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We are planning a BBCF Swiss Rounds type tournament Friday around 8pm, so we'll need many consoles, and don't forget to bring your own stick/controller. Also for those coming to Canada Cup, we will look at booking hotels and splitting rides for that Friday before the tournament, around 7:30pm. If you are interested in coming but will not be present, please post in the Sankishin Thread with your availabilities and preferences in terms of when you'd leave and return (ex: prefer Friday evening - Sunday evening, or Thursday evening - Monday afternoon). All singles tournaments should be Saturday unless something changes...

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NEC is the next major we are planning on travelling to. If you are interested in coming with us, so we can split the costs of the hotel and getting there (car rental, gas), please post your interest in this thread :

Apparently they sold out a block of the hotel rooms already, so if possible we'd like to look into it by the end of this week. Feel free to ask questions in that thread if you are unsure of any details that aren't already mentioned in the event page.

There will also be a one day tournament in Ottawa in late November, if you are interested in that, please post your interest in this thread :

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Hey everyone, this week on Friday, we'll have a special guest, RIKIR, from Ottawa/Waterloo/Brampton.

We'll take this opportunity to do a special exhibition, where he has to play everyone in a streamed 2/3 set. However, there will be a bit more to it than that.

-First, we'll do a short "What hibiki does and how to fight him" lesson to make sure you aren't caught off guard by some of the more basic stuff he can do. (ex: what his drive does, what he can cancel it into. What his blockstrings might look like, where you can try to escape, what chains into his overhead, what it'll look like. etc.)
-Then, everyone will play Rikir in a 2/3 set. Between and after the matches, I'll be offering optional coaching to both players.
-Finally, we'll tally the results at the end. If Rikir has more losses than wins, he has to play me in blade arcus at some point during the weekend.

We'll start around 8pm on Friday at MVA (venue opens a 6pm)

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Thank you all for coming To the Monthly!

MTL Airdashers Monthly #3 Results:

GGXRDR Swiss Round

1. Reyntime (Raven/Leo)
2. Pedro (Ky)
3. Scrubtrash (Chipp)
3. Derq (Kum)
5. Thelo (Axl Low)
6. SamTheGreat (Zato=one)
7. Fan (Sin)
8. Darkrush (Ky)
9. MTLxSpider (Sin)
10. Unrated (Ramlethal)

BBCF 3v3 Random Teams

1. sucemoile.bat (Derq,Reyntime,SamTheGreat) (Amane,Bang,Valkenheyn)
2. merry christmas (Spider,Fan,Darkrush) (Mai,Jin,Ragna)
3. HOLYORDER (Thelo,Amazon,Icekin) (Hakumen,Izayoi,Es)
4. SeeMeInGranblueFantasy (Scrubtrash,EggOfNeanis,Unrated) (Tsubaki,Izanami,Bullet)

Thank you all once again and Merry Christmas you filthy animals.

Monthly #3 Playlist :


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MTL Airdashers Monthly #4 Feat. AKATSUKI BLITZKAMPF! :FIRE: :FIRE:

tournament will feature 3 games Blazblue central fiction, Guiltygear Xrd Revelator and Akatsuki Blitzkampf :fire:

Date: 20 January 2017
location : MixedVirtualArts
2069 Parthenais, Montreal, QC (near Frontenac Metro)

more info :

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MTL Airdashers Monthly #4 Results


Akatsuki Blitzkampf Double Elimination

1. Thelo (Blitztank/E-Soldat)
2. Dex (Marylin)
3. Brice (Akatsuki)
4. Mawari (E-soldat/Fritz)
5. Fan (Akatsuki)
5. PochP (Kanae)
7. Gintoki (Akatsuki)
7. Scrubtrash (Akatsuki)
9. Amazon (Adler)
9. DerQ (E-Soldat)
9. Reyntime (Blitztank)
9. Spider (Adler/Murakumo)


GGXRDR Swiss Rounds

1. Sam (Zato)
2. Brice (Potemkin)
3. Thelo (Axl Low)
4. Scrubtrash (Chipp)
5. Pochp (Dizzy/Ky)
6. Greenix (Slayer)
7. Fan (Sin)
8. Reyntime (Raven/Leo)
9. Dex aka Kazuhiro(Ky)
10. Darkrush (Ky)
11. Spider (Sin)
12. DerQ (Venom/Kum)
13. Gintoki (Sol)
14. Amazon (Raven)


BBCF Double Elimination

1. PochP (Mu-12/Nine)
2. Gone (Jin)
3. Brice (Tager)
4. Darkrush (Ragna)
5. Fan (Jin)
5. Nachos (Ragna)
7. Dhaos (Nine)
7. Scrubtrash (Tsubaki)
9. AirMaster (Kagura)
9. Gintoki
9. DerQ (Taokaka)
9. Thelo (Hakumen)

Thanks for coming!

Monthly #4 Playlist


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There are a few tournaments coming up in the next few months that some of us were considering travelling to. To split costs and make the planning easier, I've set up a few threads on Sankishin. If you're interested or have any questions related to these trips, please post there. Although there isn't a thread for it yet because I'm not sure when, we may also head to New York for a TSB at some point in the spring.

Dashfest 3 (Hamilton) :
Combo Breaker (Chicago) :
EVO (Las Vegas) :

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Forgot to mention but.

We are now running BBCF Danisen League every friday at MVA.

This friday is going to be our #4

(wont be there this friday cuz dashfest)



if you wanna participate come to Mixed Virtual Arts and CALL NEXT.

Adress : 2069 Rue parthenais (Station Frontenac)


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MTL Airdashers Monthly #5 Results


Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Swiss Rounds

1. Scrubtrash (Chipp)
2. Brice (Potemkin)
3. Reyntime (Leo)
4. fan (Sin)
5. PochP (Dizzy/Ky)
6. SamTheGreat (Zato)
7. Spider (Sin)
8. Dex (Ky)
9. DerQ (Bedman/Kum)
10. Kiras (Sol)
11. Patty (Raven)
12 Nachos (Sol)
13. Hush (Raven)
14. Rurouni (Dizzy)

Blazblue Central Fiction Double Elimination

1st PochP (Mu-12)
2nd Brice (Tager)
3rd SamTheGreat (Valkenheyn) 
4th DerQ (Amane)
5th Neanis (Azrael)
5th Reyntime (Susano/Kagura)
7th Dex (Nine)
7th Nachos (Ragna)
9th Dhaos (Nine)
9th Fan (Jin)
9th Scrubtrash (Hibiki)
9th Spider (Mai)
13th Rurouni (Es)
13th Wolf (Izayoi)

Monthly #5 Playlist:


Thank you for watching and attending!

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Montreal Airdasher is having two Events at the end of March!

Events are in different locations but kind of close to each other



Montreal Monthly Airdasher Monthly #6 @ MVA

Our Monthly Tournament hosted at our local meetup.

we will run a 2v2 team waseda style for both Guilty Gear and Blazblue!

(venue fee is 7$, games are free to enter)



Redbull Proving Grounds : Montreal Underground Hype 

Featuring Guilty Gear and Blazblue as Side tournaments!

Click the link Above to Pre-Register!


Come participate and support our scene and games!


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Montreal Airdashers Monthly #6 Results

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2v2

1. Noushin (Lofo/Thelo)
2. Embryo was Right (PochP/Sora No Yakumo)
3. ChezToupetta (Toupetta/Fan)
4. Le-No (Glacial-Reign/Essay)
5. 5K (Sage/Abenson)
5. Daijobullet (Benjinator/Scrubtrash)
7. BestSolMTL (Spider/Nachos)
7. Edgelords (Sam/Neanis)
9. Potheads (brice/steff)

Blazblue Central Fiction 2v2

1. #NOHOMO (neanis, Reyntime)
2. MauditFrancais (Pochp, Mawari)
3. JmenCawlissEsti (Brice, Dhaos)
4. :Pukapab: (Icekin, Fan)
5. Loup Brésilien dévoré par la noirceur (SamTheGreat, Nachos)
5. #YESHOMO (Spider, Benjinator)
7. Shitposting (Abenson, Tony)




Montreal Underground Hype : Redbull Proving grounds

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Singles

1. Brice
2. Essay
3. Sora No Yakumo
4. Sage
5. Reyntime
5. Scrubtrash
7. Glacial Reign
7. Thelo
9. Fan
9. MTLxSpider
9. PochP
9. Steff
13. Abenson
13. Benjinator
13. Kirbster
13. Steb
17. Banicked
17. Kiras
17. Lofo
17. Manaboy
17. Patty
17. Rurouni


Blazblue Central Fiction Singles

1. Kirbster
2. PochP
3. Brice
4. SamTheGreat
5. Fan
5. Reyntime
7. Dhaos
7. MTLxSpider
9. Abenson
9. Rurouni
9. Scrubtrash
9. Sora No Yukamo
13. LeWall
13. Manaboy (DQd after 1st game)
13. Mawari
13. Steb
17. Jean-guy


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starting from today we will hold 5 man round robin for BB/GG at Mixedvirtualarts every friday until the big thing.

Address: 2069 Parthenais Montreal, Quebec, QC H2K 3T1

- tell me which game you want to be put in
- Players will be drawn at random on that day
- names not drawn will be kept for the following week

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