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I have this suspision you can actually also beat out guard cancels by doing Boost > Aura Guard. I did this once by accident when I was boosting forward then someone guard canceled a move of mine... Basically just held down E and hit 6 4. Not sure if you can actually do this on reaction or if I had to boost before he GCed though. Raoh has nothing safe. :(

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I meant in terms of safe VS Guard Cancel attacks. Oh he's got TONS of safe shit everywhere else... everyone does in this game. It's a lot like GG in that regard... as long as you've got some meter, something risky can be something safe.

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How can you download that videos from putfile?

FlashGet works. There's also keepvid.com, but I've never used it before.

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Gwyrgyn - Can Raoh do Musou Tensei while boosting? Using that to dodge a guard cancel would be pretty badass.

A whole bunch of videos from a post-SBO showdown between Taji-kun and Kurenai no Buta (the SBO finalists) are up @ Stage 4. This old post of mine still applies, I guess. Filebank is effing slow/flakey lately, though.

Shiro also posted a Ken video that uses some of the same concepts as that Arcadia 4 star combo. I upped it to putfile:


The gist of Shiro's comments:

Crouching weak -> 236D+E for only 20% boost. Mid screen. Big dizzy.

OTG Banishing boost 236C boost 623A for only 1 boost stock. (all E~whatever... see above) Works even if you don't get the high OTG bounce after a high jump combo so it'll work even against Toki. (against whom its difficult to do 236D -> hj blah blah.)

2nd combo finish with super laser instead = OK. Works on characters with thin mid air profile like Toki. Vs. heart etc. add OTG 623A -> E -> 236CD

Here is Arcadia's ranking chart for April (pre SBO):

SSS: Toki

wall [iE no SS rank]

S: Rei


B: Ken, Raoh, Juda

C: Shin, Thouther, 2P Heart

D: Jagi, Mamiya, 1P Heart

Really briefly, some of their key points:

Toki: warp, damage after a throw, sekkakou counter [<- sbo-winning move!]

Rei: jump cancel traps, boon super damage, stealing momentum w/ fb super

Raoh: far D -> banishing no gauge combos. Weakness against Rei negated by spike combo

Kenshiro: no big advantages nor disadvantages

Juda: unblockable tricks, surprise kills, punishing mistakes

Shin: hot command throw but combos don't do enough damage + few safe attack patterns

Thouther: great attack patterns but gets demolished by Toki

2P Heart: combos more easily than 1P heart. "Since he has an easy match against Rei he could make an unexpected showing in the SBO finals." heh indeedy

Jagi: top class mix-up ability [ugh I'm still working on that stupid Jagi post, btw] but combos don't do enough damage

Mamiya: good attack patterns that can be used to overwhelm many characters but stamina is shit

1P Heart: "You could basically (?) say that he's a toothless pig."

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Yowsa. I had originally planned on just listing a few random Jagi items (the stuff at the bottom, mostly) but I got carried away and this became a sort of introduction to using Jagi -- anyway it's time for:

Posted Image

Credit for most of the following goes to Arcadia staff writer Pachi. For once some of this stuff is actually based on my own experience (+conjecture) with the game, too.



Turtle Jagi

A good starting place for Jagi is standing at a good distance from his opponent, hiding behind a gas slick. Light the slick on fire to build a bit of aura and then fire off a shotgun shot or lay down another slick and wait to see what your opponent does.

Air Defense

If they jump at you, meet them in the air with a couple jumping weak punches. If those hit, chain into jumping hard punch and then a Banishing Strike OTG to take a star. Otherwise keep pressing weak punch. This builds up Jagi's boost a bit and gives you a chance to set the pace when both characters land.

Ground Defense

When they try to approach on the ground use Jagi's crouching hard punch to push your opponent away. It's low enough to go underneath attacks like Toki's crouching hard kick or Ken's far hard kick and Jagi can combo into a Banishing Strike on a counter hit (not so much against Heart, though.)

Mid-Range Mix-Up

Another option to stymie your opponent's ground approach is the crouching hard kick / Grave Shoot two-way mix-up. Like the low hard punch, Jagi's Grave Shoot gets him very low to the ground. See below for a combo follow up. A diagonal shotgun blast is all you can really do when the crouching hard kick hits. This might combo better if you use the unboostable boost here: 2D -> 623E+A.



Banishing Combos

Although the following combos start with low weak kick -> close hard kick -> Banishing, the key ingredient in any Jagi combo is that last move. Whatever -> Banishing -> auto boost -> juggle (as per the combos below) is the general form.

If you press hard punch plus hard kick too quickly after the close hard kick hits you'll get a far hard kick instead of a Banishing Strike. It may be possible to sidestep any timing issues by using Raoh's kara cancel trick (close D -> 2CD~CD) but I haven't researched this much. Also, the close hard kick -> Banishing doesn't combo against Jagi when he's crouching. In a Jagi vs. Jagi match-up you may want to stick with crouching hard punch -> boost -> Banishing.

Entry Level

2B -> close D -> CD -> 6 -> far D -> {jB -> jD} x 1-3 -> 632146D or 236236C

Textbook A

2B -> close D -> CD -> 6 -> close D -> far D -> IAD jD -> far A -> {jB -> jD} x 2 -> 236236A or 236236C or 632146D

Textbook B

2B -> close D -> CD -> 6 -> close D -> far D -> {jB -> jA} -> {jB -> jB} x 2 -> 236236C or 632146D

Textbook A should work against everybody, but Textbook B is the easier choice vs. Raoh, Rei, Heart and Mamiya.

Three Stars plus Alpha

2B -> close D -> CD -> 6 -> close D -> 632146D -> A+C+E -> 2369A -> 236236A(OTG) or {E -> 236CD}

Depending on the distance here, you may not even need to boost to land the Finishing Strike after the Senjusatsu. See the similar 3 star finishing combo below.

The tianyuan2k4 Special

2B -> close D -> CD -> 6 -> close D -> 632146D -> E -> close D -> 236B -> 214B x n

Other Combos

Grave Shoot

AC -> 8 -> jA -> jB -> jC -> jD -> j236A -> jD(OTG) (-> j236A(OTG))

Omit the jumping hard punch against Juda, Toki, Jagi and Thouther. The final Senjusatsu attack works pretty consistently against Mr. Heart. It's iffy against the rest of the cast.

Throw Combo (near the corner)

throw -> 2A -> 5D -> 236236C or CD or 236A or 236CD

Throw Combo (anywhere)

throw -> ECD -> E -> 5D -> 632146D

Grab Combo

BD -> jA -> jB -> (delay)jC -> CD(OTG)

"Hehe... I've been waiting for this" Combos

Here are some no-frills combos for finishing your opponent off when they have n stars remaining.

1 Star

CD -> 6 -> close D -> far D -> 236CD

2 Stars

CD -> 6 -> AB or 632146D -> E -> close D -> 236CD

Use the heavy strike here when you're in the middle of the screen, Brother (the chain attack) when you're close to the corner. Either way, wait a moment before boosting to avoid shooting behind your opponent.

3 Stars

CD -> 6 -> AB or 632146D -> EAC -> 2369A -> 236CD

Depending on your opponent, there is a limit to how many hits you can land prior to the Banishing Strike and still have this combo work.

Raoh: 6 hits

Ken, Thouther, Heart, Mamiya: 4 hits

Toki, Rei, Juda: 3 hits

Jagi: 2 hits

Shin: 1 hit

You have to do the Finishing Strike very quickly after you land from the Senjusatsu. This is complicated by the fact that it does fewer hits depending on how long the combo has been up to that point. Add a boost in there (2369A -> E -> 236CD) to make this much easier.

4 Stars

6321463214+C -> 236+A -> CD -> 6 -> 632146D -> EAC -> 2369A -> E -> 236CD

Japanese version of the game only.



Here's a diagram that shows some of Jagi's different options for close-quarters combat. Key concepts (indicated with #n marks) are explained in more detail below.

           E~CD -> combo
         /hit (#1)
2B -> 2C 
          \block             2369A -> E -> 2B -> etc.
           \               /
             CD -> E -> 2A   (#3)
           (#2)            \
                             2B -> etc.
#1 - Hit Confirm

When you see that your opponent has gotten hit by the crouching weak kick -> crouching hard punch set, boost and go into a Banishing combo. A more exotic type of hit confirm sequence involves using an unboostable shotgun shot:

2C -> 236EA -> (hit confirm) E -> 2B -> 5D -> CD -> etc.


far C -> 236EA -> etc.

Get the hard punch -> shotgun sequences to combo more consistently by pressing boost and weak punch together at the exact moment the hard punch hits. Then, if you see that these have hit, boost out of the shotgun animation and continue the combo with crouching weak kick.

#2 - Banishing to Build Boost

Making your opponent block Banishing Strike attacks is an excellent way to build Jagi's boost meter. Each one gives him about half of a boost stock. When you've got enough, you might as well use that boost to put further pressure on your opponent -- see #3.

The blocked crouching hard punch -> Banishing Strike sequence isn't air tight. In other words, your opponent can sneak a counter attack in between those two moves. One thing you can do to try to discourage this is to mix in a crouching hard punch -> Jarougeki (214C) sequence. The Jarougeki has a little bit of invincibility as it starts up -- dodge their counter and blast them back towards the wall. Boost here and use a standard juggle combo.

#3 - Two-Way Mix-Up

Jagi's main weapon for defeating his enemy's defenses is his two-way mix up between the following high/low attacks:

1) Hokuto Senjusatsu. Performed with a "tiger knee" motion this becomes a quick overhead attack. Boost after 2-3 punches whether it hits or not to combo or continue the mix-up as the situation warrants.

2) Crouching weak kick -- a quick low attack. Pick a combo from the above list or, if they block, loop back around to an earlier point on the diagram.

If you're very close to your opponent you can expand this to a low/high/throw three-way mix-up. Here's a special case:

Three-Way vs. Enemy in Corner

When your opponent is in the middle of the screen and you boost towards them (with no follow-up attack), the boost travels a set distance. If they're backed into the corner, however, the boost stops when you reach them and Jagi immediately returns to an idle state. This is an excellent time to use a three-way mix up. Against a cornered opponent, we'll omit the crouching weak punch so that the diagram looks like this:

                      2B -> etc.
     CD     ->    E - throw -> 2A -> 5D -> 236A
(or whatever)       \
                      2369A -> etc.
Unblockable Okiseme

Make your opponent block something as they stand up and follow that closely with an unblockable attack. In broad strokes, this means a gas fire (explosion) or shotgun shot followed by a Heavy Strike or charged Banishing Strike. Here are two sample patterns:

1) Shotgun -> charged Banishing

Having knocked your opponent down with a Rakangeki super or a Grave Shoot combo, fire a shotgun shot and then boost and start charging a Banishing Strike. Ideally, they'll block the shotgun and get blasted by the Banishing Strike. Near the corner, use any old juggle (see the "Miscellany" section below for something more exotic.) At mid screen, boost after the Banishing connects and start a combo with a low weak kick.

2) Gas fire -> Heavy Strike

After a standard Banishing Combo or when you connect with a Jarougeki, immediately lay down a gasoline slick. Boost immediately as you toss a match and then do a Heavy Strike (AB). The goal here is to make your enemy block the gas fire right before Jagi unleashes the Heavy Strike. Combo that into a Banishing combo with E~CD.

A variation on the gas fire setup is the oil barrel trap. End a combo with a match hit -> barrel -> etc. as per The tianyuan2k4 Special, or combo -> barrel -> match -> boost etc.

Posted Image



Max Banishing -> Rakangeki plus Alpha

When you make a cornered opponent block a max charge Banishing Strike you can continue to juggle after connecting with a Rakangeki super.

CD(hold) -> 236236C -> weak punch needles -> {(dash) -> far A -> CD} or {632146D}

The key here is proper timing of the needle follow up as the super ends. Against Jagi, press weak punch a couple times after five Rakangeki hits. Against Raoh and Rei wait until it hits seven times. For everybody else -- six hits should work. The far weak punch -> Banishing follow-up is ideal, but Brother is easier and you still get the star. Weak punch -> Finishing Strike works, too.

Boost the Senjusatsu

After doing the motion for a Senjusatsu press weak punch and then boost in rapid succession for a cool sneak attack.


Jagi flies forward and down as he starts the move. Boost again after 2-3 strikes whether the move hits or not and your boost usage shouldn't exceed one stock. Try this from a backwards air dash, too.

Boost at Round Start

To attack your enemy at the earliest possible moment, you can simply press and hold the appropriate button before the round starts. When you've got a boost stock ready, two recommended opening moves are:

1) Boost plus crouching weak punch

Press and continue to hold down boost plus weak punch while holding down on the joystick while the announcer is talking ("Decide the Destiny") to attack immediately as the round starts. Please note that if your opponent uses an identical technique you'll likely get beat by everyone but Rei and Thouther.

2) Boost plus standing weak punch

Use this to nail your opponent if they try to jump away at the start of the round. If they've got only one star left, something like this should finish them off:

E+A(held down) -> close D -> CD -> E -> 236CD

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Just felt this needs to be said Nohoho, VERY very good work you're doing here Although people may not be posting, I'm sure anyone who has a passing interesting in HnK has found your stuff to be quite useful, and perhaps even to those who've stopped playing, an interesting read. Just thought I'd like to make an appreciation post (our arcade closed down, so no more HnK playing but....)

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sexy Jagi guide

Seriously, major props for this. If HnK ever gets another revision and/or is ported over to PS2, I'll be putting alot of this info to good use (well, whatever still works anyway).

It's also good to finally know why none of us could ever get Jagi's "Say my Name" super to work - it's not even in the North American release! :(

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I'd post more but I don't have the game, and I play it maybe twice a month at most. I'm lucky to have as much Raoh info as I do. :/ Speaking of Raoh, did someone every explain the jump cancel boost glitch he uses? Basically you see him do 2C > jc.IAD j.K 214D at light speed in some of his combos. He boost with his jump cancel and flies forward from about half screen distance. Any idea how it's done? Or is it just a matter of jumping and hitting boost?

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POscrub - I appreciate the good word. With any luck there will be some juicy "SBO Trends" type coverage in the next Arcadia that I can share with the class. More movies @ stage:4 Gatchi showdowns: taji-kun (Juda) vs. Msin (Raoh) white (Rei) vs. shiro (Ken) (uh, both using their secondary characters) Follow that same link I posted earlier. The page layout hasn't changed. I haven't watched much yet but the Taji-Msin action looks pretty hot. Boosted, powered Tenshoraigeki right through a bunch of Juda crap in round one of match one. Not too shabby. A-cho is posting videos again. They've got a Hokuto tourney the first week of June -- various SBO entrants play there (Keese Heart-sama!) so it could be a nice month for HnK match vids.

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I'd post more but I don't have the game, and I play it maybe twice a month at most. I'm lucky to have as much Raoh info as I do. :/

Speaking of Raoh, did someone every explain the jump cancel boost glitch he uses? Basically you see him do 2C > jc.IAD j.K 214D at light speed in some of his combos. He boost with his jump cancel and flies forward from about half screen distance. Any idea how it's done? Or is it just a matter of jumping and hitting boost?

I'm pretty sure it's IAD B+E. The half distance thing is because of the wall combo knockback.

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I've heard the C+D+E thing explained a few times before, but I'm still having a little trouble on a few things. For example with Thouther I try to do this: 2BB 236A 236B CDE 6 ...etc. Now the problem is that about half the time I try to do this, the blowback doesn't connect. Any ideas why? My suspicion was that I just need to time it early... at the start of hit pause, and not just buffer it haphazardly like you would a gattling combo. Basically I would need to cancel the second hit of the 236B almost exactly as it hit, or something like that.

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A-cho is posting videos again. They've got a Hokuto tourney the first week of June -- various SBO entrants play there (Keese Heart-sama!) so it could be a nice month for HnK match vids.

Hmm no need to wait till June. There's a movie up today: a-cho.com -> the left button that leads to .../mov.html -> acho_hkt_yaddayadda (top file as of monday night)

Keese(Keith?) (Heart), Flying Rabbit (Rei), MDR (Toki) vs.

Waneseza (Ken), Kurenai (Toki), Hisashi (Thouther)


Taji-kun (Juda) vs. DK (Kenshiro) movie series up on Stage:4

btw - the recent white vs. shiro batch isn't that hot. If you want to save some bandwidth just get one of those so you can see white's funky Rei combo then move on. Taji-kun vids, otoh, are always good.

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Jump-Modified Special Moves

When you hit with a move that both a) works as a launcher and b) can be cancelled (Toki's crouching weak kick, Thouther's close hard punch) it's possible to combine the jump pursuit and cancel inputs to modify the follow-up move. It will take away one more star than normal. This trick works with the following moves:


1) Toukei Kouhou


2) Kyokusei Jyuji Shohapu (normally 214A)

3) Spear Toss

4) Houshou Jyujihou

5) Seitei Jyujiryou

For example, with Thouther follow up a close hard punch with a spear toss but add an extra "up" into the joystick motion:

close C -> 8623+punch


close C -> 62369+punch

The spear counts as an aerial attack and takes a star.

After starting up a wall bounce combo with Toki, try a crouching weak kick into Kouhou with the following motion:

2B -> 632147D

Here's a clip of Kurenai no Buta using this trick against Taji-kun. Keep an eye on Juda's star gauge as Toki finishes the first combo.


Boost at Round Start

Here is a chart that lists some recommended opening moves. Hold boost plus the corresponding button before the round begins. See the last item in the Jagi Odds and Ends post for more information. "Anti-air" attacks are for hitting your opponent if they try to jump away as the round begins. "Max-speed" attacks counter "anti-air" attacks, among other things.

            Anti-Air             Max-Speed
Kenshiro    far B -> far D       2A (a)
Raoh        nothing              2A (a)
Toki        far B -> 2C          2A (a)
Jagi        far A -> close D (*) 2A (b)
Shin        nothing              2A (a)
Rei         nothing              2A (b)
Juda        far A -> far C (*)   2A (a)
Thouther    far C -> CD (*)      2B (c)
Heart       nothing              A (a)
Mamiya      nothing              far B (a)

* - Jagi, Juda and Thouther's anti-air options miss crouching characters.

a, b, c - Rank of different quick attacks. (a) is fastest

Heart can't actually boost as the round starts, of course, but his standing weak punch will beat or clash with everything else listed on the chart. Combo into a weak earth crush.

Thouther's fastest attack is his far weak punch but it misses all crouching opponents except Raoh and Heart.

High Scores

June 2006 Arcadia

The name on all of these is FJC somethingorother.

Character    Score
Jagi         15,401,900
Shin         15,782,400
Mamiya       13,355,100
Toki         14,479,400



Corner Combo Using Jump-Modified Moves

2B -> 2B -> AC -> 8 -> jC -> j214A(2nd hit) -> close C -> jump-modified spear -> close A -> close C -> jump-modified Jyuji Shohapu

For a jump-modified spear do 8623+punch, 6321473+punch or some such. For a jump modified Kyokusei Jyuji Shohapu 2147A should work. Under these circumstances both of those moves take away a star. After you hit with the Grave Shoot (AC) attack, wait a moment before doing the jump pursuit. Against Shin, take a small step backwards before the close weak punch.

This combo works on all characters and, as a bonus, against everyone but Rei and Heart, the second hit of the ground fireball lingers long enough to catch them as they stand up. You can immediately go into a Heavy Strike (AB) -> Boost -> Banishing for some unblockable okiseme. Ideally, we're looking at a six star -> Finishing Strike sequence here.

Here's a variation of the above combo with a Finishing Strike on the end:

2B -> 2B -> AC -> 8 -> jC -> j214A(2nd hit) -> close C -> jump-modified spear -> close A -> close C -> CD -> E -> 2C -> 2C -> 236CD

Against Toki you may boost underneath him so be careful about which way to do the Finishing Strike.



Properties of Towards plus Hard Kick

Toki's upper body becomes invincible immediately as he starts his towards plus hard kick attack. Also, it takes a star on counter hit, so it's handy for interrupting your opponent's attacks.

If you see your enemy doing a Heavy Strike, break out this move to pass right through it and land a counter hit. This should work on everyone but Shin and Juda. After it hits, cancel into a warp (623B) -> crouching hard punch -> Grave Shoot -> etc.

Toki's 6D also beats Juda and Jagi's Banishing Strikes. Both of them use those Strikes frequently, so this counter is something to keep in mind.

This attack works as an overhead against Raoh and Heart. You'll be left at about even initiative if it's blocked so when you have them cornered you can follow up with something else. If it hits, take a small step forward and start a combo with crouching hard kick.

Finally, the towards plus hard kick can be used as air defense against Heart. Try to catch him right as he's landing.

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O_o Souther's spear toss could take out a star this way? Now I could add that to the spear loop to take out 3 stars with ease: anything > banishing strike > 6 > 2C x 2/3 > 236A > (stand C > 62369A) x 3 > 66 AC > 2147A. Simple is not a crime people! Anyway, Nohoho are you going Kongman this week? I would like to see you. And thanks for all the info.

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I figured out my Thouther problem for the corner loop anyway. Instead of 2B 2B 236A 236C(2) CDE... you do this instead: 2B 2B 236A 236CE(1) CDE I'm assuming you can also get extra stars from the wall juggle this creates by using the C.c 8623C thing. I'll try it out whenever I actually play next.

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one thing I don't get. How the heck can 1P and 2P make a difference in combos and whatnots for specific characters? If they switch sides during a fight, then it won't matter right? Or is this decided when you choose a char... (Which is stupid...)

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Jagi vs. Jagi video:


It's a low-res, shaky, cell phone cap but there's some decent Jagi action on display. EDIT: QuickTime Player can read this. Not sure what else.

Some Jagi combo stuff...

Someone posted this on a livedoor thread as an alternative to the "Three Stars plus Alpha" combo vs. Rei. (Rei doesn't get lifted properly by Grave Shoot as part of that combo)

Banishing -> Auto-Boost -> Brother (632146D) -> Boost -> close D far D -> IAD jD -> A -> climbing jump B falling jump D -> 2C -> Match -> Oil Drum x n OR Super Gasoline

Here's a riff on that theme that I got to work on a few CPU characters:

Banishing -> Auto-Boost -> close D -> Brother -> Boost -> close D far D -> jump B jump D -> Rakangeki (236236C)

Three stars. No sweat. Highly recommended.

tianyuan2k4 - I was there today. I forgot that you've stuffed the damn high scores -- I got 5 something million and I was scratching my head when it didn't ask me for my initials. Heh heh. I'll probably go tomorrow afternoon, too. We need to discuss "tournament" plans.

drzero7 - 1P/2P differences are a factor only for Heart. 2P Heart (decided when you choose, as you put it) has a little more range on his throws vs. airborne opponents. I don't know why. Perhaps his mid-point -- as used to determine throw range -- is a little farther forward than 1P heart's? [gak I was uploading that video above as I wrote this and POscrub already covered it]

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Sorry, nohoho, I couldnt show up on Thursday because a friend visiting my house. I just woke up it's already Friday 11am. I will go to KongMan by 3 and stay there till 5 today. I can go to KongMan tomorrow, but I dont know if you will be free. By the way, Jagi is capable of getting a high score thanks to his 2B, stand C, BS > 6, stand D, brother > boost 236CD in the beginning of last match. You can get life perfect, time bonus x 50 (if you beat computer within 5 seconds) that will be above 150,000 at least for that round, if you can get a perfect star guage, total score will be around 200,000 for one match.

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Here's another Jagi movie from that series: ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFUcdXNrDwo MrNew here made a special trip to TRF to capture some Jagi vs. Jagi action. I put zen in the filename of that earlier one but I guess that wasn't him after all. Zen Jagi movies coming soon maybe. (please don't be dropping combos like these other guys, Zen) TY! - Yeah let's try Saturday. 4ish? I wonder if some other mode of communication would be more efficient here. Heh. BTW - I crept up on the back half of the high scores using round 3 start CD~E -> 6 -> 236CD with Juda. ^__^

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Nohoho, have you ever explained Ken's ability to do ground moves in the air after a boosted 623C? I believe the combo is done 623C, 6EAC, D |> 236C > jc.IAD j.C |> D 236C ... etc. It looks very, very weird, but I'm not sure if there's a trick to it or not.

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I mentioned it in the third post in the anti-toki thread. I'm afraid I don't know any more details.

New movies up on that kuuronn site. Msin, DK, Marumachi, Waneseza[*], Keese vs. Kurenai. Gwyrgyn, you were hoping for some Raoh vs. Toki? Msin-Kurenai is about as good as it gets. Too bad one stinking match (movie) isn't enough to really glean anything. I think that Shiro is planning on uploading more of those showdown series of vids -- maybe he has more.

[*] I think I scrambled this guy's name in that SBO results post, btw.

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