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Sol Badguy #Reload "Guide"

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For those of us playing #R...

Found myself looking for info on #R Sol, but found that most of what used to be here got deleted. Thought I'd put together a post on everything I've found to have it all in one place. Most of this stuff came from either the Internet Archive, Google, or the threads here. I'll try my best to attribute everything.

I'll do my best to keep adding and correcting given further discussion.

1. Basics

2. Game Plan/Strategy

3. Advanced Strategy: Mix-ups

4. Combos

5. Dustloop

6. FAQ

7. Gamecombos.com Guide


(Most of the credit here goes to Orrax; all credit at the moment)

Decent pokes:










2H (timing's tougher on this one because of its slow startup)

6P (not the best anti-air, but not horrible either)

air throw



j.S (done late, and typically against smaller characters)




Good moves for tick throws:



j.S (done very late, or so that it whiffs entirely)

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Game Plan/Basic Strategy


-Be able to GF FRC consistently. That also means being able to GF FRC after moves like 2D, 6P, etc.

-You generally want to stay close to your opponent, so use short strings while on the ground to keep from pushing your opponent out.

-Be careful about getting predictable with Sol, especially his specials since a lot of them are easily punishable. For example, don't overuse VV, since your opponent is just going to start blocking and punish you for it.

-This may be obvious, but since I have seen a fair number of newer Sol players do it, I would just like to reiterate that GV, BB, and Riot Stomp are not mixups, and they are all easily punishable (especially GV). The only exception to this is when you are backed way into a corner with your opponent close to you, then Riot Stomp is fast enough to be considered a "mix up," but I still hesitate to call it such.

-Knockdowns are usually more important than a little extra damage.

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Advanced Strategy/Mix-ups

Knockdown In Corner:

PC Mixup:

A)dash jump

Early j.H (j.H whiffs)


....->on S hit, D,land dust loop

....->on S block, H,land throw/pressure string

....->on S block, H,VV(S) RC ->

->on VV hit RC D, land d loop

->on VV block RC D, land

...->Command throw

...->Pressure String

->on VV block RC land 2K-6P Dloop

->on VV block RC land 2D

Early j.H (j.H whiffs)

->land 2K-6P-Dust Loop (or 6P gunflame frc bringer loop)

->land 2D 236K RC D, Dloop

->land 5K-6P-Dloop

->land command throw

Late j.H (j.H hits once)

on j.H Hit

Land 2K-6P DLoop

Land 2D-236K RC D Dloop

on j.H block

Land Pressure String

Land Command throw

MIU's Mixup: (50% tension)

Dash Tiger Knee VV (S) RC:

On VV hit: D,double jump S-D, land D loop

On VV Block: RC D

->on D block land Either Command throw or pressure string

->on D hit land and d loop

On VV Block: RC land 2K-6P Dloop

On VV Block: RC land 2D-236K RC D Dloop (100% tension wasteful)

MIU's 2nd mixup:

Fafnir FRC:

on opponent block animation->command throw

on opponent attack startup animation 5K combo

if you think opponent attack is a DP/Super etc. FRC block!

Regular Pressure:

simple strings

Dash 5K-5S-6P-5S-5H-Gunflame FRC dash repeat or Throw, go low or high (5D or 2D or 2K or IAD H)

2P 2P / 2S 5S 2S pressure into throw or hit.

Midscreen Knockdown:

- Gunflame FRC, dash jump over their head airdash backwards VV(s), airdash backwards airdust or land

- 2K/2D combo, land 5D, pressure string or throw,

- Gun Flame FRC dash jump, but not over their head, do either air attack S/H/D, on block land and command throw/pressure string, on hit combo.

- Gun Flame FRC, run up and do regular boring string mixup. high/low/throw

- Grandviper RC Commandthrow/5D/repeat string, everyone loves this.

- Crossup Bandit Bringer

- Bandit Bringer FRC tricks

MIU's unblockable or mixups

add whatever you feel is necessary

Artist Formely Known as Jin

Invincible invincible time decrease of outer space?

Ukyo Tachibana:

After playing MIU consecutively at EVO once again, I feel he deserves his own section of "MIU oki mixup".

The premise is nearly identical to P.C's classic "jump straight up HS" into whatever mixup (after a knockdown), but instead, MIU chooses to use jump straight up P.

However, there may be a slight difference with this mixup, because MIU can either choose to just regular jump P and from there, choose to:

- air dash S

- land 2K

- run and Wild Throw

OR, in addition, he can change the trajectory of his jump P by doing a run jump P instead, which (if he spaces himself correctly) will make him land on the other side of his opponent instead, making this mixup even more potent. He can now add these to the mixup line-up:

-land behind someone, 2K

-air dash backwards crossup with either D or S

Personally, I developed a variation of the P.C/MIU mixup by actually covering myself with an FRC gunflame, too. So in essence, after a knockdown:

FRC Gunflame, then the moment you FRC, jump straight up HS (or P), then go into your mixup. Not only does the FRC gunflame pin your opponent down, you will also gain "fuzzy guard break" bonuses too. In addition to the mixup I've already stated above, you can now do fuzzy guard gimmicks like:

FRC Gunflame, jump straight up HS, land, stand D

I've never seen Sol players do this, and when I first showed it to kr, he was like, "Wow, that looks cool!" So in my honest opinion I think my variation is way better. But what do I know, I'm a scrub.

It's Quiba Time!

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Combos BnB Combos Orrax: 1. 5K, 2D (if the 2D connects, do either VV->kick or BR) 2. 2K, 2S 3. 2K, 5S, 2S 4. 5P, 2K, 2S 5. 2K, 2H, GV 6. 5S, 5H, GF Feint/GF/BB/Jump/Whatever (I usually use GF Feint) 7. j.S, JC, j.S, j.H, VV, kick (air combo) 8. j.K, j.D, JC, j.K, j.D (air combo) 9. j.K, j.D, JC, j.S, j.D, VV, kick (air combo in corner or while dashing) 10. 5D, hold up, j.D, j.D, stop holding up, j.S, j.K, j.S, j.D, JC, j.S, j.D, VV, kick (must reach the corner by the third j.D, I think) 11. 5D, hold up, j.D, j.D, stop holding up, j.S, j.K, j.S, j.K, j.S, JC, j.S, j.H, VV, kick 12. 2K, 6P, 5H, JC, air combo (must be in corner) 13. WT, air combo 14. WT, GF, jump, j.K, j.S, j.D, JC, j.K, j.D 15. WT, dash, dashing air combo (this one is tough to do. You need to wait just a moment so you won't jump over or under your opponent, and the jump needs to come out immediately after the dash) 16. BB, dash, 2H, air combo (you can leave out the 2H and go right into a dashing air combo, but it's harder) 17. WT, GF FRC, BB, dash, 2H, air combo (you can leave out the 2H and go right into a dashing air combo but it's harder) For 2-3, you can replace the starting 2K with 5K for some extra damage, but you don't get the low hit. For 2-4, if it connects you can replace the ending 2S with a 2D and do BR or VV for some extra damage. For 4, 5P can whiff on some characters, so you might want to consider 2P instead. For 14, leave out the j.S on light characters. For 17, the GF needs to be delayed slightly so it doesn't put your opponent too high, and the BB needs to come out right away, otherwise they can tech. This one will be pretty tough until you get GF FRC down. Advanced Combos VV RC -> VV RC -> VV knockdown -E_iZ_Seri0us Need some more here... EnterBrain Mook Vol.9 Combos 1) 623K, dash j(8).S-D -> JC, dj.S-D -> 623H (119 dmg) 2) (corner vs crouch) H -> 236[K], [41236H, FRC]x4, 41236H, 2H, j.S-D -> JC, dj.S-D -> (air) 623H (274 dmg) 3) (corner) D /\ ([8]D-D), ad.D (land), [j.D -> JC, dj.S-D (land)]x2, j.K-D, dj.D -> (air) 623H (223 dmg) 4) dK-S©-2D -> 236K(1), RC, j.S-D (land), dash j.D -> JC, dj.S-D (land), j.D -> JC, dj.S-D (land), j.D -> JC, dj.S -> (air) 623H (233 dmg) 5) (corner) 214S(3) -> RC, j.S-D (land), j.D -> JC, dj.S-D (land), j.D -> JC, dj.K-D -> (air) 623H (223 dmg) 6) (corner) 2K-2D -> 632146H, S© -> 236K, [K -> 236K]x2 (161 dmg) Note: All combos were performed on Axl unless otherwise noted. Combos taken from EnterBrain Mook Vol.9 - Guilty Gear XX Burst Encyclopedia.

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Dustloops (some basic setups first, just about all of which require your opponent to be in the corner, and then the loops):

- WT, dash underneath, 2H, JC

- BR, RC first hit, j.D, land, 2H, JC (you can leave out the 2H and go right to jump, j.D, but it's harder)

- j.D (low to the ground), land, 2H, JC

- 6P, 5H, JC

- GF FRC, jump

- GF, jump, j.K, basic dustloop (can't do the running one here)

- CH 2D, GF (preferably FRC'd, but, again, you can connect with a j.K without), jump

- BB, 2H, JC (you can leave out the 2H and go right to j.D, but it's harder)

- WT (from a little less than a half-screen from the corner), dash, jump, running dustloop (can't do the basic one here)

- WT (from half-screen or less), GF FRC, BB, dash, 2H, JC

- (setup), [j.D, JC, wait, j.S, j.D, land, dash, jump,] corner air combo (basic dustloop)

- (setup), j.D, j.D, [land, dash, jump, j.D, j.D,] corner air combo (running dustloop, also shown in the banner at the top of the site. =P Thanks for mentioning this, Abominable K! I completely forgot about it =/)

The stuff in brackets can be repeated. For the basic dustloop, I usually just do one (which also doesn't require a dash) and don't repeat anything. For the running dustloop, I usually go for two or three reps. Also, being able to GF FRC consistently is more important than dustlooping. =P Oh, and the basic dustloop is a LOT easier, so I'd recommend focusing on that one first.

One more thing: the "wait" for the basic dustloop is so that you end up falling with your opponent. You basically want the j.S to hit the top of their hitbox, and the j.D to hit the bottom. Also, make sure you do the JC right away after the first j.D, otherwise you definitely won't be "falling with" your opponent. - Orrax

after some dialog...

As Spirit Juice already said, it's forward. And just as an FYI, I called it a "basic" dustloop because it's the one I see Sol players go for most often online, probably because most can't do the other one. I've heard someone (I think it was Teyah) refer to it as the "ghetto loop," which is probably more appropriate, heh. It is easier than the running one imho, so I go for it a fair amount, but, as reaVer already pointed out, it's really not optimal.

Anyway, I have a couple of videos so you can actually see the loops:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7__ZH5qjaP8 at 0:35.

The first vid is someone doing three different dustloops in one, and the second "loop" he does is the one I called the "basic" one. However, he doesn't do the dash at the very end for some reason and gets pushed too far away for the VV knockdown.

The second vid is an old vid of 012 fighting a Zappa player. At 0:35 he does a super jumped dustloop into the "basic" (ghetto) dustloop. - Orrax


Abominable K:

1) 236K (RC) -> j.S. -> j.D land, loop (See banner at the top of the site for the rest). -

Gwyrgyn Blood:

No character is too light to dustloop with a good setup, it just gets really hard to do with certain setups on certain characters, and the number of hits can be limited.

With proper setup on some characters, you can also do:

.. 2D, BR(1) RC, j.S, NJC j.D, j.D |> ...

That Dustloop setup works from almost 2/3 of the way across the field because the Normal Jump Cancel keeps your air speed. I think you need to Jump Install in #R though so don't forget that.

Also don't remember exactly where and when this is useful, but from some setups at mid screen you can do:

... j.D, air dash, j.K j.D |> ...

Which gets you a no tension dustloop setup from mid screen, although the timing is really hard of course.

Also don't forget Bandit Revolver loop. :I -


You can't dustloop Jam, Bridget or May amongst certain others. You can dustloop Millia but its too hard to be consistent. And that BR combo you gave is possible with j.D instead of j.S.

Gwyrgyn Blood:

You have to use j.S because you can't NJC from j.D to j.D. You can do it closer to the corner with just j.Ds, but you can do it from almost the opposite corner with j.S instead.

And yes you can dustloop all of those characters. You just can't do it nearly as easily or get as many reps. Generally I could only get 6 j.D's on a character like Jam and only with tight timing, although I'm sure it's possible to get more.


No, 6 is the maximum, and you can't do it in a loop either, it starts off with j.D->j.D but then you gotta pull shenanigans to keep her in the combo. And using j.D instead of j.S is demonstrated in #Reload astray from 2/3s in the screen.

Gwyrgyn Blood:

If you mean you can't do 6 j.Ds in a row by themselves, yes you can, you can do that on anyone in the game and it's not even that hard to do. Also feel free to link me to whatever '#Reload Astray' is so I can see how he does the combo without a j.S.


Jam/Dizzy can be looped without too much trouble (May/Bridget are sometimes tricky) using the [*j.D-D, land, pause, rejump] x 3, then end with the standard ender. Although depending on the launcher, it may be tough to get all of the reps in. Millia can go longer since she's not as light, up to a full dustloop, and IIRC rj.D-D reps can work on her as well.


omg thx guys so much.

I am trying to do the normal dustloop now, so no jump cancels, just linking.. but somehow most of the time simply there is no time for the second dust. Sol lands before the second dust could come out. What can be the reason of this? No running?(though I think I do running jumps)

I only could do the linking once and don't know how.


you should do the dust as soon as you jump.

I'm trying to do 2D,BR, RC, j.D, land, 2HS, j.S j.D JC. It's after the JC I mess up. Either I do the second j.D too early or they recover. I've managed to connect the 2nd j.D a few times but mess up after I land.

Nives 02-10-2009 05:59 PM

2D -> BR -> RC, and u can go straight into the loop.

Hatred Edge 02-11-2009 02:11 PM

At what point with GV do you RC to go into the loop?

Having trouble finding a vid with that.

Wendy 02-12-2009 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by Spirit Juice (Post 294087)


Best dust loop. :eng101:


1:10 :eng101:


xDDDDD sorry for the "off-topic" post

T_T i dont know how to do the dustloop D:

Nives 02-12-2009 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by Hatred Edge (Post 345442)

At what point with GV do you RC to go into the loop?

Having trouble finding a vid with that.

i havent done this in awhile (brings back memories), but if i recall, its right when grand viper brings them airborne? i also remember it scaling really badly from grand viper.

Hatred Edge 02-12-2009 06:36 PM

Yeah I tested GV RC a bit. Also I finally did find a vid.

I see why everyone goes for BR RC AD>loop instead.

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freelander 08-24-2008 08:30 AM

I have a question about the "basic" dustloop.

Which direction do you have to jumpcancel the j.D ? Neutral jump, or forward?

Spirit Juice 08-24-2008 02:28 PM

When are you jump cancelling the j.D? Most DLs don't require you to jump cancel the j.D at all, but if you do it's a forward jump.

reaVer 08-24-2008 03:00 PM

No dustloop requires a doublejump, but some are easier like vs Potemkin. VS Potemkin in corner you'd do WT jump towards Potemkin, D Potemkin will fly into the corner rather then into the field, dj.D->D land, rj.D->D, rj.D,dj.D->D, rj.K-D, dj.S-D, *VVK.

Sol's combos are pretty simple:

1. anything that gets the opponent into air outside corner goes to either j.S,dj.S-H HVVK or sj.S-H HVVK

2. in corner it goes to dustloop(unless you fucked up somewhere, which can happen) into finisher, which is j.{K-}D,dj.S-D,*VVK

3. if the character is too light to dustloop(or you fucked up) you do j.D, dj.S-D, rj.K-D,dj.D HVVK.

4. standard ground combo 5K-S2D, BR { RC j.D -> dustloop } between the {} is optional.

best way to position someone into the air is 5K2H(you can confirm sj or normal jump for dustloop starter)

Pretty much anything that floats in the corner works as a dustloop setup(even normal throw).

Best way to learn dustloop is by starting with really simple stuff: in corner 6P5H j.D->j.D, land, j.D->j.D, land, j.D->j.D and then you should end up out of range :P

After that you start adding the running and after that you paste the finisher behind it.

From 6P5H you can hit about 4 dusts before having to append the finisher.

#R: Does GunFlame link to GunFlame?


old combo video, which i m sure every sol player has seen by now, but check 0:55. i think he is askin if you can combo gunflame into gunflame?

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Sol General



(added 02.16.03)

General Zoning:

First and foremost, you want to learn Sol's basic normal attacks and learn to zone and poke with them. For horizontal zoning, S(f) is your best friend. With a 7F start up, its fairly quick for a slash and has a lot of priority. Learn the distance of this move, and use it to start your pressure strings or keep your opponent at bay. The most common follow-ups are either cancel to Gun Flame (S(f) -> 236P) or chain to H, then cancel to Gun Flame (S(f)-H -> 236P). When combined with an FRC Gun Flame, Sol can quickly transition from a zoning style offense into his potent rush.

Another important normal, possibly the most important in Sol's arsenal, is his stand K. With a 3F execution time to the first hit, it's the fastest normal in the game. Not only is it fast, but it has amazing priority which helps Sol deal with the opponent when they are in the air. This should be one of the biggest assets in your game. It's best used as an anti-air or blue Burst punisher. By using your horizontal pressure strings to force them off the ground, you can set up the K to pick them out of the air and set-up a combo opportunity.

The 6P also very useful. It's invulnerable from the waist up so you can use it to go thru many attacks that strike around Sol's torso. For example, many characters basic pokes such as S(f) and H can be nullified using the 6P. As a bonus, on CH it will send the opponent flying and if close to the wall it will bounce them off allowing for a combo opportunity.

Aside from the main three attacks mentioned, Sol has a few other very useful normals. The Sweep (2D) comes out almost as fast as the S(f) and it mysteriously goes under a lot of incoming attacks. 6H is also something you might want to use once in a while. Upon either hit, it will cause stagger, and will combo into Bandit Bringer if the opponent does not correctly mash out and block. Use it sparingly as the recovery is pretty bad.

In addition to zoning with normals, you can add to the zoning pressure by just throwing out the Gun Flame without canceling it off any normals. At the right distance, it can sometimes be very annoying to just Gun Flame, S(f) -> Gun Flame. This option can be used as long as the opponent blocks the first Gun Flame, regardless of whether or not you cancelled the first one off S(f)-H. Using the FRC variation is even better because Sol will stay relatively safe while gaining the option to rush in and pressure even more.

(added 02.16.03)


Since Sol is generally a well-rounded character, it's no surprise that he has decent rush options. The FRC Gun Flame is one of the best ways to go from mid-screen to all out attack seeing as it creates somewhat of a shield in front of Sol. By throwing out a Gun Flame FRC at mid range, or by first pressuring with S(f)-H -> Gun Flame FRC, you can run after it and follow with some strong mix-ups. Below are some general examples:

Gun Flame -> FRC, dash...

d.2K-S©-S(f) -> Gun Flame -> FRC (if meter permits)...

d.2K-S©-S(f)-H -> Gun Flame -> FRC (if meter permits)...

d.2K-S©-S(f)-H -> 236[K]


d.2P or 2K, wait, 623K (command grab)

d.2P-2K, wait, 623K (command grab)

...pressure to Gun Flame -> FRC, IAD, iad.S or H etc.

Keep in mind that whenever you force your opponent to block a FRC'ed Gun Flame you basically reset all your options. Remember to mix and match your poke patterns to keep your opponent guessing. As an added bonus of the FRC Gun Flame, you can "hide" behind the flame graphic and cover up a Dust attempt (or at least make it harder to see).

(added 02.16.03)

Basic Jump-ins:

Sol generally has three normal jump-attack options to pressure standing opponents. Its a good idea to mix them up and keep your opponent on their toes.

The j.S, like his ground S(f), has good priority, great range, and can be JC'ed if needed. You can jump at the opponent, attack with j.S, and if they block, JC into a double jump and go from there.

The j.H is a 2-hit attack, so if blocked, it will allow you to land and continue your pressure a bit easier. It's also easier to land and continue into a combo if it connects. Since it hits twice, many times an unskilled opponent will block the first hit then assume it's safe to attack, thus eating the second hit and any follow-up damage you can throw out. Keep in mind though, a smart opponent will most-likely block the first hit and Instant Block the second which will take a lot of your advantage away.

Lastly, you can jump in with j.D. Though its vertical priority is not as good as the other two options, the j.D has a lot of power and priority. Even if you trade hits when jumping in with j.D, most of the time you will retain the advantage becuase the opponent will be knocked down and Sol can recover and continue pressure. Also, if the j.D hits as a counter (CH), it will send the opponent reeling and score a wall bounce. This gives you a combo opportunity if you run in and pick the opponent off the wall, usually with K-2H -> Loop.

As an alternative to jumping in and attacking you can actually land and throw or command throw (623K) if your opponent doesn't use any type of anti-air to keep you back. This even works well after j.S -> JC, land... or j.D -> JC, land... etc. While it won't work all the time, it's good to remember because sometimes you may not want to actually attack. If the opponent is quick enough to anti-air, be ready to FD their attack so you don't get picked out of the air.

(added 02.16.03)


Sol has two distinct advantages during a match. One is when he has the opponent cornered, the second comes when he knocks the opponent down. When combined (opponent knocked down in corner) Sol is probably at his best. Knowing how to get your opponent on the ground and as close to the corner as possible is a very important facet of Sol's game.

The two most obvious ways to knock an opponent down are a throw (ground or air) and the Sweep. Since Sol's Sweep avoids a lot of normal attacks it works well for slipping under the radar and sending the opponent to the ground. Obviously the throw is self-explanatory. Grab the opponent and send them to the floor... now you are ready to play the wake-up game.

The Volcanic Viper (623S or H) is Sol's version of a Dragon Punch (SF series). The reason it can be considered an effective knockdown is because of the follow-up 214K that can be added to the end. If this strikes the opponent, it slams them to the ground and they will be unable to tech, thus giving Sol the advantage of beginning his wake-up games.

The two main uses for the V.Viper are either as an anti-air (when standing K just wont do), or secondly, using it to 'grab' pokes. Judge for yourself on which version to use. The H version is generally better becuase it goes higher and covers more distance. The S version is actually 1F more invulnerable on start-up but doesn't have as large of a hit range. Keep in mind that since the H version keeps Sol in the air longer, smart opponents will have anti-V.Viper strategies to punish him on the way down. Using the 214K follow-up on a missed V.Viper can sometimes change the trajectory just enough to throw off the opponent's timing on a punishment attempt. It's up to you to decide which version to use in each situation and when to use the 214K follow-up if you miss.

The Grand Viper (214S + mash) is a decent but very punishable move. It hits the opponent low, is fairly quick, and Sol is invulnerable except at the feet. This allows it to go under many normal and special attacks. As an added bonus, you can also mash the move to get up to 10 hits, and ultimately travel much furthur then usual. On a hit, it works well as a knockdown because the opponent will be unable to tech and usually, if mashed correctly, it will take the opponent to the corner.

The Bandit Revolver (236K) is mainly used for combos. A basic combo into 2D -> Bandit Revolver will send the opponent to the ground leaving Sol directly above them and ready to play the wake-up game. Avoid using the move outside of combos as it is punishable if blocked.

Sol Advanced

(added 02.16.03)

Dust Loop:

If you've ever played against a decent Sol, more than likely you have experienced the infamous "Dust Loop". To play Sol effectively, it's important to be able to put the opponent into the Dust Loop in many different situations. Depending on your opponent, the height of the Dust Loop starter, and how far they are from the opponent, you will constantly have to adjust your timing and Loop variations to maximize the damage. Below are some common examples:

Corner - Near Corner Loop Starters (most common):

(opponent in corner) (anti-air) K-2H -> Loop

(opponent in corner) 2K-S-6P (wall bounce), S-2H -> Loop (start w/ stand K for no dmg correction)

(opponent in corner) j.S-D (land), K-2H -> Loop

(opponent in corner) low ad.S-D (land), K-2H -> Loop

(opponent in corner) 623S or H (1) -> RC, K-2H -> Loop

(opponent in corner) 623K, run under, 2H -> Loop

(Sol in corner) 623K, 2H -> Loop

(off basic throw into corner) K-2H -> Loop (harder on heavier chars)

(opponent in/near corner) D /\ ([8]D-D) ad.D (land) -> Loop

1/3 Screen - 1/2 Screen Loop Starters:

236[K], run, K-2H -> Loop

214S(3) -> RC, air.D (land), d.K-2H -> Loop

2K-2D -> 236K(2) -> RC, K-2H -> Loop (start w/ stand K for no dmg correction)

2K-2D -> 236K(1) -> RC, air.D (land), d.2H -> Loop (start w/ stand K for no dmg correction)

S-6P-HS -> IAD, iad.K-D (land), dash, j.K-D -> Loop

j.D(CH), run, 2H -> Loop

6P(CH), run, 2H -> Loop

Full or Almost Full Screen Loop Starters:

623K, 236P -> FRC, 236[K], run, 236P -> FRC, 236[K]... (to corner), run 2K-2H -> Loop (character specific)

623K, dash j.D, ad.K-D (land) -> Loop (very difficult, character specific)

So now you have a bunch of different ways to start the Loop, now you have to know how to actually do it. There are two general Loop sequences and both can be interchanged as the height of the opponent changes during the Loop.

High Jump Loop:

The first sequence involves using a high jump (2,8) and hitting D on the way up, then as you fall, hitting D on the way down. If done properly, the opponent will be unable to tech and Sol will be able to land, then rejump and repeat the sequence. Sometimes the opponent may fall too low (due to character weight and gravity) so the high jump variation may not work.

JC Loop:

The second sequence involves using a basic j.D, then jump cancelling into falling dj.S-D. If done properly, the opponent will be unable to tech and Sol will be able to land, then rejump and repeat the sequence, or even go into the high jump variation (if the opponent was lifted high enough). There are a couple of variations to use during the JC Loop to change the height of the opponent. Depending on the height of the opponent, you may want to use falling dj.D by itself.

Loop Notes:

Usually you can perform about 2-3 repetitions of the Loop combo before you have to finish it (or the opponent will be able to tech out). The best way to finish it is by using (air) 623H -> 214K. This slams the opponent to the ground and allows you to go into your corner/wakeup games. While some people like finishing the Loop with one final hj.D -> 623H -> 214K, others like to j.K-D -> JC, dj.K-D -> 623H -> 214K. Depending on how many repetitions of the Loop you have performed and the height/weight of the character, some options may not be possible. It's up to you to decide which finisher is best suited for each situation.

(added 02.16.03)

Running Volcanic Viper:

Due to the fact that the game system keeps the momentum of your character when they perform a move out of a dash or run, Sol gains a very interesting tactic by using a running Volcanic Viper. Instead of just lauching himself up straight up into the air, Sol actually travels a considerable distance sideways as well. When combined with the 214K follow-up, Sol can almost go from one side of the screen to the other. This makes it a bit harder for some opponents to punish as Sol flies out of range for many attacks. You can control the distance you travel slightly by changing the timing on the 214K follow-up. In fact, you can omit the 214K follow-up to make Sol land a bit closer. By changing the timing on landing you can really throw your opponent off.

Interestingly enough, if you've made a habit out of running V.Viper, many times your opponent will attempt to block and punish (expecting the V.Viper to come out at any time). Once your opponent is on high defense alert, Sol can simply run up and command grab (623) for a shifty mix-up.

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For #R Sol.. f.S is considered a good poke? First time I ever heard of it. WTF happened after #R that no one ever said anything about f.S being a good poke?

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It's always been a solid mid-range poke, iirc. Not hit-box wise, but it's fast for its range, and canceling it into 2S is good. The main problem is just that Sol gets basically nothing off of it. I use it mostly for pestering people, honestly.

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Has anyone found a good use for sol's 41236HS ? I never use it because I find it useless. Maybe I'm wrong?

By the way, what the hell is an orrax? Sorry I play this game 6 hours everytime i'm with my friend but we like learning stuff through trial and error rather than reading up about it(though I do anyway lots of times)

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Has anyone found a good use for sol's 41236HS ? I never use it because I find it useless. Maybe I'm wrong?

A good use? Not really. It has some limited payoff for random use against some characters in footsie games since it's hard to anticipate so long as you're not too close. It seems to work fairly well against Slayer for some reason. Getting CH'd out of it is a definite risk, though.

It's also ok to throw out after 2S, or after 5S->2S (whiff), and you can combo it after BB in the corner or after a very low j.D (which also works at mid-screen), but the forced prorate cuts down on the usefulness in combos pretty significantly.

It really just suffers from a lack of reliable set ups. =/

By the way, what the hell is an orrax?

Hahaha! I think I might sig this. It's not actually anything--just a dumb name I made up years ago that stuck. I have gotten some interesting reactions to it, though, everything from "it sounds like a pill" to "it sounds like the name of an ancient Viking god." Personally, I like the Viking god reference better. =P

It does sound pretty similar to Lorax, though, and I certainly liked Dr. Seuss when I was younger. Maybe it has some Freudian significance? *shrug*

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By the way, the main GG that my friend and I play is X so now that we're getting into reload more, can anyone give me ANY advice WHATSOEVER on FRC, I know how to do it, I know how important it is, but the timing kicks my ass so hard that I usually fail whenever I'm in an actual fight. I'm not even sure when I'm supposed to hit it to be honest...

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In training mode turn on input bar. When you do frc-able move it will flash. At that time you should hit buttons.

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Wow thanx, I recently got this for computer and after playing accent core I felt kind of confused. This thread is much appreciated sir.

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Pretty much like you'd dustloop any other lightweight. She's easier than some, imho.

If she's low enough, you can sometimes get away with j.D-D x2-3, no dashing needed (running usually causes me to drop it, actually). Just makes sure you wait a moment before each relaunch to make sure she doesn't get knocked too high. The only really reliable place I've found for this one is after BR RC in the corner, or maybe a WT into the corner.

You can also do j.D-D jc (pause) j.D, then dash jump into an air combo finisher. I usually see this done dashed after a WT midscreen or after a WT in the corner, then run under and do 5H/2H into it. The timing's pretty tricky midscreen, though -- it's probably easier to just do GF FRC BB loop or dashing j.SD jc j.SD VV on her.

If she's higher up, sj.D-Dx1-2, then an air combo finisher. You might meed to dash to get the ending VV to connect. I find one sj.D-D to generally be considerably easier and more applicable than two, as a second rep can leave her a bit too high.

Or you can do the j.D jc (pause) j.SD relaunch on her. This one and the single super jumped one seem the most practical. The others are much more situational.

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ive been fighting you recently. and i have a question

why do you include a j.s in your dustloops it just reduced your damage. when you could just jd.jd all day.


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Depends on height and spacing, really. There are times when it's not possible to just do j.Ds, especially against lighter characters or characters with screwy air hitboxes (like Sol). Other times I'm not entirely sure I can get the j.D-D reps for whatever reason, so I go for the easier variation, as I tend to think that not dropping the combo and getting the knockdown is usually worth a relatively small loss in damage.

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