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BnB combos GGXXAC

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Damn, today I broke through the 6P 6HS CR barrier.

I got around 15% consistency, but I kinda feel/know the cancel point of 6HS's animation now.

This took ~ 1 month of occasional 20-30 minute long practice sessions.

Btw I bought my xbox and arcade stick in November and I'm still in the keyboard-->arcade stick transitioning phase. I find the 2S xx DC cancel kind of hard. 2S just has a really short hitstop.

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Okay guys, I'm kind of consistent now with 6p 6hs CR.

I have a new sticking point with the standard bouncy BnB combos.

My DBC enders usually don't reach the opponent. Or I set up a ball for the 5S -> DBC/DHM ender, and they are too high and don't get hit by 5S.

Should I try to always start the combos as low as possible? (For example after a TK Forcebreak launcher I can choose when I start the combo)

Should I try to dash between every repeat of 6P6HS/6HS or other ender?

One more thing: when can I extend the bouncy combos after a DBC ender without spending tension?

I see videos where the Venoms can do 2S and hit after a DBC ender (maybe that was a +R video and thus invalid?)

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Start your combos high when possible, as it gives you more room for dashes and bounces. Doesn't work well on all characters, so it's a matter of experience really.

Yes, go for dashes between reps of all your loops. Even just a little bit of forward momentum can go a long way.

Tension isn't needed for DBC loops when done as part of a juggle. As long as they were airborne when you landed the DBC and you're close enough and the combo counter isn't too high, you won't need to FRC.

Hope that helps.

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Not sure if this is of any relevance to anyone but me this late in AC's life-cycle, but I managed to get really consistent with hitting 6P>6HS>CR in my first evening of trying using an intuitive approach I haven't noticed talked about around here. Sorry I didn't figure this out before you blew a month on it, freelander. :P

In my mind, there's three hard parts to the string:

1) Hitting 6HS on the first frame of hitstop of 6P to ensure you get to use the rest of the hitstop frames for your charge time.

2) Transitioning from 6HS to [3] as fast as possible (as close as possible to getting 6P>2HS without getting 2HS)

3) Cancelling into Carcass Raid right before 6HS's recovery frames start (before you see him pump his fist after the hitstop of 6HS)

What I found worked well for me: Instead of trying to find an awkward pause between 6P and 6HS, I triple-tap 6P+H at the fastest speed possible. (In theory, you could 6P~ to a double-tap of 6HS, but something about timing my thumb separately from my ring finger ends up being less consistently fast, occasionally costing me an oh-so-important frame of charge-time.)

Because a very fast, beat-you-in-hide-and-go-seek 1-2-3 count is being drilled into my head from the triple-tap, the transition from [6] to [3] just seems to want to naturally come out on what would be the "go" in the rapid 1-2-3-go count.

Once consistent with [6]P+H~P+H~P+H~[3], you just have to experiment a bit until you're used to when the Carcass Raid cancel point is. (Again, for visual reference, if you see Venom pump his far fist after 6HS, you're just too late.)

Works great in both combos and the neutral AA game because the 6HS only comes out on hit from the triple-tap. I'd doubt that this would be of use to pad players though, or even stick users with alternative layouts. (I at least find it a lot easier to triple-tap optimally with my thumb and a finger together... but, then again, I main Zappa and try to sub I-No, both of whom I OS throw and air-throw with 6P or j.P.)


Hmm, now I feel obliged to see how much Venom I can learn before +R and my city's first/last AC tourney.

Adelheid, you should take a break from Marvel and make an AC-Venom send-off video for me to rip from. ;)

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I wonder if the 6k cr cancel in ACR is harder than 6HS CR in AC

I think that might depend on the combo used.

The most common move I see that leads into 6K, CR is c.S. That would mean doing the c.S, chaging down right away, then pressing 6k when charged, then right away 8s.

It's a similar technique to doing May's 5p, Vert Dolphin mid combo.

Not that I'm perfect myself for doing 6p, 6hs, CR, but I usually followed rhythm shown in the hands video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp-QB4E_H2g). Though with ACR having a release frame for the near future, I admit I've been slacking off sadly.

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