23. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Dogura (Robo-Ky) 3

24. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Omito (Johnny)

25. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Hiiro (Johnny)

26. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. CPO (Potemkin)

27. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. RF (Faust)

28. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Omito (Johnny)

29. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Koto (Baiken)

30. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Kabegiwa no DC (Johnny)

31. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. RF (Faust)

32. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Ruu (Bridget)

33. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. Take (Bridget)

34. N-Otoko (VE) vs. サミット (CH)

35. N.O (VE) vs. Kedako (MA), ANG (AN), Roz (KY)

36. N.O (VE) vs. Shirakawa (ED)

37. N.O (VE) vs. Samitto (CH)

********* Nanashi *********

1. Nanashi (Venom) vs. Sharon (Baiken)

2. Nanashi (Venom) vs. Kaqn (Order Sol)

3. Nanashi (Venom) vs. 御覧 (Testament)

4. Nanashi (Venom) vs. Kabegiwa no DC (Johnny)

5. Nanashi (Venom) vs. Kazu (Jam)

6. Nanashi (Venom) vs. Efute (May)

7. Nanashi (Venom) vs. 御覧 (Testament)

8. Nanashi (Venom) vs. Shonen (Testament)

9. Nanashi (Venom) vs. En (Slayer)

10. Nanashi (Venom) vs. Kusoru? (Sol)

11. Nanashi (VE) vs. 黄ふぁ(FA)

12. Nanashi (VE) vs. Kazuki (DI)

13. Nanashi (VE) vs. Oguma (JA)

************* Pond *************

Pond (Venom) vs. Hannoto (Ky)

*********** Nuru ***********

1. Nuru (Venom) vs. Kaqn (Jam)

2. Nuru (Venom) vs. Mio (Sol)

3. Nuru (Venom) vs. Nansuu (Millia)

************ Dark *************

1. Dark(Venom) vs JapaL1(Axl)

2. Dark(Venom) vs Game_Slash(Johnny)

**************** Unknown *****************

1. Unknown (Venom) vs. Man'you no Pashiri (Robo-Ky)

2. Unknown (Venom) vs. Man'you (Dizzy)

3. Unknown (Venom) vs. Heaven's Disciple (Axl)

4. Unknown (Venom) vs. Yabu (Faust)

5. Unknown (Venom) vs. AMS (Anji)

6. Unknown (Venom) vs. ABEGEN (Potemkin)

*********** Misc *************

1. AKi (Venom) vs. ヒイロ (Johhny)

2. Pondo Kun (Venom) vs. Sharon (Baiken)

3. Saki (Venom) vs. どろっぷ (Sol)

4. Saki (Venom) vs. みょんた (Faust)

5. Youzunrei (Venom) Vs. Kakyun (Testament)

6. Youzunrei (Venom) Vs. Kakyun (Testament) 2

7. bee7 (Venom) vs. ダイスケ (Sol)

8. bee7 (Venom) vs. こう (Baiken)

9. bee7 (Venom) vs. コウ (Slayer)

10. DJ?(Venom) vs. かきゅん (Sol)

11. You Kami Rei (Venom) vs. Kaqn (Order Sol)

12. Aranu~ (VE) vs. Kazu (BA)

13. Dai (Venom) vs. Yamashin (Jam)

14. Dorahe~ta (Venom) vs. R-1 (Millia)

15. MIZ (Venom) vs. Kusoru? (Sol)

Group Matches:

1. Isa (Eddie), Kaqn (Millia) vs. Nanashi (Venom), FAB (Potemkin)

2. ElvenShadow (Faust), Karun (Jam) vs. Nanashi (Venom), FAB (Potemkin)

3. Shadow (Eddie), riiman (Anji) vs. Nanashi (Venom), FAB (Potemkin)

4. N-Otoko (Venom) vs. FAB (Potemkin), KO1 (Ino), KA2 (Jam)

5. クズミチ(Slayer)、ペン(Baiken)、コントラ(Venom)vs. エゾ(Zappa)、おか(ABA)、みう(Ky)

6. HAGA(Dizzy)、ビリーズブート垢髭(Slayer)、残飯ローゼンニート( Testament)vs. クリムゾン(Slayer)、発狂(Venom)、ニット(Bridget)

7. むつき(Millia)、saki(Venom)、だっとさん(Order Sol)vs. しろう(Ky)、みょん太(Faust)、かみだのみ(ABA)

8. ボナンザ@パワー(Dizzy)、びん@トリッキー(Eddie)、にゃんこ@テクニ シャン(Venom) vs. しろう(Ky)、みょん太(Faust)、かみだのみ(ABA)

9. むざん (Jam), どらへーた (Venom) vs.章魚 (Johnny), 足(Potemkin)

10. 霊宝 (ABA), &ヒイロ (Johnny) vs. 周 (Venom), &ありっさ (Anji)

11. Kaqn (Order Sol) / Yukinose (Testament) / Sharon (Baiken) vs. Nanashi (Venom) / Ogawa (Eddie)

12. FAB (Potemkin) / KA2 (Jam) / Koichi (Ino) vs. Nanashi (Venom) / Ogawa (Eddie) / Nemo (Faust)

13. Happyaku ichi sen ha (Jam), Happyaku shichi endou (May), Happyaku hachi a^tei (Venom) vs. Hae (Slayer), J.T (Eddie), Kasumi(Faust)

14. つばさ (Anji) / こまゆき(Eddie) / 中村ヒロ(Millia) vs. しんちゃん (Venom) / とりめし (Faust) / 自宅警備員 (Millia)

15. RF (Faust) / N男 (Venom) / P.C (Sol) vs. コウ (Eddie) / イノウエ (Ino) / キッド (Johnny)

16. 舛谷(Venom)、ショウ(Faust)、へっぽこ(Anji)Vs. 下っぱパン職人(Jam)、ふも(ABA)、将(Dizzy)

17. ヌル(Venom)、達人(Sol)、アカイ(Axl)vs. 下っぱパン職人(Jam)、ふも(ABA)、将(Dizzy)

18. RF (Faust) / N男 (Venom) / P.C (Sol) vs. コウ (Eddie) / イノウエ (Ino) / キッド (Johnny)

19. かず (Jam)・ねず (Robo-Ky)・壁際のDC (Johnny) vs. N男 (Venom)・PC (Sol)・R.F (Faust)

20. N男 (Venom)・PC (Sol)・R.F (Faust) vs. どぐら (Robo-Ky)・かだ (Baiken)・じろー (Slayer)

21. Nakamura (Millia), Tsubasa (Anji), Komayuki (Eddie) Vs. Shin-chan (Venom), Jitaku Keibiin (Millia), Torimeshi (Faust)

22. 舛谷(Venom)、ショウ(Faust)、へっぽこ(Anji) vs. ヌル(Venom)、達人(Sol)、アカイ(Axl)

23. ABEGEN(Potemkin)、六合(くに)(Baiken)、紅也(Dzzy)vs. ななし(Venom)、黄ふぁ(Faust)、ドミー(Anji)

24. なつめ(Dizzy)、ちっくさ(Chipp)、御覧(Testament)vs. ななし(Venom)、黄ふぁ(Faust)、ドミー(Anji)

25. すぐる (Dizzy), てん (Ino), おざわ (Slayer) vs. BOB (Eddie), キーシャ (Faust), ヘヴン (Venom)

26. BSR (Sol), ハーケン (Potemkin), 珈琲 (Slayer) vs. BOB (Eddie), キーシャ (Faust), ヘヴン (Venom)

27. Goran (Testament), Chikkusa (Chipp), Natsume (Dizzy) vs. Nanashi (Venom), Domi (Anji), Kifa (Faust)

28. Domi (Anji), Nanashi (Venom), Kifa (Faust) vs. Shou (Dizzy), Shitappa Pan Shokunin (Jam), Fumo (ABA)

29. (TE) Shounen, Dei, Mint VS (VE) N-O, N-shi (N氏) (Nanashi), N-Ko (N子) (Neko)

30. (MI) Woshige, Nakamura, Tatsumi VS (VE) N-O, N-shi (N氏) (Nanashi), N-Ko (N子) (Neko)

31. アルフォース (BA)切り捨て (JO) VS. N男 (VE)

32. Hae (SL), Woshige (MI), Takeshi (ED) vs. Nanashi (VE), Lime-Key (AN), En (SL)

33. Nanashi (Venom), Lime-Key (Anji), En (Slayer) vs. Oosaka B (Faust), Ra~aku (Baiken), 012 (Sol)

34. P.C (SO), N.O (VE) vs. Kid (JO), Kou (ED), Inoue (IN)

35. NPR (VE, SO, FA) vs. DGK (RO, ED, BA)

36. P.C (SO), N.O (VE) vs. Charisma (FA), Attsun (IN), Hae (SL)

37. まっど (VE) vs. B.D.S (SO), 切り捨て御免 (JO), みゆ (AN)

Will Keep editing frequently :eng101:

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This is ust my opinion mind you, not saying im better, lol. Hmm that venom hit alot of unnecessary balls, he could of waiting alittle bit more in the earlier round. I used to make that mistake as well, hitting a summoned ball just because u summoned it. Half the time the slayer just jumped over it. He got that 6p,6hs, CR better than me, i still need to master that.

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I thought I'd help and add some vids as well. Props to Zenpou T., lots of nice matches u linked. I see some Korean players in Ac now, that nangin guy is a disgusting ZA player.

1 on 1

1.Dark(Venom) vs JapaL1(Axl)

2.Dark(Venom) vs Game_Slash(Johnny)

3.Aranu~(VE) vs Kazu(BA)

3 vs 3

1.Tatsumi, Nakamura, Woshige(MI) VS Neko, Nanashi, N.O(VE)

2.Nanashi(VE), Lime-key(AN), En(SL) VS Dogura(RO), Ruu(BR), P.C(SO)

3.P.C(SO), N.O(VE) VS

Kid(JO), Kou(ED), Inoue(IN)

4.Di, MINT, Shonen(TE) VS Neko, Nanashi. N.O(VE)

5.Hae(SL), Woshige(MI), Takeshi(ED) VS Nanashi(VE), Lime Key(AN), En(SL)

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