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Blazblue: Short Stories and Novel Discussion

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For easier reference, I'm compiling all the translations of the blazblue material collection short stories into this thread. So far, about 5 of them have been fully translated. I'll link to all the stories from this first post for easier navigation.

Edit (1-9-2010): I will translate Phase 0 in my free time, so updates won't be regular. I'm just aiming to finish the 1st chapter for now, it covers Ragna meeting Caelica, and the 2 of them running into mitsuyoshi (jubei). Hopefully an official version will be announced or baka-tsuki picks it up.

(15-9-2010): Chapter 1 is officially completed. Will be finishing up tao and litchi's short stories, then this thread is done.

(22-9-2010): Prologue of Phase 0 completed. translation of the subsequent chapters will be put on hold so I can do litchi's story.

(5-10-2010): All mc short stories completed.

(26-10-2010): On break to tackle exams. will resume after nov.

(14-11-2010): Chapter 2 of phase 0 completed.

(1-12-2010): A combination of several factors means I won't be posting phase 0 for the forseeable future. I'll still be working on chimelical complex though.

(18-8-2011) Chapter 3 of phase 0 completed.

Hakumen's story added (20-8-2010)
Carl's story added (21-8-2010)
Arakune's story added (24-8-2010)
Bang's story added (25-8-2010)
Sub-chapter 1 of Lost White added (1-9-2010)
Sub-chapter 2 of Lost White added (4-9-2010)
Tager's story added (6-9-2010)
Shuuichirou's Log 1 & 2 added (7-9-2010)
Sub-chapter 3 of Lost White added (13-9-2010)
Sub-chapter 4 of Lost White added (15-9-2010)
Shuuichirou's Log 3 added (17-9-2010)
Taokaka's story added (19-9-2010)
Shuuichirou's Log 4 added (20-9-2010)
Shuuicihirou's Log 5 and Final Log added (21-9-2010)
Prologue added (22-9-2010)
Litchi's story added (5-10-2010)
Sub-chapter 1 of Destructive Black added (10-10-2010)
Sub-chapter 2 of Destructive Black added (11-10-2010)
Sub-chapter 3 of Destructive Black added (18-10-2010)
Sub-chapter 4 of Destructive Black added (14-11-2010)
Sub-chapter 5 of Destructive Black added (14-11-2010)
Epilogue added (11-12-2010)
Sub-chapter 1 of Reality's Red added (25-12-2010)
Sub-chapter 2 of Reality's Red added (28-5-2011)
Sub-chapter 3 of Reality's Red added (31-7-2011)
Sub-chapter 4 of Reality's Red added (18-8-2011)
Sub-chapter 1 of Chance-met Silver added (25-2-2012)

List of stories in order given by the Material Collection:
Ragna the Bloodedge (Memory of Blue) (Done by Suzaku)
Jin Kisaragi (purgatory hell)
Noel Vermillion (THE BLUE)
Iron Tager (Trust You)
Taokaka (Capricious Us)
Rachel Alucard (Endless Waltz)
Arakune (The Diary)
Litchi Faye Ling (Borderline)
Carl Clover (Puppeteers)
Bang Shishigami (Fortune favours the bold)
Hakumen (Innocent Black)
Nu-13 (an evil sign)

Blazblue Phase 0:


Lost White:
Shuuichirou's Log 1 & 2
Sub-chapter 1
Sub-chapter 2
Sub-chapter 3
Sub-chapter 4

Destructive Black:
Shuuichirou's Log 3
Sub-chapter 1
Sub-chapter 2
Sub-chapter 3
Sub-chapter 4
Sub-chapter 5

Reality's Red:
Shuuichirou's Log 4
Sub-chapter 1
Sub-chapter 2
Sub-chapter 3
Sub-chapter 4

Chance-met Silver
Shuuicirou's Log 5
Sub-chapter 1
Sub-chapter 2

Sealed Green
Shuuichirou's Final Log

Promised Azure


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Rachel Alucard (Endless Waltz)

The sound of the teacup being placed onto the saucer echoed throughout the garden blanketed with red roses.

The sky had long since set, and it was the hour which the stars illuminated the night with their cold fire. At her side an old butler with a long beard stood in silent repose. Furthermore at his side a bat and a large black cat were huddled together, snoozing away with light and easy breaths.

Rachel's teatime. Ever the same.

Skin as white as snow. Beautiful blonde hair. Red pupils. Rachel Alucard was a girl in possesion of a doll-like beauty.

The girl usually dressed in black. As a foil to her white skin, this created a superb contrast, which only further enhanced the elegance of the girl. At a glance, the girl resembled nothing more than the young daughter of a noble family, however in reality she was a vampire who had already lived for several hundred years. The enormous castle built upon the vast grounds belonged to the Alucard household, a noted family amongst the vampire race. The girl was the current head of the household.

Even though she was called the head of the household, the actual occupants of the castle other than Rachel were her butler Valkenhayn, the bat Gii, and the black cat Nago. These 4 people (?) were the only ones left.

Moistening her mouth with the warm black tea, with one breath she looked up at the sky inlaid with stars. Rachel waited in still silence. For their first meeting. That was a day in the life of Rachel. A day in the life of a girl who experienced endless rewindings of time.


“We're going.”

The leisurely sleeping Nago and Gii were rudely aroused from their slumber by a shoe kicking them awake. Jumping up in shock, their unhappy protests were duely ignored by Rachel. She then pinched and slapped them for good measure. The 2 creatures yelped out loud, and hurridly began to prepare for departure.

Ignoring the flurry of activity from the 2 creatures, Rachel looked over at her butler Valkenhayn, who appeared to be holding something in. After looking into Rachel's eyes and reading what was in there, after a few moments passed, Valkenhayn quietly said a very short “Take care milady”.

Elegantly settling herself down with ease, she tidied up her attire, and started to exude a strong sense of awareness and control over the shadows flowing withing the shadows. Rachel mumbled something softly, and her figure slowly slipped into the darkness. Valkenhayn wordlessly bowed, as his lady—— Rachel, he silently sent off.


The first thing noticable after stepping out of the darkness was that needle-like raining was falling. Before the eye a grusome scene stretched out for miles. What was once a church surrounded by lush woods and beautiful flowers had crumbled beyond any vestige of recognition, the surrounding area was burnt down to the ground, as if the arsonist was not only satisfied with mere kidnapping.

In the forefront of that scenery, there was a lone youth in front on the destroyed church. Cradling his right arm in his lap, his voice all but spent, he was yelling something as if his life depended on it.

“How shameful.”

Rachel noiselessly drew close to the youth's side, saying so as he looked down upon the squatting youth.

The surprised youth looked up with a stunned expression on his face. With eyes like jade he scowled at Rachel.

Rachel's expression remained unchanged as she stared at the youth for a little while, then turned her gaze to the ruins of the church.

As if surveying the place, Rachel looked over the church and it's surrounding regions, then elegantly raised her left hand to her chest level. Her fingers resembling white fish, she traced several circles in the air, and gently opened her palm. As soon as she did that, a drop of transparent light fell from her hand and spilt onto the ground. The instant the drop hit the ground, from what could be termed as the core of that place, blue light begin to form in the outline of a cross.

In a blink of an eye the blue light suddenly traced itself out into a magic square. Once it was done it hard to say if the magic square looked like some sort of family crest or not, but ground began to collapse as if a whole region had just fallen out of the ground.

The youth glanced over and saw that something imcomprehensible had awoken. However, without having even enough time to scream, he was swallowed into the hole.

Before long things finally started to calm down. Occasionally, the cracking of rocks as they tumbled down into the hole could be heard

Rachel teleported to the bottom in a flash, the youth was lying flat on the ground like a cotton cloth drenched with water. Rachel stared at his unmoving figure from the shadows.

Presently, the youth who was thought to be dead struggled to get up, as if his body were as heavy as lead. Using his left arm to support his body, he called out in a feeble voice. Fresh blood flew out from his mouth.

The youth once again fell down onto his back. Ragged breaths and desperate yells issued from his mouth. It was easy to see he wasn't long for this world.

“How unexpectedly sloppy of you...”

Rachel spoke. It seemed the youth finally managed to turn his head towards Rachel, she narrowly coming into sight. Without tears nor vitality, it seemed he realised that there was only one possible outcome. As if looking for the entrance to death itself, his eyes scanned the surroundings rapidly.

“Would you like some assistance? If so, then I'll help you stop the bleeding by drinking your blood alright?”

Saying this caused an expression of dismay to rise in the back of her mind, and her cheeks flushed red.

And then once again, she looked down silently at the youth.

Some amount of time passed, and it seemed the rain had finally stopped. The majority of the sky was still covered in clouds, amidst the gaps some rays of light managed to poke through.

One of the rays lighted up the youth's vacant eyes. His right eye, which was beautiful like transparent jade, was now red as if stained by blood.

“If you don't wish to die, then stand before me.”

Suddenly, the youth broke eye contact. It seemed he had spotted something. With his last bit of strength he walked over to the wall as if his life depended on it. Gritting his teeth, he supported his body on his remainding arm.

After finally reaching the wall, with only the right eye which had been dyed red, the youth began scrutinisng the wall for something.

The burnt wall exposed a most unusual object. It was a jet black rock which looked like some sort of obsidian without any lustre.

It was shaped in the fashion of a human. However, everything above it's neck was missing. To this strange rock that had a weird shape, without any trace of hesitation, the youth walked over as if drawn to it by some unknown force. And then, he touched the rock with his bloodied left arm.

In that instant, the rock begin to rumble like the beat of a drum. What seemed like sand began to crumble from the rock, followed by a jet black mist spewing out of the rock with fierce vigour. In an instant the black mist turned into some form of darkness, and swallowed the youth whole.

Watching up to that point with her own eyes, Rachel turned to depart.

“Princess, shouldn't we watch all the way to the end?”

The black cat Nago, with a worried expression his face, asked. However, Rachel didn't reply.

“Yes, yes that's right! Princess! Isn't he someone very import- gyaa!!”

Meeting Gii's outburst with silence and a beating, Rachel shook her head slighty and muttered.

“... What an irony.”

He was always seeing himself as a “Grim Reaper”.

Rachel sat down on Nago and closed her eyes. And then they all vanished into the darkness.

Shortly after, the darkness was dispelled. In it's place stood the figure of the youth. He took several deep breaths. The youth's body which had lost it's right arm was now whole once again, the right arm back where it should be.

However, that blackness that was the right arm—— it was the same as the strange rock. That form it took—— the arm of Hades borne of blood, that was what it was.

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Noel Vermillion (THE BLUE):

Noel Vermillion. That became the girl's new name.

The girl that was a war orphan was adopted by Edgar Vermillion and his wife Clair into their family, and at the same time, that name was given to her.

The Vermillion household were nobility of some renown which, for many generations, had produced many distinguished knights who served in the Librarium. However, due to a weak constituion the current head Edgar was unable to join the military campaigns; in addition, they did not have any children to succeed the family line. Also, because they weren't afraid to openly criticise and protest against the Librarium (even though they were nobility), the Vermillion household was frowned upon by the Librarium and the other nobles, had their aristocratic privileges reduced, and their family line was ostracised.

While surviving on their dwindling family fortune their ancestors had amassed, the ruined family carried on with their lives and adopted Noel. In a tiny cottage in a backwater area with shallow sethir levels, Noel grew up showered with love from her adoptive parents. They were moderately happy, and the days passed by as such.

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

A few years after her adoption, Noel came to know about the impending termination of the Vermilion household's aristocratic privileges.

The Vermilion house banished from the Librarium, and loss of their aristocratic privileges—— If that happened, that would mean even day to day life would soon become difficult. Worried about the future, Noel decided to become a knight in the Librarium, and so decided to take the entrance exams for the Military Academy.

“Dad, Mum. I, I want to become a knight in the Librarium.”

Noel suddenly dropped the bombshell while looking straight into her parent's shocked eyes.


The knights of Librarium, as their names implied, were soldiers under the Librarium. Naturally, as a soldier, one was expected to devote their entire being to the service of the Librarium. If Noel became a knight then her family's privileges would be restored, and they would once again enjoy the patronage of the Librarium. Noel knew all that. Even though her parents protested against her decision, Noel's resolve remained firm.

The result of their discussion was that Noel was not to enlist as a combatant but to do office work—— which could be said as their final compromise.

Thus, Noel took the entrance examination for entry into the Military Academy. But, because she was entering halfway, she had to deal with another test. An test which placed priority of Ars Magus aptitude over knowledge, you could call it the real barrier within the barrier that stood in her way of enlistment.

However, not only did Noel's aptitude levels exceed far beyond the required standards, it was also the highest level ever recorded in history. For the 2nd time in recent years, the previous record was once again smashed by the current one. Noel easily passed her exams—— in addition, she was specially invited into the Military Academy.

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

6 months before Noel was due to graduate from the Academy, an incident happened. The school was abuzz with a certain topic.

“Did ya hear did ya hear!? Kisaragi-senpai, he went and did something cool!”

The one who noisily rushed into the classroom after school was none other than Noel's roommate, the half squirrel beast-kin Makoto.

“Please calm down Makoto. What happened to Jin?”

Also Noel's roommate, hailing from 1 of the Duodecim's families, Tsubaki Yayoi chided her friend while calmly replying.

“After evaluating his actions during the Ikaruga civil war, he's been promoted by 2 grades!”

While waving a newspaper that had the words “Extra!” printed on it in large font, Makoto excitedly continued to blab on. The newspaper caption read “1st Lieutenant Jin Kisaragi, has been promoted to become the youngest Major in recorded history. He also has been appointed as the division commander of the 4th Thaumaturgical Division”

“ A double promotion... Besides those who were killed in the line of duty, has that ever happened before?”

“Somehow, since he was only there for 2 days, I think a single promotion would have fitted more-”

As soon as she recalled that name that was already fading from her mind, Noel remember her deeply emotive feelings.

1st Lieutenant Jin Kisaragi... wrong, Major. A graduate of the Academy, a a student senior to Noel and company. Serving in the student council she had faced him numerous times, and had spoken with him before. Perfect in every way and quiet... no, that wasn't right, his frosty image made him a difficult senior to deal with. Noel absent-mindedly stared at the large photo of Jin published in the newspaper that was lying on top of the desk.

“Jin Kisaragi...”

While saying his name, the image that Noel only saw once in her entire time in school; the image of Jin with a lunatic expression on his face, flashed across her mind, and Noel caught her breath.

“What's wrong? Your breathing seems ragged... Are you that happy for Jin's accomplishments?”

“N-no, that's not it...”

“You really shouldn't joke about this kind of thing... so, you are really feeling ok?”

With a worried face, Tsubaki looked over at Noel who had denied not feeling well with a weak voice.

“Ah, yes. I'm fine.”

Noel did her best to smile as she replied.

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

That person arrived exactly on time. A solidly built old man dressed in a blue uniform.

“Ms Noel Vermillion?”


Her nervousness increased.

“I am from the Personnel Department of the main branch. My purpose today is to inform you about the orders regarding your transfer. Do you understand?”

“... Yes."

“Very well. These are the instructions given from the Librarium to you. Cadet Noel Vermillion. We at the Novis Orbis Librarium hold your potential in extremely high esteem. We hope to appoint you to an official posting. In exchange the Vermillion family will have it's rights restored and you will be guaranteed your posting permanently."

Noel's eyes widened. Resisting the urge to ask him to repeat himself, Noel scrutinised his expression.

His face remained unchanged. The Librarium being interested in a lowly cadet to this extent was unheard of.

“Um... That is... What would I have to do... if I accepted?”

“Firstly, you'll have to take and clear an exam, then you'll be entered into the 4th Thaumaturgical Division. Following that you'll be assigned to Jin Kisaragi as a special solo combatist under his direct supervision, and you'll be observing his actions as our “link” to him”

—— Why me?

Put simply, a “special solo combatist” was a spy and an assassin. Officially she would be under Major Kisaragi to do paperwork, in other words she would become his ministral secretary... Noel bit her lip. In her mind Jin's image flashed before her.

(Kisaragi-senpai's direct subordinate...)

Cold sweat trickled down her cheek. It was true that her Armagus aptitude scores were the highest ever recorded in history. However, she thought that couldn't be all. If you talked about results then Tsubaki was head and shoulders above her, and in terms of battle ability there were plenty of more outstanding people. Noel thought about it long and hard.

In the midst of her indecision, she finally came to 1 acceptable conclusion. Put simply, even though “her level of potential” and “her level of results” weren't exactly very high, to the Librarium, she was just usuable in her own way, and simply another “disposable when convenient person”...

Futhermore the Librarium had caught on that “Noel's weakness” was her family, and were taking advantage of this fact

However, even with those conditions, if she were to accept——

With a frail cough her father discussing their loss of special rights and her mother encouraging him. And also the image of her only looking from shadows without being able to do anything. That scene ran through her mind.

—— I humbly accept the posting.

I intentionally gave my answer respectfully. That's right, the me now should be able to endure it. I should kill off my heart. That is what I was taught being a Librarium knight means.

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Jin Kisaragi (purgatory hell):

Flipping through the pages, Jin let out a sigh. Field officers and higher ranks were given an official office in the main branch of the Libarium. In a short while, the organisation was set to publish a new book entitled “Biographies of Heroes”. It covered heroes both past and present from the Libarium, as well as exploits of these heroes compiled into an omnibus format and written in an autobiographical style. As Jin was one of the top heroes still alive in the present age, not only did his face adorned the front cover, but a fair amount of the book was devoted to his introduction and exploits.

The one that was in his hands was just a manuscript. “The person himself should confirm all the facts” was a duty Jin was ordered to do, which was why he was even bothering to skim through the book.


There was nothing to confirm—— The introduction chronicled his life from the day he was adopted into the Kisaragi household, and the climax covered his activities during the Ikaruga Civil War. However, there were a lot of portions that differed from the reality as it had happened, and several parts were heavily dramatised. If everything was written the way it had really happened, then a lot of the book would have to be cut.

As he was about to sign off “No Problem” on the manuscript's first page, there was a knock on the office door.

“... Come in.”

It was a command given without even raising his head from his desk. With an “Excuse me”, the door opened. A young female officer respectfully bowed and entered. Jin's posture remainded unchanged, his vision still focused on the book on top of his desk, and he spoke.

“... What do you want?”

“ —— 2nd Lieutenant Noel Vermillion reporting. It's been a long time, Major.”

“... Noel... Vermillion?”

A name he had heard before. Jin knew this girl. It wasn't the first time they had met. During his time at the military academy, they had numerous conversations before.

—— Why is this girl suddenly back at my side? She's pissing me off...!!

Jin hated this girl's face. To the point where just imagining it would fill him with disgust. Noel stepped forward and presented something to Jin. Jin stretched out for it with only his hand—— it appeared to be a letter. He examined the letter, then broke the seal.

He grew dizzy. From it's contents he thought that it might be the higher ups all ganging up on him with this unknown scheme. It said Noel Vermillion was “to be appointed as a special solo soldier tasked mainly with intelligence and assasination, to be place under direct supervision of a division commander.”

—— Why?

It wasn't as if she had come from a special family line. If you looked at her grades they weren't excellent. The only thing that could be considered for special mention was her remarkably high armagus aptitude scores. She had little experience, and possesed insufficient knowledge. Jin went through the various information and details in his head, trying to mesh his speculations into coherent thought. However, no matter how hard he thought about it he couldn't recall any special reason for this girl to be appointed as his direct subordinate.

Once again, he grew dizzy. Just what kind of torture was this... He gritted his inner teeth.

—— This woman is the same.

At that point Jin raised his head for the first time. Her cheeks stiffened, a nervous look upon her face as she stood there. The Libarium's orders were absolute. Even a hero like Jin could ill-afford to go against them without severe consequences. This moment was another example of him always being unable to go against the Libarium's implicit laws, and it annoyed him immensely.

“... Congratulations on your new appointment, Lieutenant Vermillion. Further instructions will be issued to you in another room. Look for the person in charge. That is all; you're dismissed.”

Drowning the girl under all the instructions given in one shot, Jin hurriedly chased the newly appointed female officer out of his office.

“Damn it...”

Once he had confirmed that the girl had left his office, Jin let out an irritable sigh, and slammed his fists on his desk.

“Why... Of all things... That girl is...!!”

His irritation grew. As he exhaled and calmed down, Jin noticed an unusual feeling and turned around. Placed on a sword rack was the ice sword Yukianesa, and some kind of weird air seemed to be seeping out of it.

“... Bastard. What do you want to say?”

Jin directed his query at the sword of ice. However, there was no response.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

The next day, the Libarium's main branch was in ahuge uproar. Recently, a certain individual had been breaking in, destroying, and killing the personel in succesive Libarium branches in Hierachical cities. Reports that last night, a person thought to be the same criminal with the same M.O had destroyed the entire branch of the 9th Hierachical City, had filtered into the main branch.

As an aftermath of that incident, on that day Jin was swamped in paperwork coming in from all the other branches, and by the time he managed to finish up all the documents, it had already become dark outside. As he finished up the last of his paperwork and was contemplating putting down his pen, there was a knock on his door and at the same time a girl's voice could be heard.

“Excuse me Major. 2nd Lieutenant Noel Vermillion reporting.”

Ignoring her wasn't possible, so faced with no alternative Jin responded.

“... Enter.”

The massive doors slowly opened. Jin's vision remained firmly on his desk's surface. He paid no attention to Noel and resumed his work, until she handed him a letter.

“... What is it?”

With a suspicious expression Jin took the letter. Noel's hard expression remained unchanged. The letter had been sealed with a high level armagus. A level S-class code—— which meant a highly classified document. Only division commanders and higher ranks had the nessescary cipher and the the aptitude to use such high level armagus. Without both the letter could not be opened.

Noel took a step back and stood rigidly at attention. Although he wanted to tell her to leave if she was done, it was likely that the main branch had issued other orders to her. Furthermore the fact that she had specially hand delivered this letter to him probably meant that there was some further mission concerning her in it. Jin irritatedly glanced up from reading the letter, his eyes resting on Yukianesa, which was resting on the sword rack. Just like before, it was showing some kind of reaction. Bit by bit it seemed Yukianesa was transmitting some sort of pulse.

—— Is it this girl?

He glanced at Noel for an instant, but it seemed she wasn't paying any attention and was looking elsewhere. Jin began to chant the armagus code to decrypt the letter. The invisible letters appeared in quick succesion. Jin skimmed through the text.

—— The Grim Reaper again?!

Somehow the letter's contents were mainly about the rumored “Grim Reaper”. He had heard of a solitary person's criminal behaviour, but to think that such an individual could destroy several Libarium branches...

“—— In accordance, Noel Vermillion is to head to the 13th Hierachical City “Kagutsuchi” to investigate into the matter of the “Grim Reaper”. Also, detailed information of the “Grim Reaper” will be announced to the public, and the vigilantes will be informed accordingly. In addition, the name of the “Grim Reaper” is “Ragna the Bloodedge” ——“

“—— Ragna”

The words flowed naturally out of his mouth. In that instant, with a loud and flashy bang the scenery that Jin was seeing suddenly warped and distorted. When the broken pieces finally patched themselves together, the scenery was a totally different colour. Something from deep within him started to stir, as if in a hurry to be let out.

“ Ragna——”

Once more, he spat out the name. He couldn't be stopped. It was repeated over and over again. As if a bind had been loosened, blood rushed throughout his body properly for the first time, to him it was a great feeling.

—— Why, how could I have forgotten it till now. This, this rush of emotion!

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Nu-13 (an evil sign):

The only noises that could be heard within this silent room was the hum of the machines and the footsteps of the scientists who were deep in thought. On the screen of the central main monitor, the image of a girl with numerous cables attached to her was displayed. On top of that, the cable attached directly to her right eye made her a rather unusual sight. The girl was motionless. Whether she was alive or dead... That was something that was hard to be sure about.

“The readings have stabilised”

The female voice of the operator resounded through the loudspeaker.

“Right, that's good. Increase sethir levels by 500... inject it in!”

The old man in a white lab coat sitting in front of the main monitor issued out the order.

“Roger. Injecting an additional 500 amount of sethir.”

As the operator's voice resounded, simultaneously the noise level of the machines began to increase. After a moment, the cable attached to the girl's right eye began to undulate, and shortly became dyed black.

Instantly, like the beat of a pulse, the girl began to quiver slighty.


The surrounding scientists cheered slightly. Before reaching this stage, there had been countless failures.

“Right, all that's left is to wait for the establishment...”

“Yeah, it will take quite a while till the awakening. However, it seems we will be able to finish within schedule.”

The short and slender-built assistant seated next to the old scientist replied.

“Because this one took so long to reach us, I'm a little uneasy... The delivery is set for tomorrow at 1030 hours right?”

“Yes, it's scheduled to be delivered to the 13th Hierachical City Kagutsuchi tomorrow at 1030 hours.”

The 13th body delivered to the Hierachical city numbered 13... such an ominous combination, the assistant thought but kept it to himself.

The old scientist and his seated assistant gazed intently on the monitor with some emotion. After this all that was left was for the seithir to fully permeate, and then wait for the establishment process. Each of the scientists began to relax.

“Nevertheless, this 13th subject that we confiscated from Ikaruga... it seems it's level of completion is different than from what was declared”

“Yeah, it's something that Sector Seven made that was desgined by Dr. Relius”

“Hm, that puppeter huh? I guess I should say as expected of his work then. But still, to think that those damned Sector Seven could advance to this point...”

“They nearly stole a march on us. Nonetheless, it's too early for us to let our guard down”

“Yeah. There were 3 bodies that were built in Ikaruga. Out of those 1 was retrieved by us, the Libarium, and is now here but...”

“The whereabouts of the remainding 2 are unknown. While in the midst of recovering this subject, the Libarium's special forces ran into interference from a giant individual resembling a “demon”, and it seems another body was unfortunately stolen. The delay in the arrival of this subject is also the fault of the interference caused by the unknown individual”

“ A giant resembling a “demon” huh. I wonder who's he working for... and which other body did he steal?”

“Well, that has yet to be investigated into. Still, if it's the 12th then it's going to be a little bit troublesome...”

The 2 men frowned.

“Still, regarding the demon in Ikaruga, that's certainly some sort of fairy tale right?”

The old scientist uneasily shrugged the subject off. The other scientists laughed. The many tales of the “demons” and “monsters” in Ikaruga was widespread and was treated as common knowledge amongst them.

“Ah yeah, there's one more. There's this one case of the “grim reaper”. Have you guys heard about it?”

“You mean the one who's destroying the boundary contact mediums and cauldrons? Who or what is he?

“I don't know much. Other than the fact that he's dressed in red and has silver hair...”

The assistant disappointedly shrugged his shoulders.

“Boy oh boy, the intelligence department are rather useless aren't they...”

The old scientist replied. At that moment, a click sound indicated the door had opened.

“Ah~ sorry, am I interrupting anything? Pardon me...”

Suddenly, a voice they weren't used to hearing echoed from behind them, and the scientists turned around. Other than the half opened door, the top half of a slenderly built male suddenly popped out of the gap. He was clad in a dark suit, and held a hat in his hands. His eyes seemed to not know how to open.

“Hey, this is a restricted zone! How did you get in!?”

One of the scientists raised the alarm over the conspicious suit-clad outsider. With an innocent look on his face, the man in the suit casually slid into the room.

“I apologise for the sudden intrusion. I am Hazama from the intelligence department. So sorry, to have come while you're all in the middle of work...”

His voice dripping with sarcasm, Hazama introduced himself. It seems he had been observing their idle chatter. Whether he had heard their criticism of the intelligence department was undiscernable.

“... And what does the intelligence branch want?”

The old scientist replied with a level voice. Walking with steady and light footsteps, Hazama stood before the scientist.

“I came to retrieve the 13th subject but... I guess it'll take a little more time hm?”

“Retrieve? Isn't the 13th subject scheduled to be transported to Kagutsuchi tomorrow at 1030 hours?”

His face showing doubt, the scientist posed the question. The surrounding scientists' wariness of Hazama increased.

“Ahh~, well circumstances have changed somewhat. No actually, everything's going according to plan.”

“I do not understand what you're saying. Please explain.”

“You could call it a bluff. To decieve your enemies, first decieve your friends, as they say, right?”

As he said that, Hazama looked around at the scientists' faces. The old scientist quickly caught on.

“I see. In other words, the official order was just a diversion, huh...”

“That's right, that's right. The 13th subject is very important after all. If it were to be destroyed or stolen then, it'd be very bad wouldn't it?”


“Sector seven has already begun to move, and when they'll come here to cause disruptions is undeterminable. And also, there's...”

Hazama stopped mid-sentence. With one eye slightly opened, he continued in a low voice.

“... The situation regarding the “grim reaper” too.”

The scientists murmurred amongst themselves in low voices

“It seems you don't believe me. Then, I guess it can't be helped. Look here, this is the imperial edict”

While saying so Hazama casually drew out a what appeared to be a note written on a piece of paper from his inner pocket.

“The seal of the Imperator is present, do you see it?”

It was said with a light tone.

“No, it's fine. I understand. We will make preperations for the transport immediately. Please give us a while to make all the arrangments.”

“Ah, before that. The truth is, aside from the retrieval I was given a special order as well...”

“Special order?”

“It would be bad if there were some sort of mistake. So then, I need to confirm the number of the subject with my own 2 eyes.”

“Impossible...! How could there have been a mistake!?”

The assistant raised his voice, to insist that their work was without flaw. Hazama turned to face the outburst, his expression unchanging.

“... I understand. However, I will have to accompany you in, that won't be a problem right?”

The old scientist rebuked his subordinate, and tried his best to give a calm response to Hazama.

“No, of course it won't be”

The old scientist led Hazama along, into the depths of the research lab, and guided him into the subject's room. Attached to the binding devices, the 13th subject's body which hung from the restraints, was unmistakably alive. As Hazama approached he climbed up a stepladder, and examined the middle of the 13th subject's neck and chest.

“Ah, I see. It's unmistakably the 13th , yes.”

While tracing the number 13 engraving with his finger, Hazama smiled as he spoke.

“Are you satisfied now?”

“Yes, thanks to you”

“Then, let's hurry up and leave.”

Snapping the file shut with a bang, the old scientist pressed Hazama to leave. Then, he turned on his heels and began to walk quickly towards the door. Hazama turned and followed suit. However, on his way out he turned to face the 13th subject, and with both eyes opened began to mutter

“Yo, doll. It's about time to wake up from your dream. There'll be plenty of time to continue the rest in reality... no?”

As if in response, the 13th subject's left eyelid appeared to flutter weakly.

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Yay! <3 Thank you so, so much for taking the time to translate all these.

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Hakumen (Innocent Black):

It was pitch black.

I'm not really sure what's going on but.

Everything that was reflected in my eyes was pitch black.

It's low . Very low. A very low and deep groan could be heard.

Like an earth tremor. Low. It's a very low sound.

Just as I noticed it the sound stopped.

My ears hurt because it's too quiet.

There really is no sound at all.

Is there really no sound at all?

Or perhaps my ears have been broken?

I don't know.

Am I standing? Am I sitting?

Or am I floating? It's hard to tell.

I want to open my eyes but my eyelids are so heavy.

Somehow or other I open them and.

What surrounds me is some kind of blue mist and I get the feeling that I'm hugging it

A light which I never felt before till now suddenly shined through.

As if I was still in the middle of some fantasic dream...

At that moment, for the first time.

——I became aware of my existence.

Am I alive?

I see. I am alive.

Are my heart and organs still there? I don't know but.

Certainly, I get the feeling that I'm alive.

However, I feel a pulse.

It's a delightful, fast pounding feeling.

It's like if

I got to see all the people I love. All the important people to me. That kind of palpitation.


From within myself. A voice that's not mine can be heard

It's calling out a name. It's a girl's voice.

However. I don't know it.

I stare at my hand.

The jet black hand has countless red fissures running along it.

I think to myself what is it? But I don't know.

I can only think “How did I become so black as well?”

The beautiful blue mist dissipates

And in it's place stands a white... something.

Because it looks human shaped I think it is a human

——What is a human?

The white person slowly draws close.

I observe the surroundings and I can make out 5 other shadows.

However. The surroundings are too dazzling so I'm not very sure.

In the midst of that I see a shadow that looks like a “cat”.

——What is a cat?

While I was thinking that

That white something somehow came to a halt right in front of my eyes.

The white person and his many eyes

Fixedly. Intently. They stare at me.

“How pitiful... So this what your existence has finally come to huh...”

The white person is saying something. But I can't understand it.

“...No. Perhaps this is just the “beginning”?”

The white person is saying something. But as I thought, I really can't understand it.

The white person slowly raises something overhead.

From the eye something warm overflows out

Just what that is, I don't know.

But. I feel that the wide “Azure sky” behind the white person is really very beautiful.

In the instant something is swung down, the whole world ends.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“And thus... this world ends. But before long, it will start again.”

From somewhere unknown, I became aware I could hear that voice.

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Zeph this is why you're mai waifu <3

All your hard work is sooo appreciated :3 Keep it up!

lol. I should mention I'm a guy.

Carl's next plz?

I was going to do arakune but carl's looks easier so i'll do his first I guess.

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lol. I should mention I'm a guy.

It matters not, first off I'm a girl and 2nd everyone is a woman on the internet :3

I wonder when we'll see a CS material guide? I'm assuming they're holding off until all the DLC characters are out so they can include info from the "full" package. Would love to have a Tsubaki short story to read...

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Carl Clover (Puppeteers):

The estate was completely deserted. It was a very handsome building which was apparently built to house 20-30 people. However, from within the western-styled house there was totally no signs of human life. Sensing a weird atmosphere, the team members exchanged nervous looks with one another.

“...Doctor Relius? ...Doctor Relius?”

The team leader directed his voice in the direction of the door. However, there was no response. The team members looked at each other once again, then started whispering amongst one another in subdued voices. Before long, they reached a conclusion, and and one of the group placed his hand on the doorknob. It seemed the door wasn't locked. Cautiously pushing it open, the musty and pungent smell of chemicals wafted through from inside.

“Doctor Relius Clover, we're from the Sector. If you're in here, please respond.”

The group members carefully entered one by one. The place was dark and gloomy. Dust had accumulated in every corner. Spreading out to divide the workload, they moved to search the entire estate, but they couldn't detect even a single person's presence.

“That's strange... why is there no one here? What happened to the people who were supposed to keep him under surveillance?”

Those people who had infiltrated the estate in order to keep an eye on him—— disguised as his subordinates—— there should have been 4 to 5 of them here. However, they were nowhere to be found.

“...Wh, what the hell... is this?!”

About an hour had passed since the search had started, when suddenly 1 of the group members raised his voice. The group members quickly headed towards the member who had shouted. It came from Relius's underground lab.

“What happened? Is the Doctor here?”

The member shook his head, and with his brow wrinkled deeply he pointed at the laboratory bench. Apparatus and chemicals were scattered all over the place, and on the surface it looked like the experiment was in a state of half-completion before someone was forced to abandon it. The crucial parts of the experiment subject were nowhere to be found. It was as if the entire Clover family had been spirited away entirely...

“Where did the doctor and “that thing” in his posession disappear to?


“Sis, you're tired are you? Is everything ok?”

The pale youth—— Carl Clover turned and gently asked his sister. Upon seeing her nod, a smile of relief broke upon Carl's face.

“That's good to hear. So from here on out... what should we do?”


Turning to his sister who had tilted her head, Carl smiled lonesomely.

“That's right, we should head to Uncle Francis's place. It's a bit far but if we walk all night we should be able to reach it. Don't worry, if it's uncle and aunt then I'm sure they'll be able to advice us on what to do next so...”

Carl's blue eyes lit up as he spoke, and with a happy expression his sister nodded deeply.

However, in reality the distance was much further than what Carl had imagined. His sister's pace was slow and cumbersome. Occasionally different people would give his sister strange looks and stare. Hiding his sister while traveling at a snail's pace was a undisputably unenjoyable trip. Eventually, 3 days after their departure, Carl and his sister finally reached their uncle's house in the dead of the night.

“Good evening, sorry for calling on you this late. Uncle Francis, it's Carl. Carl Clover.”

A haggard expression on his face, Carl knocked weakly on the brass doors with the knocker. Shortly, the thick doors opened, and the figure of Francis in his nightgown, with lamp in hand, appeared.

On his guard against a visitor this late at first, once he realised it was Carl he hurridly opened the gate with an astonished look on his face.

“Well if it isn't Carl?! What happened, for you to come this late?”

Carl weakly shook his head.

“What exactly happened... Furthermore, you're in uniform?”

With a worried look on his face he supported Carl's shoulder with his hands.

“In any case we shouldn't just be standing here talking, come in. Did you come alone?”

Once again Carl wordlessly shook his head, and with a thin finger pointed behind him. Francis shone his lamp in the direction of Carl's finger, and was struck speechless.

“Wh, what is this?”

“... My sister.”

“... Sister?”

Francis waited for an explanation, but with a lonely expression on his face Carl stopped talking. Guessing some sort of situation had happened Francis led Carl and “Carl's sister” into the house.

Only his aunt was in the living room. Once she recognised Carl's figure she drew close.

“Aunt Rosenne...”

“Carl, just what exactly happened? At this time of the night——“

The moment she started to speak, the figure of of Carl's sister following behind him came into view and without thinking she clasped her hand over her mouth. With a frightened expression she demanded an explanation from her husband, however a complicated expression just emerged on Francis's face.

“Carl, leaving aside your abrupt visit, what is that large thing you're carrying with you?”

“She's not a thing!”

His eyebrows shaped into a “V”, Carl shouted back.

“It's my sister, Ada. Ada Clover!”

“There's no way, you must be lying.”

“Well, wait a moment Rosenne. It seems some sort of incident has happened.”

Francis rebuked the bewildered Rosenne.

“Even if you say that... This thing is somehow Ada... No matter how you look at it...”

Rosenne hesistated to finish her reply. The expression in her eyes was like she had just seen a monster.

“The only thing you can see is that it is just a mere doll——“


After telling them the details, the weight that he had carrying up to now started to overflow, and finally, acting like a boy his age, Carl started to sob.

“So this is... really Ada...?”

Unable to hide her surprise, Rosenne looked at the “changed sister” standing next to Carl. What Carl called his sister, in reality was a metallic doll which was at least twice little Carl's height. The Ada that the 2 of them knew, was a beautiful girl with the same blue eys and blond hair as Carl. The Ada now was a doll with a strange expressionless face. Somehow or other it seemed to have a will of it's own, could walk by itself, and could respond to questions by nodding.

“What you told us is the really the God-honest truth right?”

“Yes. That's really... my sister. And my father... I don't know his whereabouts.”

While hiccuping Carl appealed to his uncle and aunt. The 2 of them met his gaze with serious faces. If that was the truth then the worse was yet to come.

“I understand. You can stay at our place for a while.”


Carl wiped his tears off with his uniform's sleeve, and mumbled a “thank you very much” in response.

“Rosenne, go prepare the bed. Carl is probably exhausted too. We'll call it a day here.”

She understood, and nodded at Carl to follow her.

“However, from today onwards you' and your sister will sleep in seperate rooms. Is that fine?”

With tears in his swollen and red eyes, Carl stared at Francis.

“I don't know whether that sister is really your sister, but there's no denying she's different now. You understand right?”

“... It'll be fine. Up till now everything's been peaceful so there shouldn't be a problem.”

Francis tried his best to persuade Carl, but he firmly refused to yield. Before long, Francis realised persuasion was useless, and patted his head saying “If anything happens tell us immediately.”

Slipping into the prepared bed, his nervousness fading like a string that's been cut, fatigue rapidly overwhelmed Carl. Within the darkness of the room, Carl turned to face his sister who was standing next to the bed.

“What a relief. It really is a huge relief, sis.”

With a dull metallic sound his sister rose, and made a gesture that resembled someone tilting their head to the side. Carl looked at that gesture, then closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The silent Ada stood there, staring straight at the sleeping boy.

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Perhaps it's only just me requesting, but...

Perhaps a short story of Bang and/or Litchi would be a nice read...

Actually, yes. It's only you. Seriously though, Litchi's story won't be done so soon, because I think the other stories are more interesting and so I'll be doing them first

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Carl Clover (Puppeteers):

The estate was completely deserted. It was a very handsome building which was apparently built to house 20-30 people. However, from within the western-styled house there was totally no signs of human life. Sensing a weird atmosphere, the team members exchanged nervous looks with one another.


The silent Ada stood there, staring straight at the sleeping boy.

That last part was positively creepy.

Thank you very much for translating this story, it is greatly appreciated! Now I'm curious what made Carl leave that place and what happened to his aunt and uncle.

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The fate of those who favors characters not viewed as 'interesting' by public sure is hard. Suddenly I feel alone.

Oh well.

He doesen't mean that, he means that her SHORT STORY isn't interesting. Heck, maybe it isn't.

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@Zephyr: Thank you so much for translating. I remember a user named B.O.A. planned to do Carl's story a while ago, but she seemed to disappear.

@Niko: I think Carl left because he wanted to look for his dad and Ragna's azure, so he could bring Ada back. Not to mention his aunt wasn't very happy about Nirvana being around, and I'm sure Carl got depressed and/or bored very quickly. Would anyone in his position really want to continue a normal life/education, rather than trying to change the situation?

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That last part was positively creepy.

Thank you very much for translating this story, it is greatly appreciated! Now I'm curious what made Carl leave that place and what happened to his aunt and uncle.

@Zephyr: Thank you so much for translating. I remember a user named B.O.A. planned to do Carl's story a while ago, but she seemed to disappear.

@Niko: I think Carl left because he wanted to look for his dad and Ragna's azure, so he could bring Ada back. Not to mention his aunt wasn't very happy about Nirvana being around, and I'm sure Carl got depressed and/or bored very quickly. Would anyone in his position really want to continue a normal life/education, rather than trying to change the situation?

Carl's uncle and aunt are probably on his mother's side, if phaso 0 is true and relius is really 100 years old. Interestingly they don't seem to ask about his mum, so something might have already happened to her (ignis)

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He doesen't mean that, he means that her SHORT STORY isn't interesting. Heck, maybe it isn't.

Perhaps, but I always hoped that it might shed some information about her true self, whether she's the kind woman, or the completely selfish woman some people here predicted her to be.

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Perhaps, but I always hoped that it might shed some information about her true self, whether she's the kind woman, or the completely selfish woman some people here predicted her to be.

This isn't exactly a mystery. You've seen her act throughout the story (at least if you finish it :P). Just look at what she does and how she thinks and make up your own mind.

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Arakune (The Diary):

Day 1

I've started a brand new journal. Anything that's new is always a good thing. Since I'm not the kind that's methodical, as this journal progresses the entries might get sloppier and sloppier. Today they started discussing a new particle that could completely destroy sethir without requirng sethir itself. I'm not entirely sure who brought it up but they started to discuss that, even though it was obvious they were just going around in circles. Being surrounded by their rock-like faces, and having to seat in that room's uncomfortable chairs was so annoying. After I told her this she started laughing. I didn't really think it was that funny, but I hadn't laughed in a while so I laughed along with her.

Day 2

Today she strangely came to wake me up. I'm not a morning person so at first it was pretty annoying, but she grabbed my hand and dragged me into the E5 lab. When I asked her what had happened in here, she pointed to a one of the cases and the kid inside had... well. She being so transparent makes her personality easy to understand. She hasn't been discriminatory about the going ons here so far, but I think she took that one to heart. Me and her both understood there was nothing more we could do. I did my best to comfort her, but she still seemed desolate. I think I prefer working.

Day 5

I'm not in a good mood today. I'll spit it out completely in here. In every way we are unable to comprehend one another, that woman and I. Honestly speaking I don't hate that woman as a person. I'm not sure if calling that woman a person is a good thing or not.

There's a part of me that's indebted to her, also it's not as if I can't understand what she's saying, and for some reason or another I understand her viewpoint and way of thinking. The only thing is... perhaps I should say there's this part of me which is definitely unable to get along with her. Somehow that woman has too much common sense for her own good. You could say she's very smart. You could also say she comes from a good lineage. However, it doesn't mean that she's excessively obstinate about what she does. In that way that a person is born with nothing, and has to gain knowledge while pruning off the bad stuff, with the idea of practicality in mind other people's ideas are rejected. How tiresome.

(There a portion that has traces of it being erased off.)

Day 6

Recently no matter how much I sleep I still still feel tired. Besides fatigue I also feel anxious. Sometimes I even find myself forgetting what am I doing here. I think I really need to pull myself together or everything will be in vain.

Day 13

I've managed to get a little free time for myself. As far as possible I'd like to write daily. Because I've been busy and also that woman is being a pain in the ass, I've gotten a lot more unhappy. At those times, she would always tell me to not give up and encourage me. I'd really like to thank her but, I wonder why she does it... Somehow or another i think it's because she's working directly under that woman and she's doing pretty well. However to get depressed would be bad. Everytime that happens I always feel like I'm just a regular person, no, even if that is so, I wish to think I'm not just that. So I'm going to work my socks off . That's how I'm different from that woman.

Day 14

I caught a cold. She came to visit and helped me out with various tasks.

Day 32

I made a discovery. It's was a dramatic one and I lost track of time because I was too immersed into it. I've already summarized the general outline into a report, but I'll just briefly scribble the points here as well. Currently even though it's true nature and form has yet to be determined, many people still are able to use sethir, however the old school of thought that sethir is just a form of magic converted from life force is wrong. Sethir actually is ____________ In other words our current research into armagus is equivalent to _______, which means it's the same as that thing. Yes, which is why that woman who refuses to use armagus doesn't understand. Don't tell me she's deliberately refusing to assess the idea that __________ (The entry is cut off midway rather unnaturally.)

Day 35

Why do they not understand, why doesn't that woman understand? As I've already said, this is a discovery that was lurking in the blind spot of our research.

When it's the genius talking, and because a lot was said that today I feel it deeply. I definitely feel it. Firstly, only taking a light glance at it, then rejecting it as if some kind of dirt had touched it. Have you seriously stopped to think about it? It's possible. So why deny that possibility exists? If you have an answer within you then prove it to me. Something has to be done about that strange person. I've alwats felt that that woman is a strange one. Even if due to the deparment's spike in ability she may be a genius but that is different. In spite of being called a god that woman is useless. That woman is useless.

Day 42

Today I threw myself into work only. She read my paper seriously, but she didn't even give a nod. Is it not that woman but me who's become strange? Those old scholars also treat me like some strange person more and more. If those people are really saying that they should have spoken the truth to me right? Have I been mistaken all this time? Even though there is evidence here.

(The evidence mentioned, appears to be something written over 10 pages starting from this page, however what exactly it's trying to point out is unknown.)

Day 43

It's alright, I still haven't disappeared yet. It se ms t ey haven't noticed the extensive swelling. It would be disastrous if it were to show on the surface so that's a relief. The transformed pattern is automatically not rejecting the suppresion. That is_________

Da_ 4_

Why can't I use it, even though I'm so close to the truth. Although I'm close, if I use that I don't know if I'll be able to escape. Even though I'm unable to do it, why don't you understand? Go through the pipe, someday the directive for going through the pipe will come. Stop hammering, it's noisy, how many years have passed since then, I can escape it, then that's useless, those damned idiots, wrong, I am. Someday we'll go down, godowngodowngodown and draw patterns of the depth's interval _________________________


Stop getting in my way!

Day 51

Today I composed my thoughts once more. Today I had a little doubt about the design of the patterns so I omitted several vital parts in the previous entries. Right now humanity is flowing like blood, I'll explain now. It's become like this. Firstly about anti-sethir, it's the same phenomenon as the phenomenon of the ars armagus phenomenon. To compensate for this ___ definitely the dangerous Azure which no one has noticed I'd do it once, eventually I want to skillfully, skillfully, do it. I'll have to discreetly do _________ thing ___ and that ______ was unexpected. Different from armagus. Different from those library vermin's armagus. The huge Azure and azure's ______ bursts open, and the relief that forms quickly grows big, definitely rarely big so you cannot not notice it. Drawing near is dangerous, so first I have to extract that from the rear. It's directly close to the spine.If I rush there I'll die, that's for certain. After I extract the Azure ______ I'd really like to do that. I'll certainly have finally reached. I explained it with all my heart and soul, but no one is listening? to me it seems. So then I should just gently delete everyone. Gentlygentlygently___________

ge t y

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