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Koozebanian Fazoob

Raoh Yells and Breaks Your Face

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Since I play Raoh, I figured I would start this up to help out anyone else playing as him. I'm barrowing the move names from Nohoho on SRK because he was kind enough to provide them. Thanks!

Note: Please read over the Advanced Systems FAQ for help on combo notation as well as terms and other things.

I. Moves List

Command Normals


A forward charging punch. Very slow startup, very poor recovery time. Very terrible move. I have no idea why you'd ever use this (outside of a random obscure combo or two maybe) because it has no properties that make for a good move.


A decent overhead kick. Fairly useful and may be comboed out of using Musou Insatsu or a boost.


Hokuto Donryukohou: 214A

Charge up ability. Raoh can stock up to 3 charges. Charge time is fairly fast, very practical, but still punishable if you throw it at the wrong time.

The charges are used automatically for any special move that can utilize them. They give the moves different effects, so check the moves for specifics.

Hokuto Goushouha: 236C

A slow starting beam attack. Hits the whole length of the screen, hits a pretty wide area too. Has a ton of startup and a lot of recovery. Does a good chunk of damage when it hits. Hits 2 times? This move is generally pretty worthless. It's too slow to start and recover, and it's very obvious to see coming. It just doesn't do the kind of damage it should for how it looks either.

Charged up, the move does a lot more damage and hits 4 times instead.

Air Hokuto Goushouha: 236C (air)

Air projectile. Seems vaguely like an air Kaiser wave that shoots down at a 45 degree angle. EXCELLENT move. Great for zoning and playing keep away. After firing, Raoh falls strait down, and cannot do anything until he lands. Move is Post-Boostable to make Raoh fall with the projectile, or recovery-boostable to follow somewhat behind it.

Charged version is much larger, covers an absolutely huge area of the screen. Also wall slams and removes 1 star.

Hokuto Tenshouraigeki: 623A

Fire chop attack. Has long startup, but seems to have some degree of upper body invincibility on it. Floor bounces on counter hit. Boostable. Not very good without a charge up.

Charged version seems to have a lot more invincibility... not sure if it's full body or just upper. Hits twice, slams to the floor, removes a star. Both hits may be jump canceled. VERY VERY VERY good when charged up! One of Raoh's staple defensive moves, this will also let you combo into any of his infinites or other big combos on connect.

Hokuto Rashouken: 623C

Multi-hit punch attack. Decent move, moves Raoh forward a very large distance, combos very easily. Gives Raoh some degree of frame advantage, or at least does not leave him at bad disadvantage. Builds up a ton of super bar. Launches after last hit, Boostable. Overall this move is a good move for beginners, but it is not used AT ALL in combos at higher level of play. He has much better options than this in the long run.

Charged version hits even more times, does more damage. Seems to launch higher than normal version. Removes a stars.

Kanzashi: 214D

Spike attack, Raoh attempts to pin both characters together with a sword. Removes a star, causes a period of time where no character can jump/walk, and neither have pushback. Possible to link 2A after a successful spike with careful timing (5F?)

Charged version... takes off an extra star?

Kanzashi: 214D (air)

Raoh sticks a leg out, if it connects, drops the other person to the floor and then spikes them. Same basic idea as the ground version. Doesn't remove a star. Possible to link a 2A after recovering, but the timing is quite difficult (2F).

No charged version.

Musou Insatsu: 41236D

This move is used to cancel another special attack. It costs 1 Aura stock, launches, and is jump cancelable on hit/block. Only cancels recovery time of moves, not the active time or startup time. If you have difficulty doing it, try performing it later.


Hikou Shinkessou: 214214A

Anti-air attack with his cape. Hits a HUGE area above and in front of him, does decent damage and removes a star. Decent combo finishing material, but also insane AA against people who like to jump in. Doesn't hit people on the ground (or extremely close to the ground) at all. Removes 1 star normally. Uses 1 Aura stock.

Tenshou Honretsu: 214214C

Slow forward charging attack. Hits a much larger area than it appears to. Deals good damage and removes 2 stars. Fairly length startup, but has a degree of super armor and thus can go through and punish a lot of things. Overall, not something you'll use a lot, but there are some situations where you can use it to stuff or punish something you otherwise could not (such as Heart's club throwing super). Uses 1 Aura stock.

Musou Tensei: 236236B

Raoh forms 7 glowing images of himself. A small flame symbol appears above his boost meter (toward the middle of the screen) to indicate that this is active. Carries over between rounds.

This move allows Raoh to teleport through an enemy attack, possibly appearing on the other side of the person. To use it, you must tap the forward direction right before a move is about to hit (use it just like a Parry from 3S). Can be used against physical and projectile attacks, but does not seem to work on everything. Low hits can be parried by hitting Down.

Instant Kill

Hokuto Mettenba: 236C+D

Long super flash time, but fairly quick attack. Hits a short area in front of Raoh. Has some degree of super armor. If it connects, second hit punches the enemy in the head and they die a horrible painful death.

Overall, not one of the better IKs in the game, but still very usable. You can use the Super Armor from it in a few situations when the other person has some something stupid or predictable, but generally it is best to just combo into it like normal.

Charged Normals

When Raoh has at least one charge up, he can charge a number of his normal attacks. These make them unblockable, have special properties, and use up a charge. To do these, just hold down the button when you are going to throw the normal.


A double fisted charge punch. Blows back into the corner. Fairly good, hard to jump over/around.


A low sweep. Slides forward. Launches in an upward arc on hit/counter hit. Really good range, but only hits on the ground. Doesn’t seem all that practical. The ability to delay firing the 2D can be useful to catch people in a frame trap though.


Downward dive punch. Makes Raoh float kind of like Mr.Heart’s j.C. After charging, Raoh rapidly descends at an angle. Blows back, removes a star. Excellent move, very effective. Possible usage as Okizemi or in mixups.

II. Gameplay Tidbits

Comboing off the Spike Attack (214D)

Here's the deal here. Off of either spike attack (air or ground) Raoh can combo a 2A afterwards. However, the timing on this is HARD. From the air spike, you have a 2F window in which to link the 2A. From the ground spike, it is closer to a 5F window.

There is NO trick to doing this. NONE. You simply have to time the punch properly. If you miss it half the time, that means your timing sucks and you just need to keep practicing it. YES it is hard, keep trying.

Banishing Strike Glitch (AKA Fist Cancel)

This is a really helpful glitch that gives Raoh some extra power. Normally, D.f doesn't cancel into C+D. However, C and D both cancel their early frames into C+D (think like Option Select from GG, or a Kara Cancel from 3S) to make it easier to do. So it becomes possible to cancel a D.f into a 2D, but imediately cancel 2D into C+D. This essentially allows you to cancel D.f into C+D.

De-Bouncing using the air spike

Normally when you wall bounce someone, they stay that way until they hit the ground. Many characters have a way to de-bounce the other person and unstick them from the wall. Raoh can do this with his j.214D, which returns the other person to a normal combo state. Now what makes this useful is that fact that when a person is de-bounced, their air juggle weight is RESET. Basically this means you get ANOTHER free combo. This does NOT reset the wall-bounce gravity, so this does not lead to infinites.

Re-Bounce via De-Bounce

Another tricky thing you can do is utilize the free boost meter you get when connecting the C+D attack without any boost to do a de/re/de-bounce combo. The idea is that as long as the number of hits of your combo isn't too high (it's somewhere less than 20), you can actually de-bounce someone via the jumping spike, rebounce them with C+D again, and then de-bounce them a second time. The problem is that the pushback will be massive on the second wallbounce combo. Fortunately you've got boost, so basically what you need to do is:

2C > IAD j.B 6E 214D

Boost your j.B as fast as possible, and you will shoot forward and still be able to combo after the 2C. After spiking them, their air weight is reset again so you've still got room for more combo.


Try boosting j.[C] some time. The effect moves Raoh forward rapidly allowing him to strike with his unblockable from long distances.

You can boost the startup of 6B to give Raoh a long range overhead. You can also boost the recovery of 6B to combo into more damage, although the Boost point is fairly late.

You can use Musou Insatsu on almost anything. A nice trick is to charge up in the corner, and cancel the recovery with the Musou. On a counterhit, Musou wall bounces. You can score a big damage wallbounce combo when you do this.

Raoh can IAD very fast, much faster than you would think neccicary (although still slower than most). Basically what you must do is simple IAD as low as possible (it's pretty low), and then hit j.B as soon as the dash starts. Surprizingly, there is no minimum air dash length before you can cancel into a move. Raoh instead of dashing, falls down at an angle with a j.B, much like Magneto. This is an insanely fast overhead and works great as a crossup against people who are knocked down.


Use all or part of these. These are mostly just primary examples of combos you would do, and don’t include possible differences against characters.


2A 2A B D 623C Boost, C A+C > jc.A C C A B 214D |> 2A* B C C+D Boost, 214A/214214A

Standard Raoh ground combo. Ending depends on the situation. In the event you already were charged up, 623C will remove a star, thus removing the need to take off another. Charge up instead.

2B 2D 41236D > jc.B 214D, |> 2AA c.D(1) A+C > jc.A 214D, |> etc.

Version to use when you only have Aura stock and no Boost stock, or want to save your Boost stock.

2A 2BB f.D C+D Boost, D A+C > j.236C Boost |> 2C > IAD j.B 214D, |> 2A*9 c.D(1) A+C > j.D(1) 214D, |> 2AA c.D(1) A+C > j.A 214D, |> 2A*5 2B C C+D

Big combo. Lotta damage. If you really just have to milk it for everything it is worth, you can follow the C+D with a boost into 214214A, then OTG with 2B for a few extra hits.

C+D 6, D.f 623A Boost, C 2C > jc.IAD j.C j.A |> j.A, j.C |> IAD j.B 214D, |> 2A 2B C C+D 6, 2C > jc.IAD Boost j.B 214D, |> 2A*9 c.D(1) A+C > jc.D(1) 214D, |> 2A 2B C A+C > jc.A 214D, |> 2A*6 2B C C+D 6, 214214A, 2BBBBBBB

It's Raoh's 100% for no meter. Go Raoh. Lot of important ideas here.

... 214D, |> 2A*5 2B C 2C 214D, > etc.

Requires a charge up. You can combo into charged ground spike off of 2C.

2A 2BB D.f Boost, 214D, 2A*9 D.c(1) 214D, Repeat

Infinite. Only works on Rei, only while he is ducking.

[Against Air]

j.A B 214D |> 2A B C A+C > jc.214D |> 2A* B C 2C C+D > etc.

Air-to-air version of the above. The air spike won’t remove a star if you connect it without a Grave Shoot (A+C) beforehand, so relaunch into a TK spike to get it. Also works starting from 6K 41236D, and other things.

623A > jc.A C C C C 214D, |> 2AA D.c(1) A+C > jc.A 214D > etc.

Start off any small launcher into a lot of j.C's... it does more damage than most alternatives. If you connect the 623A too low, they won't bounce up high enough for a lot of hits, so you'll have to do jc.A B 214D.

[Near Corner]

Throw > Boost, C A+C > etc.

Starts the spike combo from a throw near the corner.

[Combos into Instant Kill]

2A 2A B D 623C(charged) > Boost, 236C+D (-1 Star)

Very simple combo into IK.

2AA 2B 2D 41236D > j.D(2) |> 236C+D

Another simple one. j.D seems to knock down for some reason, and allows you to OTG IK.

Throw > 6E, 236C+D

Needs near corner?

Throw > 6E C A+C > j.A C C A B 214D, |> 2A 2B C C+D 6, 236C+D (-2 Stars)

Works? If you try and C+D into IK after a long combo, you can miss with the IK because of too much gravity and not doing it fast enough, but I think this one still works.

... j.214D |> 2A B C 236C+D

Spike combo into instant kill.

To cancel C to the IK, you have to delay input a little while. Timing is a bit flakey. If you don't want to risk it, combo to C+D then boost and IK.

2A 2BB f.D C+D 6, D A+C > 2369C 6E |> 2C > IAD j.B 214D, |> 2A 2B C A+C > j.D 214D, |> 2A 2B C 236C+D (-3 Stars)

Well it's a long combo and it'll probably knock off half their life in the process, but now you can do a -3 Star IK combo.

C+D 6, A+B 6E, D A+C > 2369C 6E |> A, 236C+D (-3 Stars)

Does this work? It should, but probably will require you to be FAR away from the corner to do.

IV. Mixups

... 623C 41236D > IAD j.B/D (crossup) |> 2A 2B etc.

... D.f 41236D > jc.[C] (unblockable)

... 623C 41236D > 236C Boost |> 2B 2B etc.

... 623C 41236D > 236C Boost |> 6B 41236D

Standard pressure mixup. Note that 623C is pretty good for building bar so you can often use it to fill up a meter when it is close to full. Also note that pretty much all of these will work off any setup where you can force the person to block a 42136D ... which means off 2D or anything else you want.

2C ... 2D or IAD j.B

Very simple mixup. 2C is slow and is jump cancelable. Keep them on their toes by either doing IAD j.B (can even crossup) or doing 2D 41236D. Note that because 2C is slow to start up and because Raoh isn't the fastest guy around, these mixups aren't nearly as solid as someone like Rei.

... 623C > Boost 2B ...

Tick throw setup with a Boost. Either do 2B again for a frame trap, or throw into combo.

... j.214D |> 2A* 2B C 6B 41236D > etc.

Not actually a combo. Drop the end of a long spike combo with a mixup into the overhead kick that resets to ANOTHER combo. Hilarious, but don't give up your combos just to do this. Since advanced Raoh players can pretty much kill in a single combo, you won't really use this once you get your combos perfected.

D.f CD, or D.f [CD]

Sounds stupid, but the unblockable blowback can be used as a frame trap device. If the other person is used to trying to tap you out of charging up a blowback, instead let it go early and tag them as a frame trap. Even if they block, you are pretty safe (you can also always cancel to 41236D) and you get a LOT of free boost/aura bar. Since it builds so much Boost, you can often use this to START another mixup or pressure string... such as boosting into 2C and then doing the usual from there.

2C 8 > 236C~E |> 6C ...

Fake out. Jump cancel but then post-boost an air fireball, it will look like you are attacking high but it will wiff. You can then land and immediately throw, or use a low hit if you want. VERY nasty.

          Exe     A/D     Dmg     FaV     Etc
c5A       7       -3      9       4       whiff against crouching opp
c5B       8       -3      9       5       --        
c5C       10~26   -9      20      8       chargeable
c5C(p)    42~50   --      19      8       powered up version, unblockable, -1 star
c5D       9       -10     11x2    7x2     --
f5A       7       -5      7       4       --
f5B       8       -4      7       6       --
f5C       17~33   -12     17      7       chargeable
f5C(p)    49~57   --      17      16      powered up version, unblockable, -1 star
f5D       11      -15     18      16      --
2A        5       -3      6       4       --
2B        7       -2      6       5       hit low
2C        17~33   -16     14      7       chargeable
2C(p)     48~56   --      14      8       powered up version, unblockable, -1 star
2D        11~27   -20     14      8       hit low, chargeable
2D(p)     43~51   --      14      8       powered up version, unblockable, -1 star
JA        3       --      6       5       overhead
JB        8       --      6       6       overhead
JC        10~26   --      15      8       overhead, chargeable
JC(p)     31~39   --      15      8       powered up version, unblockable, -1 star
JD        11      --      7x4     6x4     overhead
A+C       15      -4      22      8       --
C+D       18~33   -8      20      8       -1 star
Max C+D   34~38   -8      20      8       -1 star
GC        9       -1      11      8       doesn't KO
A+B       41      --      6       7       unblockable, -1 star, doesn't KO      
N. Throw  4       --      15x2    8x2     --
B+D       9       --      0+13x2  8x3     -1 star

That’s all for now.

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After the air spike, the followup combo on the ground seems very strict on timing. My local arcade just brought in the game today and i have tried that combo. Seems rather hard to pull it off.

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Yes it is. I usually hit it too late instead. If you miss the combo, continue to do 2A until they start to get pushed away, end with either 623C > Boost into mixup, or C 2C Charge. You get insane chunks of meter for just mashing 2A when they are spiked.. like you can get 150% Aura.

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From my experience, in this game you gain aura gauge very fast. So you'll see players Alpha countering alot if you pressure mindlessly. Besides Alpha counters deal decent damage in HnK. For me, I'm playing Shin now.

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Have you tried to do a combo which is something like 2B, 2C, E, C+D to wall combo? The timing seems tight although I think Raoh doesn't need to do such a combo since his 623C is too good.

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Yeah that's pretty much it. Comboing into the C's is flakey as it is, AND they have really short range compared to his D... I'd just stick to comboing to 5D 623C for the combos. I'll probably mess around with stuff like that next time I play though.

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There is only 1 backdash in GG which only has 1F recovery, and that's Potemkin's. Everyone else's has pretty huge vunerable time on it. Raoh's BD is useful, but I mostly use it to reaction dodge certain attacks... I'll dodge around Heart's spikes, or around unblockables/blowbacks, so I can score hits faster afterwards. Might ALSO mention this, but using instant guard, blowbacks will NEVER blow you back, even fully charged up. Not sure if unblockables have the same deal. Ground knife is only really effective because it takes a star. I use it as OTG on the offhand I finish a combo up close and have not removed all 3 stars yet (which happens now and then). There's no real reason to do 2A 2B 2D as far as I know, might as well do 2A 2B D 623C instead. Plus with charge, you get an extra star from that. Musou Insatsu is weird because you can do it from neutral, without canceling. Again I think the input issue is mostly just holding the button or something weird like that. Karate Chop is never fully invincible, it's just used as AA, as you said. Raoh doesn't really have much in the way of reliable reversals. Grave Shoot can only add the -1 star effect once. So if you launch > spike > launch > spike, you won't get a second -1 bonus for it. You don't need it anyway, as he's got plenty of other -3 star combos. Tenshou Honretsu is a good super, but really risky, like you said. I'd mostly use it to go through other peoples stuff... if they do something I can predict for example. The real benefit of the super is the -3 stars... which is obscene.

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Everyone's backdash has some invincibility in GG, Potemkin's is just unique in that it has something like 18F invincibility with 1F vunerability. Not sure about that combo not getting the extra air spike star. I know for certain you can get it doing j.A C C A B Spike. If you want to use that one though, make sure you launch with c.C GS after a 623C. I think I've seen Raoh score a few more j.C's in a combo before, but I don't know for certain. I'll have to fiddle around with different launch methods whenever I play again. Yeah, Tenshou is definately not something to use on Toki. Might work against Heart/Raoh/Souther though. Just because it's rarely useful doesn't mean it's never useful, is the point. I'll definately be trying to use his Musou Insatsu more next time I play... it is really way too good. Cancel on guard to IAD j.B for some mixup fun (or hey, IAD j.[C] ... eeehhgg). Edit: And Hammerfall is similar in that, it has it's own places to use it where it works well, but you can't just throw it out at random and expect results. I expect the same thing with Tenshou... although Tenshou definately a much more selective thing. Arguments are good as long as they are civil.

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Played some more today. Tenshou Honretsu, It looks to have full invcibility through startup and active, till recovery. Not super armor. I've seen Shin do his Power Geyser super right on top of Raoh, then Raoh do Tenshou Honretsu. Raoh whiffs over Shin's head, then finally gets hit by the last few remaining hits of Shin's Power Geyser. But I might be crazy. I know for a fact, that when I was playing Mamiya, no amount of helmets, arrows, yoyos, or spikes stoped it. I suppose the next time I play, I'll make sure we actually test this for real.

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Yeah, that all makes sense. The Boost meter is weird as shit, I swear you can double boost when you don't even have the meter, among other things. Question if you get a chance to answer it or check it out, does Auto-boosting after a blowback cause you to use Boost meter?

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Question if you get a chance to answer it or check it out, does Auto-boosting after a blowback cause you to use Boost meter?


When I was watching other people play Hnk. When they did a blowback and auto-boosted, I glanced down to see their meter, and I always saw it draining. And I've never seen anyone do the auto-boost with an empty meter.

Now, while I was playing, I was too busy to look at my boost meter, after I do an auto-boost, trying to figure out a good blowback combo for Mamiya. But I noticed that I couldn't do the auto-boost when I didn't have the meter. But I'm not 100% confident of this, cause I can't tell what I'm doing on Ed's sticks. Can't hear the clicks or feel the corners.

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Jumping D (2 hits), B is a really strange-looking crossup chain against grounded opponents. That's about all I have to say.

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I use j.B to crossup all day long, it's really quite nuts. Some of the pressure strings I use are like... 2A 2A B D 623C 41236D > IAD j.D (crossup) |> 2A 2A B D > etc. If you connect it at the right distance, the j.D crosses up and can be comboed out of. Alternatively, you can do other things off the 41236D. For example... > 41236D > jc.[C] (unblockable version, requires 2 charges and 1-Aura to do though, so it's expensive) > 41236D > jc, 236C Boost |> 2B 2B etc. (Low hit, uses 1 boost) I haven't tried using j.D with it, but I definiately will next time. Updated first post with fixes.

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I have a few questions


On Movie 1 and 2

A: Movie 1: Raoh does like : Spike: c.PPPPPPPPPPPP K Spike c.PPPPPPPPPP repeat. and misses the link at 60 hits.

B: Movie 1 and 2: Roah does Aircombo Spike Land, c.P, standing LKKKKKKKKKKK c.P Boost Spike c.P, standing LKKKKKKKKKKKKK

B is not an infinite because you eventually run out of boost.

However is A a real infinite? You have to land Spike from the Ground.

It seems like it is, but how come from a boost you aren't close enough to do Spike, c.PPPPPPPPP infinite when it starts from Air Combo? its like he stops after he boosts and does like 10 LK's

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Okay well the first one is definately an infinite, but it's kinda weird. Looking closely, Rei is ducking. Maybe this is the key? It might only work on ducking people. The actual combo looks like: 2B 2B D Boost > Spike, 2AAAAA D.c Spike, Repeat. I'm pretty sure the last combo was a joke. He could have IKed Rei any time he wanted to. This ground spike buisness is pretty cool. Somehow, Raoh having an infinite would hilariously make him on the level with Toki. :o PS- that Raoh is really good. That toki was kinda mediocre though (I've seen better in the US). It seems like there is a ton more advanced stuff in this game than it initially let on.

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Yeah you can cancel both hits of flash chop, thought that was standard knowledge or I'd have mentioned it. That's good news about the spike infinite being VS Rei only, although that kinda shits on the Raoh V Rei matchup a bit in Raoh's favor. Also notice that damage never scales either... that ground spike always does the same damage no mater how many hits into the combo it gets. Weird stuff. Damage definitely doesn't scale like it does in GG. As for following up Banishing with the OTG Knife, it's there if you need to take stars. Obviously there's no need to do it if you just use another combo to get off the rest of your stars ahead of time. I'm wondering now about comboing into the ground spike if you can just do this: 2B 2B D 623C Boost C A+C > j.A C A C A B Spike, |> 2A 2B C 2C Spike, 2A~ 2B C C+D I know you can combo to the ground spike from 2C with a charged Spike, but I don't know about a non-charged version. If you have chargeups though, there's no reason to do it because you're already getting an extra -1 from the first 623C. Now, if you start from a different setup (like a j.A B) it would become useful. More interesting to me is why when you spike someone off a wall bounce that their juggle time resets. I've seen Toki do this before as well, but Raoh's version is pretty neat too. I think it goes something like... 2BB D Boost C+D Boost D A+B > jc.236C Boost |> 2C > jc.IAD j.B 214D, |> 2A~ 2B C A+C > j.A C A C A B 214D, |> 2A~ 2B C ... (reset or A+B to chargeup or whatever) My question is ... if you bounce them off the wall again, does the wallbounce juggle time reset? Can you loop between these two things all day as long as you have meter? I suspect not because I recall having tried to wallbounce combo someone after a long combo before and having them immediately hit the ground before I could do anything. I guess a question that bears asking is... why would you choose to do the wallbounce combos over a standard mid-screen combo like I would typically use (623C Boost C A+C standard buisness)? More damage? That's what I suspect... more damage and a lot longer, so you can build bar back up while you do it. As that combo above suggests, you get a powerful wallbounce combo into a standard launcher combo, so that should be some hella good damage. Alright, has anyone noticed how some moves you can boost the startup to make them wiff? I noticed a neat mixup with Raoh that involved jumping and doing his j.[C] but then boosting into throw. I thought I also saw someone boost the startup of 6B to make it not hit, then doing 2B to hit low (if so, that's a really, really silly mixup). Another neat trick was doing j.[C] to someone in the corner caused it to wiff and put Raoh behind the other person. Corner crossups ahoy. Raoh seems like one of the most interesting characters in the game by far. Edit: Oh god: 2A 2BB D C+D Boost D.c(1) A+C > 236C Boost |> 2C > jc.IAD j.B 214D, > 2A*11 D.c(1) A+C > sj.D(1) 214D, |> 2AA D.c(1) A+C > jc.A 214D, |> 2A*11 2B C C+D Boost 214214A, 2AAAAA Why Anyone know what the deal with comboing D.f into C+D? Corner only or something? Maybe only works on certain characters? Edit: j.[C] is Boostable to give it stupid horizontal range. Oh Raoh, what can't you make stupid good?

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