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vs I-no

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BD is bad, it loses to Stroke the big tree and dashing normals.

j.P loses to Chemical Love.

5P whiff, 2K, ( this will crush her dashing normals and her stroke the big tree first move) If the 5p connects you can cancel to 6S~B&B. If the 2K connects you can cancel to c.S(1)~KSMH~P.

Any connected 6P on I-no's part can be canceled into 2H (whiff) and she has enough time to do meaty note. Same with CH f.S~2HS(whiff),dash, B&B she will beg for this, be wary of her f.S first move.

I-no's 6P beats all grounded punch attacks, beats 5S(f) even if done pretty late, has completely distance-dependent success against 2S (I-no wins close, far away they clash, further still I-no loses), loses to all grounded kicks and 2D.

She will probably do these first move if she wants to be offensive.


Stroke the Big Tree




If you IB a chem love you can 2D her.

If you Slashback a Chemical Love you get a 6S~B&B

dive - j.IB land throw.


CL - dash under it, CH 6S

Stroke the big tree - 2K, KSMH, 2D

Note- free CH 6S

2K beats Stroke and crouches under Chemical Love.

6S can counterhit Chemical Love and TK note from really far away. Grounded note can be counterhit by 6S from the maximum range of Bridget's far 5S. This can be done on reaction, but the note will still come out if you delay it. If you're too slow, the note will hit you during the 6S' hitstop. Sometimes you can jump cancel and block first.


5P is amazing in this fight. All she can do is the predict it and throw a f.S, once she does that you get a free IAD, loopy mind game =P


Yo yo call back is a go go.

Razor bear isn't to effective, Note kills it.

I prefer HSS_5 and HSS_4 in this fight.

Her 6P and Stroke (S version) beat Bridget's far S.

I-no's 6P beats all grounded punch attacks, beats 5S(f) even if done pretty late, has completely distance-dependent success against 2S (I-no wins close, far away they clash, further still I-no loses), loses to all grounded kicks and 2D.

I-no's 5K from far away trades with far S, beats 2S with very lenient timing unless a little over two character-lengths away, trades with 2P, trades with 5K, is crouched under by 2K, seems to generally beat 2D, loses to 5P. These are all for distances where the 5K whiffs if Bridget does nothing.

Her Stroke (S version) beats Bridget's 2S. 6P can either beat or clash with 2S, depending on her timing. Chemical Love will beat or trade with 2S.

Their game plan

Lock you down w/ note as an Aegis and get an dashing 50/50. Even if you get hit by a low 50/50 it's a lot less damage than the overhead.


When your in, RTSD. All she can do to get out of pressure is easily baited, Super, Stroke the Big tree,the usual ( jump, BD, etc.). Zone and play this mind game of avoid notes and get a a CH 6S when it's a close enough note.

When she is "zoning" you, all she'll do is throw note and Chemical Love, no biggie.

5P is probably the best normal to stuff the beginning of a dash attempt, since it's safe from Stroke. Even extremely early 5K usually loses to j.K and j.S if she's dashing from about her 2H range (which is common re-dash spacing).

I like rushing this bitch.

Char specific details


After an extended ground combo KSMH~K whiffs on crouch. Do not do it.

I-no cannot duck Bridget's 5P, therefore, 2P~5P(whiff) throw does not work, and you can pressure 5P on her no problem.

IAD combo - Yes

SJI combo - YES

KSMH~K on Crouch - NO

KSMH~K on Stand - Normal timing

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I-No Guide

I'm starting up the i-no guide and will be adding to this post once i get everything set. So look forward to updates! ^_^


Useful Bridget Normals

General buri normals that you should aim to use against I-no.

-5P: Great range poke with great speed. Use to keep pressure on I-no, but let it be known that she can clash with it via her 5P (but hers is shorter range).

-6P: Catches her in many situations; air movements, on a note summon, horizontal and vertical chemical loves, dash/hoverdash/airdashes, and drills.

-2P: Great poke/pressure reset

-5S(f): Great far poke like 5P, however this one adds a useful duck which can duck an HCL and land a CH into a BnB combo. Use to end pressure strings and can be continued via yo-yo pullback.

-6S: Like 6P, but farther. Can punish I-no for summoning notes, hcl and vcl, and air moves. However, poor recovery makes this move very punishable. One STBT is all she needs to kill you. Oh, its also a nice point to emphasize that I-no's hitbox makes her vulnerable to being hit by 6S when she's standing (blame the hat? :v:)

-2S: Catches/punishes I-no's jumps/jump-ins, but a mistimed one can net I-no huge damage, especially with Bridget's sub-par defense. Use the standard 2K on whiffs to cancel.

-2K: Used mainly for low hits. Mix with 6K for oki shenanigans or use to punish STBT. Use sparingly on a grounded I-no because she can use a wakeup vcl to punish you bad (especially if she FRCs into massive damage combo).

-2D: Wrecks her STBT (both S and HS versions) because of how fast the yo-yo hits. Can net you a KD or an FRC into BnB. I should note that this move leaves you to get hit by an hcl so be careful how you use this.

More will be on its way. :keke:

Running Away With a Purpose

After playing I-no so many times and my general understanding of I-nos, it's come to my attention that I-no players don't like a good game of cat-n-mouse.

-Never let her corner you because her oki can get you as good as dead. Use your movement make sure you don't back yourself into a corner.

-However! Don't run away aimlessly. A predictable jump can get you killed. I should point out that I-no is among the best air-throwing characters in the game. Not only does her air throw net her a crazy good combo, it can dizzy you much faster making it an awesome dizzy amplifier.

-What you should do is run away so you won't be cornered, and look for any slip-ups from I-no so you can punish her. Things to generally look for to punish include but not limited to:

-Hcl/Vcl: If you see her jumping animation for this move, 6S on reaction. *However, I-no's don't usually go for a random vcl, so watch out for falling vertical chemical loves into FRC, in which case you are forced to block or j.IB and throw but if you're on wakeup, then just block cuz there's nothing much else you can do.*

-STBT: This move is very easy to punish. When she does her ducking animation, I generally 2D on reaction for a KD or FRC combo. However you can use a 2K~2P(x3)~2D combo. Or if you see the STBT~HS ver., you can KSMH~P for a guaranteed KD for a yo-yo setup.

-Note Summons: I-no's notes can be a real pain...if you let her summon them. When playing keep-away I-no's usually react by trying to tag you with a note. However, it is a great idea to tag them with a 6S while she's summoning for a CH to wallbounce. *Note that if you let her note go full screen then it becomes level 5, meaning you are in BIG TROUBLE because she will oki the crap out of you.

The Art of Metagame

-Control the space between you and her. If she can't move in, she can't hurt you.

-Watch out for 6P, because hers so broke that it can go through most of your attacks only to lead into big damage combos again.

-Razor Roger and Roger Rush can help control the middle, but she can STBT under them so make sure you keep your distance.

-5P, 5S(f), 2P, 6S, 2S, 2D: All of these help control the metagame.

-6P is your friend as it stuffs every attempt of I-no's to get in via the air. Again though, STBT can punish if it goes earlier, and clash if the spacing and timing is right.

Yo-Yo Shenanigans

-The delayed wakeup: I-no's slow note is able to catch delayed wakeup and her fast note is able to catch a normal wakeup, so use mix them up to not allow her get a note pressure.

Utilizing Jumps

-She will airthrow the hell out of you! So don't mash recovery predictably.

-Always save your jumps in order to escape.

-Watch out for her j.HS when dolling rolling shenanigans as it covers alot of ground (air?).


-As Jais points out. RTSD once you get the opportunity because I-no lacks pressure escaping tricks.

-Her only options are her OD, 6P, and like a wakeup vcl (which punishes any attempts to low hit her on wakeup).

-Her Forcebreak is very weak and easy to beat. It gets beat by just about everything imaginable.

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A few things I think should be pointed out here, as I actually played this match a lot while learning the game;

-VCL is airborne frame 1. This means it goes over 5K and 2K on wakeup, so keep that in mind when running oki as you will lose a lot of life if the I-no has 25% to burn. Take advantage of her hitbox and start your oki with 5P instead; if she does wakeup VCL then she gets CH, which you can confirm into 6S>aircombo (you may need to JI the 5P and sj, it's been a while). Early 2S is good too, just be wary of her meter, as most I-no players reversal OD ALOT.

-Mixing up delayed wakeup can really screw with her note placement.

-I really like 5set>IAD back>react in this fight at neutral. If she notes, just avoid it or use the HSR to stop it. If she does anything else, HSR or j.S during the backdash is pretty safe.

-Watch her meter when trying to AA 6P. If you hit the button and she does air OD, you're about to lose a lot of life. Using more j.P as AA can help you here, as it's harder to react to.

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I-No Guide

-Run away from I-no! Never let her corner you because her oki can get you as good as dead.

I disagree.

If you're going to run away, you're going to give I-No a ticket to lock you down, come in for a mix up, and get her momentum rolling. I would highly suggest that you don't put yourself in such a position.

I-No's weakness is definitely close range from a neutral standpoint. Most I-No players will do 1 of 3 things close range. random 2k hoping it beats whatever you're going to throw out. just block and wait for a window to punish or reverse instant airdash as soon as possible.

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Bridget 5P > I-no.

It's not so much about dmg as it is about options. Thsi way, i-no has very few options.

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