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Here's a bunch of random items. I've got more stuff to post in the future (including a lot of different issues surrounding boost) but I wanted to get the Heart scoop posted. Credit goes to Arcadia mostly -- some info comes from Momiage's column, too. Oh and a shout out to tianyuan2k4 who helped me test some things.



Special Moves After the Super Freeze

When your opponent starts up a super move there's a "super freeze" where the game pauses and it (usually?) shows a big picture of the character performing the super. Now, while you can't input any joystick motions during the freeze there's a trick that lets you bust out a move immediately after the super freeze ends. Perform the appropriate joystick motion and then, when the screen freezes, hold the corresponding button down and your move will come out as soon as the freeze ends. The specific example they have is: Ken stands next to Jagi and does towards, down, down-towards. Jagi does his Hokuto Rakangeki(236236C) super. Ken sees the game freeze, presses and holds down hard punch and gets a Hokuto Ujou Moushouha DP that beats Jagi's super.

If you get the timing down you can use this to beat invincible wake-up supers.

Break the Three Star Limit

We know that combos in this game can't take away more than three stars. The exception here is the grab move (BD) -- the star taken away by the grab doesn't count toward the limit. Here's a four star Rei combo (c/o Momiage, iirc:)


Keep the BD grab in mind when you're looking to punish your enemy's unsafe blocked attack or whiffed move.

When Heart-sama has his It Hurts!(236236C) super active, his grab can snatch opponents after they've been hit and/or while they're in the air... and it's exempt from the three star rule. Some nitty-gritty below.

1P - 2P Differences

There are some differences between the one player side and the two player side. ("one player," ie: starts the match on the left side of the screen) Some combos are easier to perform when using one side or the other. This is of particular importance for Heart. More below but one thing to stress is that you'll want to insist on a coin toss (American style -- in Arcadia they mention rock-paper-scissors) if you're in a tournament match. The winner of the coin toss wants to be on the two player side. This is most important for Ken, Raoh, Shin and Rei players. Again: a) win the coin toss b) choose 2P.

High Scores

May 2006 Arcadia

Presumably one credit + default settings vs. cpu. I know this is dumb -- I also want to test out the code tag for future posts. Bueno?

Character   Score          Name
Thouther    15,875,700     FJC smell the end of the century
Shin        12,613,000     use a different char?
Rei         13,795,100     KENT.K



Store the Super Armor

Heart's jumping hard punch has one-hit super armor. There's a trick (glitch?) where you can store that super armor if you do the hard punch but land from the jump before Heart goes into the punching animation. The simplest way to set this up is to do a backwards instant air dash and press and hold the hard punch button until Heart lands. Now you can boldly walk towards your opponent and look for a combo starting with a standing weak punch.

Some variations:

1) If you have your opponent in the corner: instant air dash towards after an air throw or Heart's A super grab, hold hard punch before landing and absorb their wake-up attack while combo-ing off a weak punch.

2) The stored super armor beefs up a Heavy Strike (AB) -> Heart's A (236236A) set up.

3) Absorb a long range poke and hit them with a weak Earth Crush (214B).

4) Absorb an IAD attack and hit with standing weak punch.

Note that the super armor doesn't work against Heavy Strikes and special moves and goes away when you block a special move.

Big Hug Glitch

There's a glitch with the Big Hug (236A) throw (available during his It Hurts! (236236C) super) where Heart's opponent can do a move as they start to get grabbed. For most moves this won't cause any noticeable effect. If they do an invincible move, however, they'll avoid getting thrown and do their move in mid-air.

2P Grab Loops of Doom

Two player Heart can perform repeated grabs on airborne opponents much more easily than one player Heart. Here are three combos with corresponding character/1P-2P restrictions:

1) (corner) D -> 623A x n

Both 1P and 2P Heart: Jagi, Rei

2P Heart only: Raoh, Shin

2) (corner) 2B -> 214B -> (near peak of jump) jA -> AC x 4 (-> 236236A)

Both 1P and 2P Heart: Jagi

2P Heart only: Shin, Rei

3) (near corner) 2B -> CD -> auto boost (hold 6) -> D -> 236236C -> BD x n

Both 1P and 2P Heart: Raoh

2P Heart only: Kenshiro, Rei, Shin

Written out, that third combo is: crouching weak kick -> Banishing Strike -> auto boost -> standing hard kick -> It Hurts! -> grab times n. Just keep pressing weak kick and hard kick together. Because of the star exemption for grabs, Heart takes away all of his opponent's life and all of their stars!



I mentioned this in passing in the anti-Toki thread: Rei suffers from a longer crouching hit stun than the rest of the cast. Here's a list of combos that work on crouching Rei only.

Kenshiro: close D -> CD or 236D

Raoh: close D -> CD or 214D

Toki: close D -> 623B -> 2C

Jagi: 2C -> 2D or CD

Shin: 2B -> AC or (far D -> 214214C)

Rei: close D -> IAD jD

Juda: 2C -> CD

Thouther: far D -> CD

Heart: nothing

Mamiya: far D(1 hit) -> CD

....to be continued...

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Yeah, the first one, Special Moves After the Super Freeze, I saw a guy using Mamiya's motocycle super to hit cpu's Toki, then got hit by a move and game froze. "crouching weak kick -> Banishing Strike -> auto boost -> standing hard kick -> It Hurts! -> grab times n." Mr.Heart is the beast now:P About the high score, I think it's possible to get above 16,000,000. Because I beat Kenoh with two perfect and second round 5 sec FKO with Shin I got above 2,000,000 for that match!!! But you need a lot of luck to get all perfect for 8 matches in a row. Anyway, I will try these tricks today. BD grab is evil!!! nah, it's not that efficient because you need a lot of boost bar to perform -4 star combo. And shin't BD grab is cool and useless. On the other hand, as I suspected, Jagi's -3 star combo: 2B > 5D > C+D > 6 > 5D > 632146D > A+C+E > 2369A needs no boost gauge thanks to the auto boost system. Basically after auto boost, you can boost at least once more for free during a combo. Abuse it!

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I found a glitch myself yesterday. Raoh can't normally cancel his D.f into his C+D attack. However, there seems to be a way to. My theory was to kara cancel into it. Basically, cancel D.f into 2D, but instantly cancel 2D into C+D. I managed to pull off the D.f > C+D once or twice, but I didn't really get much practice time in. This is a huge thing for Raoh and really needs to be explored more if nobody already has. Heart have become more stupid now. :(

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Yeah, the first one, Special Moves After the Super Freeze, I saw a guy using Mamiya's motocycle super to hit cpu's Toki, then got hit by a move and game froze.

Heh. I can't tell if you're just joking around here. In case you aren't and my first post wasn't clear on this I present a video of a similar technique ... in a different game:

http://media.putfile.com/atokyan (c/o Yoshimizu @ Howard Arena)

The Garou input is a lot more complicated than the HnK input but the end result is the same: beat the super with your own invincible move. We should test this out this week sometime.

Garou (DongHwan): 6236+AD before super freeze -> press C after super freeze

Hokuto (Kenshiro): 623 before super freeze -> press and hold C during super freeze

On the other hand, as I suspected, Jagi's -3 star combo: 2B > 5D > C+D > 6 > 5D > 632146D > A+C+E > 2369A needs no boost gauge thanks to the auto boost system. Basically after auto boost, you can boost at least once more for free during a combo. Abuse it!

Sweet. Oh, another thing you were right about: Jagi can combo after the Senju Satsu punches without using boost. At least, I saw this in a video:

CD -> 6 -> 5D -> 632146D -> EAC -> 2369A -> 2C -> 236236A(otg)

Very nice... it might even be possible to do:

2B -> 5D -> CD -> 6 -> close D -> far D -> IADj.D -> 5D -> 632146D -> EAC -> 2369A -> 2C -> 236236A(otg)

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"crouching weak kick -> Banishing Strike -> auto boost -> standing hard kick -> It Hurts! -> grab times n." I tried it, didnt work, I have no idea about its timing. B+D cannot throw ppl off the ground? If it's the air 41236D it will be to hard to time.

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"crouching weak kick -> Banishing Strike -> auto boost -> standing hard kick -> It Hurts! -> grab times n."

I tried it, didnt work, I have no idea about its timing. B+D cannot throw ppl off the ground? If it's the air 41236D it will be to hard to time.

Only works on certain people =O

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quick question: if Kenshiro powers up and then starts a combo with B+D, is the extra star counted as part of the three star limit? Because if it isn't..... 5 star combo?

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I'm not that familiar with the term "hit stop" (copied straight from Arcadia "hitto sutoppu") -- nor can I remember any popular alternative terms -- but I'm pretty sure it refers to the brief pause that occurs when a hit lands. Almost all modern (2d) fighting games have this; just think of a heavy attack landing in Samurai Shodown if you're not sure what I'm getting at.

They have a blurb about combo-ing into Banishing Strikes using kara cancels that I was going to include but Gwyrgyn is already on top of that one.

[EDIT: all you have to do is hold down and jam on hard punch + hard kick

far D -> 2CDCDCDCD?]

Vicious Google Fight beatdown: OUCH



Unboostable Boost

Certain moves in this game cannot be boosted right as they're starting up. If you cancel a normal move into one of these and end the input with the joystick in any direction but backwards and a simultaneous boost+attack button press, the move will come out earlier than normal. The "unboostable" move comes out during hit stop, making it easier to combo. You must have at least one stock of boost to use this trick but it doesn't actually deplete the meter. (if you do this trick with a move not on the list below, the end result will be similar but it will use 20%+ of a boost stock)

For example, Jagi's shotgun attack can't be boosted at start-up. That is, 236+A+E doesn't normally do anything special. If however, he hits with a crouching hard punch and cancels into the shotgun with that motion:

2C -> 236AE

... he'll fire the shotgun a bit earlier than normal. Another, more practical, example of this technique is below in the Shin section.

Here's a list of moves than can't be boosted as they start up:

All Supers (except Rei's Danko Sousaiken (236236C))

Raoh - ground Hokuto Goshoha (236C)

Jagi - Shotgun (both 236A and 623A)

Juda - Denshoreppa (236C)

Mamiya - Bowgun (both 236A and 236B), Helmet Bomb (236D), Energy Switch (214C), Bind Yo-Yo (623C), Choke Yo-Yo(4C)[?]

Jump Canceling with Boost

If you jump cancel a move and press boost at the same time you can leave the ground during hit stop (IE: more quickly than normal) and attack from the air right away. Further boosting in the air allows you to do a kind of air dash attack immediately after the jump cancel.

For example, with Rei, as you hit with a crouching weak kick push up on the joystick and boost to jump cancel immediately. If you do it quickly enough you can combo his stomp kick here.

2B -> E8 -> j2B

Using Defensive Techniques in Conjunction

Block an attack using both Agility Defense (defend at the last moment) and Aura Guard (back + boost) and you can take advantage of the properties of both techniques. Block stun time is the same as regular guard but if you stop the Aura Guard right away you can get a little bit of Aura and Boost meter from the Agility Defense. This technique can be used in the air, too. Defend against ground attacks and super moves without getting pushed away as much as Aura Guard without Agility Defense. Also, use this trick to air block a max-charged Banishing Strike and not have it blast you against the wall.



Hakuen Tenshou Glitch

When Shin's opponent is in the corner, get close to them, do a backwards Nanto Hakuen Tenshou leap and then boost repeatedly towards the corner. Shin will appear on the other side of the screen!

214D -> 6EEEEE

Dodging/Interrupting with Crouching Weak Kick

Shin's crouching weak kick has a low enough profile that it can go underneath certain moves -- even if those moves are part of a longer blocked sequence. Some examples are listed below. When it connects start a combo with:

2B -> E -> CD -> etc.

Boost the crouching weak kick to defeat Ken and Jagi's projectiles and Mamiya's standing hard kick at medium range. For Raoh's powered Tenshou Raigeki one weak kick will dodge the first part and another will defeat the second part. Shin's crouching weak kick vs. Juda's Banishing Strike doesn't work up close.

Kenshiro - Touki (236A)

Raoh - 2B -> far D, powered up Hokuto Tenshou Raigeki (623A)

Toki - 2A -> 2D

Jagi - horizontal shotgun (236A)

Juda - misc. hard attack -> CD

Mamiya - far D

"Unboostable" Senjuryugeki Combos

If you use the boost trick above with Shin's Nanto Senjuryugeki super move it becomes easier to use it in combos. It can do more damage than his Raishinsho, particularly if it's powered up a bit. You have to move the joystick to neutral for this to work:


For the following combos, cancel the second hit of the close standing hard kick immediately into the Senjuryugeki, hold the button down to charge it up and then release when your opponent is at the proper height. Ideally, we're looking for 10 pink swipe hits, give or take.

1) (corner) 63214A -> small step forward -> close C -> close D (2 hits) -> 2142145EC

(easier variation against Thouther: 63214A -> far C (2 hits) -> 2142145EC)

2) (corner) 2B -> 2B -> 2D -> 236D -> jC -> close D (2 hits) -> 2142145EC



Kyokusei Jyuji Ken Pseudo-Unblockables

From about half a screen away if you do the low Jyuji Ken (236B) followed quickly by the overhead (236D) and boost as the second part starts up, the energy from the low attack lingers and Thouther can attack his opponent low and high at nearly the same time. Or, boost again as the low hit makes contact and you can follow with a jumping attack. Combo into a Bakuseiha (j214A) -> Banishing Strike -> etc. here.

Jump Cancel Tricks

Thouther can jump cancel his jumping hard kick. If you press weak punch at the same time as you move the joystick up he'll fall out of the air right away and you can attack again very quickly. You can also jump cancel the jumping hard kick directly into an air dash with 669 or 659.

Mid-Air Choiversal

When you use an instant air dash hard punch as okiseme your opponent can guard cancel and hit Thouther out of the air. You can counter the counter by canceling the jumping hard punch into a mid-air Houshou Jyujihou super (214236A). This will beat their guard cancel and take away two stars. Input the majority of the joystick motion after the hard punch and then press weak punch if you see them use their guard cancel.



Sairaken Anti-Air

Toki's Hokuto Sairaken (214214C) uppercut super can't be blocked in the air using Aura Guard.

Posted Image



Statue Fragility

Jagi holds a statue in front of him for his crouching guard. This can crack and break if he blocks too many attacks. Hard attacks will make the statue break more quickly than weak ones. When it crumbles, Jagi will be staggered briefly. Press a button to use half an Aura stock and attack right away. Attacks blocked with crouching Aura Guard don't count towards breaking the statue.

Low Hit Stun

Jagi's crouching hit stun is shorter than normal. The following combos won't work on crouching Jagi:

Ken: far D -> 236D

Raoh: 2B -> far D (at a distance)

Toki: nothing

Jagi: close D -> 2D or CD

Shin: close C -> CD

Rei: 2B -> 2D, close D -> CD

Juda: nothing

Thouther: 236A -> 236C [?], far D -> 236C (at a distance)

Heart: 2B -> CD

Mamiya: 2C -> 236C (-> B)

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Using Defensive Techniques in Conjunction

wow... my friends and I had bounced this idea around, but we had no idea that it actually worked!

Shin = pac-man


Much love to nohoho for delivering the goods once again :china:

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Here are the SBO results. Yeah, an Amiba^H^H^H^H^HToki player won but still... the final 8 was pretty surprising. I'm really curious about the Heart-sama tactics. It would have been cool if G.X had won. Dude develops TOD combo... uses it to win SBO with Raoh later that week. Heh. I took some random stabs at some of the player names -- alternate possibilities at the bottom.

BTW I have another strategy related post almost done. Maybe tomorrow.

The 4th Arcadia Cup Tournament

Tougeki -- May 3, 2006

Super Battle Opera

Hokuto no Ken Results

WINNER: Kurenai no Buta (Toki)

Left Block Round 1

SHINCHAN (Toki) vs. Sharon (Heart) @

@ Mr.Y (Toki) vs. Doroii (Jagi)

Yurarix (Juda) vs. Toki no Tobira (Heart) @

@ Shiro (Toki) vs. Nittobo (Toki)

@ Newaseza (Ken) vs. Rank (Toki)

KEM (Toki) vs. Momiage (Toki) @

Asaba (Shin) vs. Jif (Rei) @

@ Kurenai no Buta (Toki) vs. Nemo (Juda)

@ 0084 (Juda) vs. Yamada (Toki)

HJW (Mamiya) vs. Kenshiro-chan (Ken) @

Rozay (Shin) vs. Keese (Heart) @

@ Yoshiaki (Toki) vs. Aafui (Rei)

Rhinecho (Juda) vs. Tane (Rei) @

@ G.X (Raoh) vs. Tomono (Shin)

moritu (Toki) vs. Hartia (Toki) @

Rupu (Thouther) vs. Tetsu (Rei) @

Right Block Round 1

@ LOX (Toki) vs. Do (Toki)

@ DK (Ken) vs. Yume (Mamiya)

Rawaso (Toki) vs. Momiji (Toki) @

@ DF2 (Rei) vs. MIU (Shin)

Gensetsu (Shin) vs. Gian (Shin) @

GO1 (Toki) vs. Taji-kun (Juda) @

@ MDR (Toki) vs. Pi-e (Toki)

777 (Ken) vs. Fumi (Toki) @

@ NOB (Ken) vs. Aporo (Toki)

@ Surippa (Toki) vs. Nakamu (Heart)

@ Bancho (Rei) vs. Nax (Mamiya)

Souseiji (Toki) vs. Hexamethylene (Toki) @

Ossy (Toki) vs. Flying Rabbit[?] (Rei) @

Yoshida (Raoh) vs. Hisashi (Thouther) @

@ Hayashi (Toki) vs. Rukku (Juda)

@ WhiteAlen (Shin) vs. MY (Toki)

2nd Round

@ Sharon (Heart) vs. Mr. Y (Toki)

@ Toki no Tobira (Heart) vs. Shiro (Toki)

@ Newaseza (Ken) vs. Momiage (Toki)

Jifu (Rei) vs. Kurenai no Buta (Toki) @

@ 0084 (Juda) vs. Kenshiro-chan (Ken)

@ Keese (Heart) vs. Yoshiaki (Toki)

Tane (Rei) vs. G.X (Raoh) @

@ Hartia (Toki) vs. Tetsu (Rei)

LOX (Toki) vs. DK (Ken) @

@ Momiji (Toki) vs. DF2 (Rei)

Gian (Shin) vs. Taji-kun (Juda) @

@ MDR (Toki) vs. Fumi (Toki)

NOB (Ken) vs. Surippa (Toki) @

Bancho (Rei) vs. Hex (Toki) @

@ Flying Rabbit (Rei) vs. Hisashi (Thouther)

@ Hayashi (Toki) vs. WhiteAlen (Shin)

3rd Round

@ Sharon (Heart) vs. Toki no Tobira (Heart)

Newaseza (Ken) vs. Kurenai (Toki) @

0084 (Juda) vs. Keese (Heart) @

@ G.X (Raoh) vs. Hartia (Toki)

@ DK (Ken) vs. Momiji (Toki)

@ Taji-kun vs. MDR (Toki)

Surippa (Toki) vs. Hex (Toki) @

Rabbit (Rei) vs. Hayashi (Toki) @

4th Round

Sharon (Heart) vs. Kurenai (Toki) @

@ Keese (Heart) vs. G.X (Raoh)

DK (Ken) vs. Taji-kun (Juda) @

@ Hex (Toki) vs. Hayashi (Toki)


@ Kurenai (Toki) vs. Keese (Heart)

@ Taji-kun (Juda) vs. Hex (Toki)


@ Kurenai (Toki) vs. Taji-kun (Juda)

Notes on names:

Kurenai no Buta => Crimson Pig (aka Porco Rosso)

Hishou Usagi[?] <= Flying Rabbit

Shiroaren <= WhiteAlen

Kiisu <= Keese

Surippa => Slipper

Souseji => Sausage

Toki no Tobira => Door of Time

Sharon => Red Dragon? => Xiao Long?

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I hope to see some Japanese matches between Toki and Raoh to see how they deal with getting out of the pressure. I can block most of what Toki throws at me, but the problem is that even if I know what he's going to do, I can't do anything to stop it.

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What kind of a Heart player could beat Shiro's Toki?!?!?!?! And there is a Mr.Heart in top4? I wont underestimate Mr.Heart ever again, gulp... It seems like Juda almost almost almost got the number 1 title from a swarm of Toki! And that G.X. Roah vs Hartia Toki match should be fun to see.

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Yeah, the tiers don't seem to be mattering too much in this tournament, other than Toki being the best and Jagi/Mamiya still being underpowered. Other characters seem to be doing well. Japs always give me hope for this game. Plus our tournament was a hell of a lot of fun (no Toki allowed, 3/5 rounds, 1 match, double elim).

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For all you HnK heads is that Sharon (Mr. Heart) the Sharon who plays baiken? I know this might sound really stupid but I just want to know if anyone can confirm. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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moonless - yeah, same dude. Shiro, btw, the not-so-hot-after-all? Toki player is well known from his CVS2 game.



Boosting BS Introduction

(For purposes of this discussion, percentage values refer to the amount of one boost stock. That is, 100% here means one third of the total boost gauge.)

Boosting in different situations uses differing amounts of boost meter. When you boost to cancel an attack it takes 50% boost. Otherwise, it takes only 20% boost. There are some wrinkles in the system when it comes to Banishing Strikes.

When you hit an opponent on the ground with a Banishing Strike (CD) or when you hit an airborne opponent when the Strike isn't part of a combo, you can hold towards to auto-boost after them. This uses 20% boost like a non-cancel type. Even if you haven't got a boost stock ready, the game fills the meter up to 100% for immediate auto-boosting, etc. (By the way, this "free" boost meter carries over from one round to the next -- so if your boost gauge is empty and your opponent is dizzy and/or near death, use a Banishing Strike -> auto boost to finish them off and arbitrage some boost for the next round.)

Simultaneous Input Snafu

While the simultaneous boost+hard punch+hard kick input is a convenient way to quickly cancel into Banishing Strike attacks, there is quirk to this where an auto-boost at that point will take 50% boost instead of 20%. Use a fast, separate input (E~CD) to prevent this from happening.

Example for whomever:

special move -> E+C+D -> 6 (<- auto boost uses 50%)

special move -> E~C+D -> 6 (<- auto boost uses only 20%)

Banishing Strike Discount

If your Banishing Strike attack is blocked or it hits an airborne opponent as part of a combo you won't be able to auto-boost. You can boost manually, however, for only 20% boost instead of the standard 50% cancel boost. Since blocked Banishing Strikes generally charge up a good deal of boost meter, the blocked CD -> E -> etc. pattern is something worth using often.

Countering Guard Cancels

Options for dealing with your opponent's guard cancel include:

1) Bait the guard cancel using a move that has a short recovery.

- consult the chart below

2) Jump cancel your attack and air-block the guard cancel.

- this should work even against Mamiya's GC or Heart's Bring it On GC (using Aura Guard)

3) Cancel into a move with invincibility or super armor or cancel into a counter-type move.

- input the joystick motion for the special move beforehand and then press the appropriate button if you see them guard cancel

- example: with Jagi do blocked 2C -> 214. If you see your opponent guard cancel the low punch press C to dodge and punish their guard cancel with a Jarougeki attack.

Here is a list of moves that are safe -- that is, you'll have time to block --when they get guard canceled. Also: moves that you can use to punish guard cancels when you block them using Agility Defense.

Char        Safe Moves          Counter Attack After AD
Kenshiro    close/far B, 2B     2B, 623A
Raoh        nothing             2B
Toki        far A, 2A           2A
Jagi        2A                  2A, 236236C (*)
Shin        any A, 2B           2B, 63214A
Rei         any weak but 2A     2B, close 623C
Juda        any weak but 2A     2A, 2B
Thouther    far A, 2A, 2B       2B
Heart       2A                  214A(GC), 236236A
Mamiya      any weak attack     far B

(*) - At close range, Jagi can counter with a Rakangeki after blocking guard cancels normally (w/o using Agility Defense.)

Option Select Throws

When you miss a throw attempt -- if your opponent jumps away, etc. -- you'll be stuck with a close hard punch. It's possible to use a special input when this happens to attack with something safer instead. There are two main categories of option select throw inputs:

1) Sliding input or simultaneous input

A sliding input involves pressing hard punch and then very quickly pressing weak punch or hard kick. C~A produces a Grave Shoot while C~D gives you a Banishing Strike. For a simultaneous input option select, you take advantage of the higher input priority of command normals to override the close hard punch in the event of a throw miss. For example, with Kenshiro, 6+C+B produces a towards + weak kick attack if the throw fails.

2) Whiff/kara cancel inputs

Some characters can cancel (chain) their close hard punch into other attacks, Banishing Strikes or Grave Shoot attacks even when the hard punch misses. When the throw attempt fails, follow up the hard punch with another move to cover your ass.

Here's a list of option select throw recommendations:

Kenshiro: simultaneous 6B

Raoh: whiff cancel Grave Shoot

Toki: whiff cancel Grave Shoot

Jagi: whiff cancel Grave Shoot

Shin: nothing in particular (close C) [?]

Rei: whiff cancel close D

Juda: sliding input Banishing Strike

Thouther: whiff cancel close D

Heart: weak punch (simultaneous 4+A+C)



4 Star Grab Combo

Here's a four star combo ending with a Hokuto Hyaku Retsuken finish for an opponent in the corner (anyone but Raoh, Toki and Mamiya.)

BD -> 236E~C -> ECD -> 623E~A -> E -> 236CD

Input the Hikou Seieikou with the sliding boost input right before the grab ends. The instant the Seieikou hits, break out the Banishing Strike + Boost. The instant the Banishing Strike hits, use the sliding boost input Ujou Moushoha. One more boost as that hits and then the Finishing Strike.

Break out the Super Armor

Ken's towards + weak kick can absorb one enemy attack. This super armor takes effect immediately when you press the button and lasts for the duration of the move. You can take advantage of this to bust through your opponent's guard cancels and score a counter hit.

blocked attack -> opponent guard cancels -> chain into 6B

It's also possible to use this move to bust through a max-charge banishing strike. Ken loses a star, but the 6B counter hit gives you a wall bounce opportunity. If you're near the corner IAD jB -> far D -> etc. otherwise boost -> far D -> etc.

Hard Kick -> Banishing Combo

Just like Raoh, Ken can combo his far hard kick into a Banishing Strike if he inserts a crouching hard kick input as an intermediate step. After the standing hard kick, hold down and quickly press hard punch and hard kick together a couple times in rapid succession.

Here's a combo that takes advantage of this technique:

2B (x 1-2) -> far D~E -> CD -> 6 -> {close D -> 236D -> air dash jA} x 3 -> 236C -> 236236A

Wait until your opponent gets knocked back from the crouching weak kick hits to combo the far hard kick. Boost that hard kick right as it's starting up to get closer and then combo the Banishing Strike as per the above trick. (actual input: far D~E -> 2CD~CD)



Sayonara, Sucker! (Unblockable FKO)

When she does her Finishing Strike, the bowgun shots that Mamiya fires after tossing the explosive pack become unblockable if you hold the button down. Here's an example set-up for this trick -- with your opponent near the corner:

AC -> jA -> jC -> jD -> j236A

As you land from this combo, immediately do Mamiya's Sayonara (236CD) attack. Hold down weak punch to charge up a shot. Aim towards your opponent and release the button as they're getting up. Continue to fire bolts until the explosive reaches them.

After you hit with the air bowgun shot in the original combo, hold back on the joystick to put a little distance between Mamiya and her opponent. That way, even if they bust out an invincible wake-up attack you'll be safe. (moves like Jagi's Rakangeki and Shin's Raishinsho will still pose a threat, however)

Motorcycle Combo

far D (3 hits) or {2B -> 2B -> 2C} -> CD -> 6 -> 2C -> AC -> j236A -> dash far A -> {jB -> jB} x 2 -> far D (1 hit) -> 236236C -> ramming -> explosion

You can use an unboostable boost to more easily combo the far hard kick into the bike super: D -> 236236EC. After Mamiya appears on the bike she'll have to pop a wheelie by holding back to combo properly on Ken, Toki and Heart. The explosion at the end inflicts big damage, but Mamiya will get hit, too. Jump off by pressing a button if your health is low.

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Thanks nohoho for translating and gather up the infos. Mamiya's FKO could charge up and unblockable? I saw computer do that but didnt know I have to do it this way. I will try it on this thursday then.

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Motorcycle Combo

Some bike combo examples. Credit for these goes to... 688. (some dude posting on a livedoor thread)




OFF-TOPIC: I uploaded a bucket of SSF2T videos to that putfile site but it seems like they're disappearing. I'm not sure if I still have the originals -- if so they're buried on a CD spindle somewhere... so... Go check out what's left while you still can. Heh.

ON-TOPIC: Big JAGI specific odds and ends post almost done. Check back later.

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