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[SWEDEN] GG.se! RanBats, Community & Vids! The "Too Famous"-community!

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Rtl42: j.k dj.k j.D j.2k etc might have worked, and is what I shouldve gone for as a tensionless combo. But I think j.k dj.k DHD wouldve connected, and probably finished the match right then. My only defense is that I didn't have that much exp. vs Jam and her very small hitbox then.

Thanks for the input though, Slayer requires alot more thougth concerning spacing in his combos now and his game becomes so much better when you learn to deal with it.

you probalby dont even need the 2nd djK to do DHD, you probably can do it after jK ->j2K ->DHD-> the rest

Jam is one of those characters that have those floaty hit boxes, that are also vertically big, yet horizontally thin ><...

and Slayer is one of those character where you have to be at any time change ur combo and know how much tension you need to do what so its tough...

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Well, the 28th - 30th of March there will be an epic tournament held by us at GuiltyGear.se. It is called Showdown 3 in Stockholm and will feature players from Sweden, France, Germany, Finland, Norway as well as some English-people:

Swedish Players

Rensengeki (GG,MB) Axl

CheeseAbuser (GG,MB) Eddie

Xzi (GG,MB) Jam

Mr.Wall (GG,MB) Order-Sol

Steph (GG,MB) Dizzy

Ecksen (GG,MB) A.B.A

Iglo (GG) A.B.A

Svampen (GG,MB) Bridget

Nehle (GG,MB) Dizzy

Amn (GG,MB) May

Shinjin (GG,MB) Baiken

LURI (GG) Potemkin

Nekomon (GG,MB) Millia

Caer (GG,MB) Testament

ejDen (GG,MB) Jam

Koas (GG) Jam

Yonasu (GG,MB) Slayer

Elric (GG) Chip

Neophos (GG,MB?) Slayer

Halehale (GG,MB) Zappa

SilentW (GG,MB) Robo-Ky

Keiji (GG) I-no

Zae (GG) Faust

Paddy (GG) Chip

Godfrog (GG) Venom

SkatanMilla (GG) Dizzy

Benderu (GG,MB)

Bontarou (GG) Baiken


M4Sh (GG) Ky

Kashou (GG) Sol

amanohyo (GG)


French Players

Baykou (GG) Baiken

Millia (GG) Millia

Mitsurugi (GG) Johnny

Neithan (GG) Order-Sol

Oro (GG) Potemkin

Nuaj (GG) May

KB (GG) Testament

Ryukim (GG) Sol

Fei-lap (GG) OrderSol

Nooj (GG) Venom

Razelle (GG) Faust

Finnish Players

Starfire (GG) I-no

cube-m (GG) Slayer

Tsiisus (GG) Chip

Lazze (GG) Johnny

Mio (GG) Baiken

Tiancai (GG)


NukleuZ (GG) Potemkin

Nattak (GG) Johnny

Wallace (GG) Dizzy

Robbie3s (GG) Baiken

Great Britain

Fuzzyness (GG,MB)

Sabator (MB)

Frozenwave (MB)

Nhat (MB)


ATG (GG,MB) Chip

aCdhell (GG) Order-Sol

Chunli1 (GG) Dizzy

loki (GG)

For the official international-topic see: http://www.bitterharmony.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=2300&start=0

Of course, we will provide vids with commentary and everything, and because of the high amounts of international contenders and viewers it will all be held in english. This will be the European GuiltyGearShowdown of this year, trust me. One 3on3-tourney and one singles tournament. Here are some of the teams:

Mr.Wall, Amn and Koas is "Barbecued Dolphin, now with a touch of HYAPPO!"

Yonasu, Steph and Rensengeki is "COUNTERpick +1"

Shinjin, Caer and Xzi is "The Famous Team SBO'08"

Elric, LURI and Iglo is "1Fast 2Furious"

Neophos, Svampen and Nekomon is "What would slayer do with a tranny doll?!"

Baykou, KB and Ryukim is "Novice Team"

Paddy, Zae and Godfrog is "Team 勝" (translation, team victory)

umgogo, SZA & OCV-BEAST KURO is "NWO"

Millia, Nooj & Mitsurugi is ""Louis XVI Team"

GET HYYYYPE!!! SWEDEN HAS THE BEST GG-HYPE-COMMUNITY SO THIS WILL BE AWESOME!!! We will show you americans how the western gg-community should be like, and hope that you will try to follow in our awesome ways (you have good players and stuff so).


Anyways, to the second part of my post:

We had a tournament this weekend here in lund since Vs2k6-winner Steph had just gotten back from working in Barcelona and here you have two vids with him from the tournament that representatives from 'the famous team sbo'08' won.

Steph :DI: vs Yonasu :SL:


Steph :DI: vs Nehle :DI:


Feel free to comment!

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Coungster and Joe Higashi just got confirmed. This is gonna be to epic! Biggest GG-tourney in Europe ever :keke:

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Zakuta >

Blatant !

Yup, Ryanair for most of us it seems. Skavsta airport will be crowded with GG people ! Are you interested in coming, RageBot ?

Can't :gonk:

I have too much stuff to do for school right nor, nor do I have like 400$ for the airplane ride :vbang:

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Hey, everyone!

Obviously mindless Champion notified me about it only now, though I've told him about this months in advance and he's the one following the international scene much more than me.

Anyway, the dates seem to be good and the scale of the tournament seems epic, so it'd be a big waste not to try and be there. :yaaay:

Right now Ryanair arrival on friday late evening seems like the best option we have and looking at http://www.bitterharmony.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=2300&start=0 I was relieved to see that the GGXX tourneys have been moved to saturday (which makes a lot of sense, as friday is usually the "arrival" day for everyone and people can get late).

So yeah, in short, if everything goes well, Champ and I will try our best to be there. :yaaay:

Don't know yet about a third player but considering I've only found out about it half an hour ago, plans seem to be going well. :kitty:

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fucking awesome!! I just got hyped even MORE! I heard good things about you guys from Caer, and i'm looking forward to play you AND talk with you! If you excuse me, im heading over to Sparta to play some casuals with Yonasu and Caer :kitty:

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Hey guys, glad to hear you'll be coming! I'm really psyched about this now! Basically my entire wishlist for "awesome people who should come" has now been filled. Looking forward to seeing you again.

hypest tournament ever! go!

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Hellmonkey I wont! This time, I intend to be sober for all tournaments and with my new stick I can actually hit tk yzn-solid. I will show you my (almost) true STRENGTH and become the official Best Baiken of Europe.

/ That Strong Baiken-player of the Northern Countries

Edit: lols, reading my post it kinda I didn't really emphasise it enough. Let me be clear: Europe sucks, Sweden rules, and the results will prove this. Booyakasha!

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It's like the California of Europe.

Without the illegals :psyduck:

Everyone in California is from Mexico.

Everyone in Oregon is from California.

It's just a matter of time, man. Eventually everyone will be at the north pole.

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A heartwarming quotes from the SVB'08-thread at the brittish-forum:

More like everybody that has a name in Euro is going there (showdown) or nowhere lol. Cant blame them. That event is a GG players dream. People not only go there to see who is the best, but to learn. 3 days of casuals and tournament is a rich experience. I think every character will be present. As they say, you have (had) to be there!

We will do our best to make it the most awesome tournament ever! I hope you all will help us by taking part of the hype during matches :kitty:

And another quote, just because seems like someone knows shit:

Seriously SLS, europeans are NOTHING special on GG. The only good players are in sweden and they're not coming (to SVB08).

See you all at Showdown3!!!

Edit: SVB'08 is a event held during the same weekend as S3IS and has one gg-tournament (1on1).

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oi oi, go easy on the hype. starting to sound fachist:kitty: And you know what happens to fachist. They rise fast and fall hard.:eng101: and its not like players from outside of EU will join (this) year, if you make more noise. :keke: instead you should be preparing animal sacrifices, pray that maybe Ruu or 0 will show up. Might help :keke: PS Why is my quote travelling all around the world? Is it gonna be like Euros equivalent to the infamous Joe Higashi quote at SBO or what? :sweatdrop:

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