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BBCS News only. Anything else = TEMPBAN BlazBlue Chrono Phantasm announced! Izayoi added!

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Not REALLY news, but I just got back from ArcSystemClash in London, and here are some things Mori said about BlazBlue in the Q&A session (my memory is hazy, so wording might not be 100% accurate):

* Kokonoe will be the next playable character (as long as people really want her).

* Completely new character will also be appearing as playable in the next game.

* Litchi's cup size if H~I

* Platinum will take a while to come out as DLC, as "[Mori] and Daisuke have other things they need to work on for consoles right now".

(pretty much similar to the French Q&A)

(sorry if would have been more appropriate in another thread :v:)


As for Guilty Gear information, Daisuke said that "That Mans" identity may be revealed in the next game, and that the next game will have as many characters in it as possible (from the other GG games).

When asked if it'll be 2D, 2.5D or 3.D, he said no comment.

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I'm pretty sure he said "maybe" after a brief pause at the end of his sentence when he talked about the Guilty Gear characters returning..? Though he kinda said it like they will return lol.

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there seems to be some misunderstanding circulatiing regarding 'a new blazblue' in making

according to Mori, yesterday's tweet disclaimer

ちょっと聞かれたので。ブレイブルーの「新作」にかんして「作りたい」とは言いましたが「作ってる」とは言ってません。・・・世の中色々厳しいのです・・・本当に・・・マジで。 #blazblue

"something you guys should hear this, regarding the 'upcoming' NEW blazblue game. I stated that (we) "WANTS TO MAKE it" and NOT (we are) "MAKING it" there's some harsh things going on in the world...really..."

right before this tweet, he also told Rachel's VA the same thing on twitter.

feel free to contact me for more info or if there's anything unclear

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CSII for PSP and 3DS announced for Europe.



BRISTOL (11th March 2011) Zen United and PQube are pleased to announce that BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2, the latest in Arc System Works’ award winning 2D fighting series, will be coming to Europe for Nintendo 3DS™ and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) this year.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 is the sequel to last year’s 2D fighting sensation, BlazBlue Continuum Shift – a groundbreaking fighter that was released to great critical acclaim thanks to its innovative fighting system and stunning HD artwork.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 will continue this tradition on 3DS and PSP, delivering all the content of its console counterparts, while adding a host of exclusive new features.

“Described by Official PlayStation Magazine as ‘by far the best fighting game on the PSP’, BlazBlue is perfectly suited to handhelds.” said Geraint Evans, Marketing Manager at Zen United. “Continuum Shift 2 will strengthen that reputation while opening up the BlazBlue experience to a whole new audience of gamers on 3DS.”

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 on 3DS will utilize the handheld’s 3D technology to combine the series’ celebrated character design and detailed 3D backdrops, for a unique visual experience that the Guardian recently described as ‘gorgeous’ and ‘ethereal’.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 will also include all the DLC characters from its predecessor – making it the most comprehensive BlazBlue package yet.

BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 will be available on 3DS and PSP later this year.

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Interview with Mori and Daisuke, confirms BB3 and some CS2 handheld mechanics. Also talks about netplay.


I realize I might get temp-banned for this, but I think there's been a mistake, I don't think Mori was talking about BB3, I think he thought the interviewer meant BB:CS2, because the way he replied "We'd get booed if it doesn't release" implies that Mori knows that the fans know it exists, and expecting it to be released, not to be made, while in reality no mention of BB3 or its development has ever been made before.

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That's basically it. They apologize for the long wait. It'll be fixed on the next update, which they'll post details about in two days.

Shame that its already been like 3 weeks, and still no news. Maybe because of what happened over at Japan :(

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I don't know if this has been posted already, but the european Game website has announced a release date for CS2 on PSP in Europe, and has given a vague release time for the 3DS.



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Mori's been hyping this up for the past three days, but I didn't really think much about it and I was in lurk mode anyway.


Apparently SOMETHING (possibly an announcement) will be posted on the Blazblue Official Site at noon today, Japan time. (It's currently 1:15 AM Friday in Japan)

Searched FTP. Platinum Press Release PDF in it:


JP 360 Release date for Platinum DLC + v1.03: 5/10 (560points)

JP PS3 Release date for Platinum DLC + v1.03: 5/12 (800yen)

Patch Notes:

-[system] Platinum character addition.

-[system] Platinum Trophy/Achievement Data.

-[Network] PSR will be displayed in match.

-[Network] Can select different characters for training mode while waiting for ranked.

-[Network] Can cancel network match after battle preparation screen.

-[Network] Ranked match specifications changed.

-[Network] Netcode improved.

-[system] Console version will be equal with the April 15th arcade build.

-[Challenge] Challenge mode updated to CS2 standard. Previous competitions transfer over.

-[Network] Added more simple messages inside player matches.

-[Network] Valkenhayn will get additional experience. (360 only)

-[Network] More penalty's against rage quitters.

-[Challenge] Changed how meters recover where gauge/meter is required.

-[system] Fixed bug when selecting mode the game might freeze.

-[system] Fixed bug when mu's certain motion cause the display color to be messed up.

-[DLC] U.Platinum and DLC Colors will be included with dlc purchase of the character.

-[Network] Ranked mode version changed to v1.03.

-[Arcade] Platinum will not be available and no additional scenarios.

-[Legion] Platinum will not be available.

-[story] No additional scenarios for Platinum.

(rough translation, and thanks Sesame for translating ones I needed help with)

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ya ^.

簡易キャラクター選択後、選択したキャラクターの PSR にてマッチングを行います。)

after selecting easy mode, the selected character's PSR will be used (for display?) in match.

NETWORK モードの対戦時におけるラグ対策の強)

NETWORK mode's lag has been improved.(so less lag?)

バランスバージョンは業務用「BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT II」の 2011 年 4 月 15 日時点のバージョンと同等です。)

the balanace patch will be the same as Continumm Shift 2(arcade) 's April 15 version.

・プレイヤー マッチルーム内での簡易チャットメッセージの追)

adding MORE player match simple chat messages.

ランク マッチにおける切断プレイヤーへの対策を強化)

more against ragequitter in Ranked match(LOL)

(・チャレンジモードにて、有限の固有ゲージを使用するミッションでゲージが自動回復するように 仕様を変)

changed how meters recover in challangemode where gage/meter is required.


fixed bug when selecting mode the game might freeze.


fixed bug when mu's certain motion cause the display color to be messed up.

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So what new is going to be present in the 4/15 (tomm) arcade build?

just some arcade patches.

mostly bug fix. nothing balancing regarding character as far as i know.

(PZ's CS2's on 1.02B??i think)1.05B LOL

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