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[CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

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It'll damage her as long as she's active while Yukikaze's out.

Ha! Sweet, it's still in. Thanks for the info.

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Ok, so I got to play the new Haku some more.

All I have to say is: lol.

I mashed buttans tonight. Just doing wtv on reaction. I won every single match save for one. I'm hella rusty on top of that to boot.

Great dmg, great meter gain, great 6a, beastly j.B, awesome corner carry combos (which are super easy to mash out too... A monkey could do e'm).

I have absolutely no doubt about his tier list position as being S. It's like they simply took away what crimped his style, and he's suddenly God mode.

Feels good, man. :3

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Sounds great! When I saw those corner carry combos in the vids, I thought they'd be high execution for the damage and distance they were covering. Can't wait to hit the lab when the US version arrives. And my friend/sparring partner can't complain either--he mains Ragna, so we'll both be enjoying the buffs.

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Higher level normals will push the opponent back significantly further when barrier blocked then before.

and ppl are just gonna hold the barrier block rly hard now to stop hakumen's puny frame traps. Just wondering wut u guys mite do to exploit that.

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it might sound gimmicky, but kishuu is not only fast but looks like it has its original travel distance back. This could be used to extend pressure during extreme push back no?

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6B/Hotaru/Tsubaki anyone?

btw everyone have framedata now, except Ragna, Litchi and Mu.

Kishuu total 18F, 5-14F invul.

Shuppu 3+7/3+11 projectile. 1-4F invul.

I'll have tons of fun translating this again, lol.

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According to the frame data thread, Shippu has had 1-4f invincibility after superflash since CS1. It was just never useful due to how long the move took to come out before. 22 frames to come out vs 7 frames after the superflash.

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Didn't Shippu always have the invin frames since CT? I clearly remember fucking around one match back in CT with my friend's Ragna and I timed my Shippu so his Carnage Scissor would whiff me.

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Stuff I`ve found, it`s from vids and selfcreated. If it`s posted in the wrong thread, please move it to the correct one:

Combos, which end with 6A,5C,3C carry the opponent from the position to the beginning of a match into the corner. Otherwise the combo ends with jC. On the other hand, you can add 6A,5C,3C to combos ending with jC, depending on the distance to the corner. The combos starting with 5C are variable, they can be started from other normals, the dmg varies then of course. Due to the reduced start up of Shippu in CS:EX, you can combo into it from 5A (2113 dmg), 5B (2512 dmg), 2A (2063 dmg) and 2B (2101 dmg). It`s meter-waste, but if it leads to victory...

* ad = airdash

* j = jumping

* jc = jumpcancel

* sjc = superjumpcancel

* dj = doublejump, e.g. 5A, jc,jA,jB, dj,j2A,jC.

* f = falling

* \/ = land

* AA = anti air

* CH = counter hit

* FC = fatal counter

* (1) = the move is cancelled after the first hit


* 5A,...

...5B,236B, iad,jB,\/,5A, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,j2A,jC [2 Magatama, 2077 dmg]

...5B,236B(1), 214A, 66,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [3 Magatama, 2710 dmg] with 6A,5C,3C 3092 dmg.

These combos can also be started with 2A (meaning 2A,5A,5B,...).

* 5A(AA),...

...sjc,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [1479 dmg]

...sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [1613 dmg]

...5B, sjc,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [1613]

...jA,jB,j214C, ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 3512 dmg]

* 5B(AA),...

...sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [1951 dmg]

...sjc,jB,j214C, ad,j2C,,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 4497 dmg]

If 5B is a counterhit, you can combo many of the following 5C-combos (e.g. 5B(AA-CH),5C,236B, iad...).

* 6A(AA-CH),...

...214A, iad,jA,jB,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC [1 Magatama, 2156 dmg] into corner you can add 5C,3C for 2463 dmg.

* 2C(AA),...

...sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [2456 dmg] or, depending on the situation, ...sjc,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [2302 dmg]

...sjc,jB,j214C, ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,5C,3C [5Magatama, 5129 dmg]

* 3C(CH),...

...2B,5A, jc,jA,jB, dj,j2A,jC [2298 dmg]

...2B,214A, 66,5B, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [1 Magatama, 2770 dmg]

...2B,236B, iad,jB,\/,5B, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,j2A,jC [2 Magatama, 3020 dmg]

...236B(1), 623A, 66,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [3 Magatama, 3676 dmg]

...2B,5A, jc,jA,jB,j214C, ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 3825 dmg]

* 5C(AA),...

...214A, iad,jA,jB,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC [1 Magatama 2980 dmg]

...214A, 66,5A, sjc,jB,j214C, ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc, j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,5C,3C [4 Magatama, 4971 dmg]

Of course the other 5C combos will work from an anti-air 5C.

* 5C,236B,...

...iad,jB,5B,\/, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [2 Magatama, 3608 dmg]

...66,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [2Magatama, 3808 dmg]

...iad,j2C,\/,5A, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [2 Magatama, 3675 dmg]

...66,2C,214A, 66,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 4032 dmg]

* 5C,236B(1),...

...214A, iad,jA,jB,\/,5C,623A+A, jc,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [5 Magatama, 4532 dmg]

...214A, iad,jA,jB,\/,5C,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [3 Magatama, 4420 dmg]

...623A+A, jc,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,6A,5C,3C [4 Magatama, 4585 dmg]

...623A, 66,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC,\/, 6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 4613 dmg]

...623A, 66,2C, sjc,jB,j214C, ad,j2C,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [6 Magatama, 6700 dmg]

...214A, iad,jA,jB,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 4691 dmg]

...214A, iad,jA,jB,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 4335 dmg]

...214A, iad,jA,jB,\/,5C,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 5106 dmg]

...214A, sj,j2C,j214C, ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [6 Magatama, 6605 dmg]

* 5C,623A+A,...

...jc,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC [2 Magatama, 3174 dmg]

...jc,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [2 Magatama, 3280 dmg]

...jc,f.j2C,\/,5C,214A, 66,5A, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [3 Magamtama, 3480 dmg]

* 41236C,...

...2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [3 Magatama, 4151 dmg] can be started from a counterhit-5C, causing 4210 dmg.

...5C,214A, 66,5A, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [4 Magatama, 4490 dmg]

...5C,623A+A, jc,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [5 Magatama, 4818 dmg]

...5C,236B(1), 214A, iad,jA,jB,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [6 Magatama, 5296 dmg]

...5C,236B(1), 214A, iad,jA,jB,\/,5C,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,jA,jC [6 Magatama, 5354 dmg]

* 66/TK214C,...

...66,214A, 66,5A,5B, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [4 Magatama, 3665 dmg]

...66,623A+A, jc,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [5 Magatama, 4267 dmg]

* 66/TK214B(FC),...

...\/, iad,jC,\/,214A, 66,5A,5B, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [3 Magatama, 2958 dmg]

...\/, iad,jC,\/,214A, iad,jA,jB,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC [3 Magatama, 3010 dmg]

...\/, iad,j2C,\/,5B, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,6A,5C,3C [2 Magatama, 3203 dmg]

...\/, iad,j2C,\/,5C,214A, 66,5B, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [3Magatama, 3365 dmg]

...\/, iad,jC,\/,214A, 2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 3672 dmg]

...\/, iad,jC,\/,214A, 6C,66,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 3952 dmg]

...\/,4C(charged),5C,236B(1), 623A, 6C,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [5 Magatama, 5308 dmg] near the corner.

* Throw,...

...214A, 66,5A, jc,jA,jB, dj,j2A,jC [1 Magatama, 2337 dmg]

...214A. 66,5A,5B, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,j2A,jC [1 Magatama, 2506 dmg]

...236B(1), 623A, 66,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 3480 dmg]

* Backthrow,...

...214A, 66,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [1 Magatama, 2730 dmg]

* Airthrow,...

...f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [2937 dmg]

...f.jB,\/,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [2766 dmg]

...j214C, ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2jA,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 5157 dmg]

* 5D,...

...2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [2385 dmg]

...2C,214A, j2C,j214C, ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [4 Magatama, 3585 dmg]

* 6D,...

...,dj,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,j2A,jC [2511 dmg]

...sj,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,jB,j214C, ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 3590 dmg]

* 2D,...

...2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC [1933 dmg]

...2C, sjc,jB,j214C, ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 3208 dmg]

* jD,...

...RC,\/,2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [2985 dmg]

...RC,\/,2C, sjc,jB,j214C,ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 4000 dmg]

Both combos are only worth the meter-waste, when they lead to k.o..

* 236236D,...

...623A, 2C, sjc,jB,j2A,ad,jB,j2A,jC [5 Magatama, 4456 dmg]


* 5C,236B,...

...2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [2 Magatama, 4104 dmg]

* 5C,236B(1), 623A,...

...6C,6A,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 6036 dmg]

...6C,66,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 6101 dmg]

...6C,2C, jc,j214B, dj,f.j2C,\/,5C,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [5 Magatama, 7305 dmg]

...TK214C, 6C(lvl.2),66,2C, jc,j214B, dj,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [8 Magatama, 8364 dmg]

* 3C(CH),...

...2B,236B(1), 623A, 6C,214A, 2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [4 Magatama, 4809 dmg] Hakumen is cornered, 2B and 236B(1) lift the enemy high enough to dash with 623A forth under him.

* 66/TK214B,...

...dj,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [2 Magatama, 3785 dmg]

...\/,6C,66,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,6A,5C,3C [2 Magatama, 4037 dmg]

* 66/TK214B(FC),...

...dj,f.j2C,j214C, \/,6C(lvl2),66,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [5 Magatama, 5342 dmg]

...\/,6C,5C,236B(1), 623A, 2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [5 Magatama, 5118 dmg]

...\/,4C(charged),5C,236B(1), 623A, 6C,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [5 Magatama, 5407 dmg] near the corner, not in.

* 66/TK214C,...

...6C(lvl.2),66,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 5179dmg]

...6C(lvl.2),5C,236B(1), 623A, 2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [5 Magatama, 5777 dmg]

...6C(lvl.2), 66,2C, jc,j214B, f.j2C,\/5C,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [5 Magatama, 6262 dmg]

* Throw,...

...2C, sjc, j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,5C,3C [3202 dmg]

...5C,236B(1), 623A, 2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 3924 dmg]

* Backthrow,...

...2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,5C,3C [3178 dmg]

* Airthrow,...

...f.jB,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3260 dmg]

...j214C, ad,j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc.j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,6A,5C,3C [3 Magatama, 5157 dmg]

...j214C, \/,6C,66,2C, jc,j214B, dj,f.j2C,\/, 5C,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,\/,5C,632146C [9 Magatama, 8276 dmg] Hakumen generates 2 Magatama during this combo.

* 5D,...

...2C, sjc,j2A,f.j2C,\/,2C, sjc,j2A,j2A,ad,j2A,jC,5C,3C [2834 dmg]

I think I've found some combos that do slightly more damage with the same magatama. For example, your corner combo that is ...renka1-kishuu etc that costs 5MT does 7305. This combo does around 7.6k with 5mt: 5c-renka1-kishuu-6c-2c-tk hotaru-j2c(delay)-5c-2c-sj2a-j2c-2c-sj2a-j2c-2c-sj2a-AD-j2a-jc-5c-3c

Also, for this combo, does anyone know the exact damage in Extend, and whether you can add a 6a after a 6c in this combo?

Also, for your standard 2D BnB: Is this combo not superior? 2D-jb-j2a-AD-jb-j2a-jc For this combo, can you do a 2D-2c-jb? Is the combo better than yours then, if it is possible to do the 2C after the 2D?

I've been working on a guide of combos here: http://www.blazblue.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=9388&p=451138#p451138

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